Re-discover Today's youth

changing lives and land, learning, laws and industries – and learn how to take part

Meet real Hero*ines

Get inspired, gain inside views, take action, become part of their adventures
and get guidance for action in your home region

"Legends in Town!"

Call 10 living legends into town for a full week – to set up camp, meet schools classes, teachers, citizens and involve them in a set of challenge to score immediate real-life impact for youth in harsh conditions + sit down to form lasting partnerships and plan exciting FOLLOW-UP ACTION aligned with their passion, context of school etc

Team up

with amazing changemakers to reach milestones, shape the future of entire regions
NEW: also in refugee camps, crisis regions, West-Eastern Europe

Activate Your City

Create an Enabling Environment for Youth Leadership so youth can self-organize 100s of projects with high positive impact on life in town and beyond. NO TIME TO WAIT ~ LET’S ACT FAST

Make School Awesome

Edu-action in class, Changemaker Student Clubs, badges, speakers, SDG fests, multi-year programs, field trips, youth exchange…

Become YL Coach

Learn to wield our tools, methodology, programs and partners as certified as YL Coach
Become Young People’s Best Friend ~ like we are!

Live Dreams

Dive with sharks, do work visits, family holidays, youth exchange, volunteer with your favorite hero*ines

Youth Leadership – self-organizing projects changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries – is a game changer at over 20,000 schools


The solutions for creating a world of peace, bliss and abundance for all exist. Our mission is to provide Our Young Generation At School with humanity’s finest spirit and solutions to realize their good dreams. We resource and support youth and their adult allies to change lives, land, learning, laws and industries like today’s hero*ines do, and to activate the cultural asset Youth Leadership in their schools, cities and regions, founded on values of partnership, fun, adventure, love and surprise.

“See what amazing things youth and schools are doing !

We would love YOU to join us.”

Why have you come to this planet at this special time?

We offer you humanity’s finest solutions to wield with ease
together with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores

Ace Stories & Tools

Equip yaself with books,poster sets for exhibits, epic shirts, 100% Fair Fashion

YL Magazine

Badass youth, epic adult solutions and stuff that makes life more awesome

Donate, boost in-kind, team up with hero*ines

Reach milestones + shape a region’s future

Epic Changemaker Training for youth age 8 to 18

High impact action with today’s Gandhis & Gryffindores 24/7 365 in adventure game style

The Hero Show

+ The Planetary Guardian Podcast

Speakers & Coaches

World’s #1 speakers bureau for teen and adult hero*ines

Make School Awesome

Role model media, methods, Changemaker Student Clubs, project partners,  badges, exchanges, student fellowships

We Live SDGs - in Action!

Your Heart wants more than blabblah?
Change the world FOR REAL with us!


Temporary or long-term for youth to gather, get inspired, plan and realize projects

Live Dreams!

Visit hero*ines as family, volunteer, company, do youth exchanges, join Warrior Camp

You’re better equipped than anyone in human history

to live your GOOD DREAMS for people and planet #FULLTIMEFORFUTURE


Join the Tribe and access all of it for FREE

YL for YOU

For best results we design our media, methods, community and support for you to have it easy, fun, exciting, unfold your settings powers and potentials, enriching your personal and professional life. Yes, epic!


by yourself, with friends, as student club or fulltime warrior clan


as citizen, parent, employee, traveller, entrepreneur, as YL online/volunteer/coach

Key Professionals

Teachers, librarians, journalists, councillors, civil society


Youth leadership as cultural asset for active citizenship

SDG Practitioners

Live SDGs in Action with high impact

Celebrities + Artists + Rich Folks

Turn popularity and bucks into epic impact

You can tell from our faces, it’s pure bliss #alwayswinning

Fun Flying Start !

Discover Youth Leadership, your roles, superpowers and YL 

Initiate youth-led projects * easy*

 and cultivate an Enabling Environment for active citizenship and living SDGs in Edu-Action
using common sense, simple methodology sourced from 100s of teen hero*ines
equipped with a global ecosystem of world experts, true hero*ines and lovely folks like you!

Shape your Region’s Future 

Create an Enabling Environment for Youth to Self-organize Projects
with favorite causes and activities for everybody & year-round fireworks of action