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Why have you come to this planet at this special time?

Wanna Do (more) Good for People and Planet?

We offer ace tools, tricks, partners, support, benefits and fun!

Activate Youth Leadership

at home, school, work, in public and media – for youth to unfold innate superpowers and school to #bemoreawesome

Team up with today's Gandhis and Gryffindores

Wield high impact solutions and join real Boss Battles to create a world of peace, bliss and abundance for all. #bemoreawesome

Enrich Daily Life

at Work, at Home, on Holidays. Live your values, make epic impact, meet your fav’ hero*ines, make great friends, go visit and #liveyourdreams

Invest in Youth

Time, in-kind, donations, a million dollars or euros, projects tailored to your priorities … with swift, exciting results

We make Changemaking our ‘Sport’

YOUTH-LEADER inspires, equips and empowers youth & their adult allies – teachers, parents, citizens … with tools, tricks, partners, support, global community and courage to evoke bold, swift changes for people and planet – like and with today’s hero*ines

with FUN, wonder, flair of adventure and plenty of personal and professional benefits for good-hearted people.

Inspiring success stories, solutions, tools, coaches, partners

that enable self-organization of 400+ actions – with liberty to mix it all to create swift high impact projects for causes you love, at home, school, work and abroad – to realize your good dreams for people and planet.

Only Finest Spirit

built on high impact initiatives of 100+ wildly successful teen and adult changemakers
with a big heart to help everyone achieve the same.

Ever thought of meeting TODAY’s Einsteins and Gandhis?

Limitless Opportunities

What will you do for your the Land and its peoples
in human, animal, plant and mineral realms?

Pure Spirit

Inspiring Resources


Exhibits + LearnSpaces


Teaching Tools

Crash Course Sets


Action Guides


Hero Speakers

Epic Coaches

Youth / Adult Crews

Project Partners

Global Community

Travel + Volunteer + Warrior Summer Camps

New! Music & Art


Positive News Media

Certification & Badges

Your Ideas

Wield over 400+ activities to make the impact you want.

Activate schools and create LearnSpaces all over town, create a local YL Magazine, set up local chapters or your own organization, bring in own ideas, organize events, call us in to help and much more.


5,000 volunteers and users in 70 countries, 100+ expert speakers and coaches passionately collaborate to activate the Change Generation, protect what they love and create a world of awesome for all. We can all collaborate!

Re-discover the Planet

From today, Your Good Future is in Your Hands.

The solutions for restoring Paradise in- and outside exist. Putting up with suffering would be – stupid.

No more distraction and delays – join the #SPEEDRUN to create a good future.

The most inspirational I’ve ever seen

A blessing for familes

This should be at all schools

The epitome of youth leadership

A game changer for humanity

Get Started with YL

Children, parents, students, teachers, professionals, experts … join the YL Tribe.

YOUTH Age 8-18

Spend a year with us doing your favorite moves and you’ll be firing on all cylinders!

We have come to Earth for a reason. And we have not come to fail.


Help young people unfold their powers to create the next level GOOD society.

We make it simple – with benefits for your life at home and work.

Easy as pie

Discover youth leadership in your online Crash Course.

Start with flying banners, act on fav’ causes, enjoy impact.

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