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at home, school and work, in media, town and beyond

Live Changemaking as Sport

Youth age 8 to 18 : Learn and evoke epic changes for people and planet with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores, with fun, action and adventure

Activate School & Workplace

aligned with your lifestyle, focus causes and potentials

Become YL Coach

certified by YL, Competence Partner of RCE-Ruhr, United Nations University

Tools galore

Stories, posters, films, music, manuals to inspire, create presence, exhibits, LearnSpaces, workshops …

Meet Changemakers 'LIVE'

via video, at events, as traveller or volunteer

Team up with real Hero*ines

and shape the future of entire regions

Boost Youth Leadership

Crowdfund hero*ines, local youth, YL programs + help in-kind, bring in ideas, team up to reach milestones

Enrich Family Life

Live your noble values, create together, make great friends

GOOD BOOKS for remote aboriginal communities

EMMA, YL Warrior Hall Of Fame

$ raised to create orphanages of peace, play, friendship & learning

NEHA, World’s Children Peace Prize

We live Changemaking as our ‘Sport’ – like Athletes.

While the mad societies go down the drain of history

WE create the awesome new world and lives we LOVE

through proven solutions pioneered by the finest hero*ines and experts alive today
with fun, flair of adventure, a good dose of silly and plenty (!!) of personal and professional benefits.

If you care for Life on Earth, this is for you.

World-class success stories, solutions, tools, coaches, partners

that enable self-organization of over 400 actions – with liberty to mix it all to create swift high impact projects for causes you love, at home, school, work and abroad – to realize your good dreams for people and planet.

Finest Spirit.

Built on high impact initiatives of over 100 wildly successful teen and adult changemakers
with a big heart to help everyone achieve the same.

Meet today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores

Limitless Opportunities.

Take action online, in town, in nature, activate school, town …

Pure Spirit

Inspiring Resources


Exhibits + LearnSpaces


Teaching Tools

Crash Course Sets


Action Guides


Hero Speakers

Epic Coaches

Youth / Adult Crews

Project Partners

Global Community

Travel + Volunteer + Warrior Summer Camps

New! Music & Art


Positive News Media

Certification & Badges

Your Ideas

Wield over 400 activities to make the impact you want.

From day#1 change real lives, join and boost rolling projects led by lovely hero*ines, make new friends, bring in own ideas and much more.

Loving Community.

5,000 volunteers and users in 70 countries, 100+ expert speakers and coaches passionately collaborate to activate the Change Generation, protect what they love and create a world of awesome for all. We can all collaborate!

NEW FOR YL’ers in 2020-21

Schools Of Excellence

Schools Of Excellence

YL Program for (1) training Student Leaders in local and global community service and (2) holistic school action programs on SDGs

Girl Campaign Bundle : “Dream Big, Brave, Bold & Beautiful”

Girl Campaign Bundle : "Dream Big, Brave, Bold & Beautiful"make girls strong to not lose their DREAMS even under worst oppression to FEEL GOOD in a vibrant, creative, fiercely alive and loving community of like-hearted grrlz and boyz  to REALIZE their dreams of a...

YL LearnSpace Pack

YL LearnSpace Pack

An XXL Pack with posters, workshop materials and more to set up spaces where youth can gather to learn solutions, plan and realize projects

Grand SDG Challenge

Grand SDG Challenge

Take tangible action on all 17 SDGs – as class, school, company, city or celebrity!

From today, Your Good Future is in Your Hands.

Re-discover the Planet

Favorite paths for all.
Rapid results for all.
Pick your favorite.

Free to Start.

Youth Crew

Crew, club or warrior clan, casual, regular or full-time

Professional User

Teachers, NGOs, librarians, journalist, councillors

SDGs in Action

as school, city, company, celebrity

YL Coach

Activate youth at school and beyond, spread YL

Online / Volunteer

Write, edit, translate, design, communicate

We have come to Earth for a reason. And we have not come to fail.

Spend a year with us doing your favorite moves and you’ll be firing on all cylinders!

Start today.

The most inspirational I’ve ever seen

A blessing for familes

This should be at all schools

The epitome of youth leadership

A game changer for humanity

You kind of thinking is very rare.

Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer, Global Campaign to make Ecocide the 5th Crime against Peace


Group training on SDGs, ESD etc with focus on felt impacts, self-organization, youth, skill-building, long-term project development

Activate your city for youth leadership in response to escalating violence, to erosion of peace, social cohesion, well-being, democracy

Content for educational publications, for an event, a UN Day

Help to upgrade your museum, library, community centre into a LearnSpace where people of all ages come to learn how to create a good world, plan and implement projects

Concepts for a Spring of Sustainability and more

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