We Re-Paradize the world & our Lives

We enable you:th to change lives and land like their hero:ine peers. Join us !

We all wish to do good – in our busy lives – as youth, parent, teacher, CEO, professional, total newbie or award-winning changemaker.

YL equips you to live your good dreams, with the best from 50 years in youth leadership, civic education, experiential learning, and with cutting edge tools

Wield magic wands for swifty actions with rapid results, to activate youth, workplace and city, to epic boss battles shaping the future of entire regions. Yes!

With real hero:ines as friends, rocking positive changes becomes fun, fast, fascinating, and incredibly rewarding. Just feel the energy on this page. That is Life with YL!

+ 400 missions for year-round fireworks of action with favorite causes for all

Rapid results + badges for completed missions



The best teenage years – rich in meaning, friends, experiences

Warrior camps in majestic nature. Pure epic!



Weekly, speedruns, journeys, work visits

Live Changemaking like a ‘Sport’

Approach problems as exciting challenges and experience opportunities. Act by yourself or team up, casual or fulltime like athletes, equipped to the teeth and backed by a global tribe. Meet lovely people, celebrate success, score badges, go amazing places and live true adventure. Stop being boring #bemoreawesome

Take Action


on causes you love + make school and life awesome



teen hero:ines and local youth – at home, at work, in town

Bring Learning to Life


in class, clubs and beyond



civic competencies and Able Active Caring Citizens



in fascinating challenges + boost workforce competences

Youth & Adults,

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daily hero spirit

A Global Community
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that truly care for another and live adventures together

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Wield your powers for the *most peaceful, best educated and least partisan generation in history* to become the Change Generation. This is not a rebel generation, but a Collaboration Generation, working with good adults in all sectors! Working with them adds a sweet dose of mission, success, celebration, joy and adventure to life! Try it!

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HELP YOU:TH TRANSFORM themselves, their lives and their world.

Speedlearn everything we know, and to wield all YL tools, programs and partners aligned with your priorities, passion, profession and lifestyle. Inspire and equip youth en masse to make rapid impact like today’s teen and adult hero:ines, to make life more awesome with magical coaches, to make youth leadership and Experiential Learning omni-present in town, to team up with stakeholders, connect with higher education, professions, municipal programs, eco-social campaigns and more.


Inspired by YL, we took steps that quickly turned us into our state's biggest youth-led organization.

Ajay Patel, Red Brigade Trust, India

Once we got youth and schools involved, government acted fast to better our drinking water situation. Now, we seek to restore our river from ridge to ocean.

Skhumbuzo Dlamini, Artivist, South Africa

Your story on me is in India's English textbook, reaching millions of students every year

Babar Ali, World’s Youngest Headmaster, India

All students and teachers agree - the interactive exhibit was the best of our school projects day.

Middle school, Germany

YL gives me exciting new opportunities to live my idealism besides my professional work.

Phillip Falk, Permaculturist, Germany

We need YL at all of Canada's schools.

Emma Mogus, World Children’s Prize MC

Your kind of thinking is very rare.

Polly Higgins, Ecocide is a Crime, Britain

Innovate with us !

Exhibit + Learnspace HQ

for youth to rock projects

Discover Big Benefits

For City _ Business _ Education _ Philanthropy

Activating Europe

Bring youth leadership to your People

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Safe + collaborative + action

We build an Academy

with India’s famous Red Brigade Trust

“An epidemic of sadness” is emerging among teen girls across the US, with 57% feeling “persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness.”

“If I don’t read the newspaper, I’m uninformed. If I read the newspaper, I’m misinformed."

“The overwhelming prioritisation of problems creates a distorted perception of reality and fosters a false understanding of the world. Including solutions journalism into your media diet has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve mood, increase resilience, restore faith in humanity and improve social cohesion.

Jodie Jackson, News Literacy Lab

“Youth in the U.S. retreat from negativity at home, school, in streets, on media, everything about the future."

“YL offers them an environment, community and life that is purely positive. Wow.”
Curriculum developer and education fundraiser, USA

“As a nation, we have failed to prepare youth for self-government, leaving America in grave danger. Only 1 in 3 students thinks democracy is vital. "

Loneliness – as no felt capacity to control the world in conjunction with other human beings is a precondition of totalitarianism. While most youth live in civic deserts, teen hero:ines paradize their life and community.

“Voter as usual is no longer good enough."

Teen hero:ines embody the new Able Active Caring Citizen.

"STEM has crowded civic education out of the curriculum."

Student clubs at 22,000 K-12 schools run powerful service-learning and sustainable development projects impacting millions of lives. Over 80% of teachers and students feel enriched.


“Youth and employers ask for new skill building experiences as they face an insecure future and rapidly transforming world."

Youth growing up with high impact projects do not worry about ‘getting a job’.

“Society is not prepared to respond to multiple crises."

This changes once you permit all youth at school to grow up  like their multi-award winning hero:ine peers that make all of us sigh – “I wish all youth were like this.”

"Youth-led projects with high impact on real lives and land are the optimal experience-, skill-, friends- and community-generator. For epic wins in real life."

Every societal sector benefits and adds to forming an Enabling Environment.

Pacesetter, re:imagine learning Challenge, Ashoka Changemakers

Images & Voices of Hope IVOH Award

Competence Partner RCE-Ruhr, United Nations University

Official Project, United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD, UNESCO

Youth leadership en masse is a game changer for society.


” All honorable people belong to the same tribe. ” – Nupa Tatanka