“Imagine … this entire global young generation to grow up implementing humanity’s finest solutions for peace and abundance for all. It’s already starting at thousands of schools, and we can make this happen all over the planet – WITH YOU.”

We Equip You

with humanity’s finest solutions, tools, tricks and support networks for positive change.


Create a world of peace and abundance for all. YL gives you everything you need. Everything.


Bring global issues to life with solution stories and hero role models. Spark student clubs and teach your students to create a better world.


Gain presence in schools, public, media … and scale your impact using simple tools and tricks, amazing partners and model solutions.


Inspire your audience with solutions, young hero’ines, action opportunities and connect with local stakeholders and protagonists.


Make Changemaking part of your daily life, learn on-the-go from social media streams, share, contribute and take action.

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A New Generation is Rising

and it’s a dream come true.

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“YOU can help us spread Youth Leadership around you. It’s simple. Find out how.”

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Make a Gift to the World

Empower our young generation to protect what they love, help people and planet and shape the future we all long to see. Because they can- and we need everyone to help!

We wish to Publish a BOOK on Young Hero’ines all over the Planet

This book will help us all us reach the grand public through stores, homes and public libraries. It will be fit for ages 3 to 100, have exciting qr-coded multimedia elements and link to instant actions to get millions of people involved.

To do this, we need your help. Please contribute generously. Thank you! You are THE BEST!”


Our global community unites world-class change-makers, youth, students, teachers, citizens, professionals and partners from all walks of life for high-impact action with rich benefits for people, planet and everyone involved. Wherever you are – play your part!
We make Youth Leadership omni-present in our daily lives at school, home, in media and public through media, educational and leadership programs that facilitate year-round youth-powered action in alignment with multiple United Nations Days of the month. Very powerful!
We serve quality content and exciting collaboration to journalists, media, organizations, institutions, UN programs and school boards, adding meaning, purpose and a sense of action to their work and member and community relationships.
Our speakers, workshops and methods upgrade a wide range of events, from spirit and content to involving schools, citizens, generating media presence and tangible impact. Explore our speakers, offers and event ideas.