We want that all kids and teens

can grow up like our young generation’s hero*ines

500,000 books

for indigenous schools that had no books but high suicide rates

$ 2,3 million

for safe, vibrant orphanages

Turned 30 towns into "Blue Communities"

Water is a human right, public and bottled water is obsolete

Restored a watershed

+ now teach 7th graders at several schools to do like them

Youtube channel

on yukky, unhealthy stuff in popular foods

10-fold rise of free, fresh food for people in poverty

with 4,000 volunteers

Changed laws, $200,000 profit

by recycling used restaurant grease of 200 restaurants, donated to families in poverty

Teams at 22,000 schools

$ 20 million for development programs in 12 countries plus local projects, summer camps, volunteer trips and fair trade

We have 4,000 more stories

Inspired? Filled with hope? 
Fired up for action?

What these teens do, teens everywhere can do

We provide inspiration through role models, first steps, project partners, coaching via internet … with the help of young and adult hero*ines!

With joy, verve and rewarding results

No fear, no politics, no foes, no frustration. In alignment with The Purpose Of Schooling and benefits for life.

If this happens at every school, in every city, we evoke rapid change and nurture the Change Generation

This is what we want. And 3 billion agree. If this is your dream, you can now make it reality


We enable you to evoke remarkable changes for people and planet, and to empower youth to unfold their changemaker skills as the Change Generation – at school and beyond.

We use the proven combination of role models + action. You have seen what happens when 1 girl acts and millions do like her. What if groups of youth get to see 50 teen + 50 adult hero*ines with 400 actions, tangible projects with favorite causes for everyone – with live meets and real-time collaboration, epic summer camps and own media channels? What if we can make this part of daily life at school and the workplace? You get it? That’s what we do, it works, it’s exciting and people love it!

We offer Youth Leadership, Educated for Sustainable Development ESd and for the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, Action Learning and Changemaker Trainingsprograms– for young people from age 8-18 and their adult allies.

We publish media für home, schools, news media … connect partners, develop initiatives to strengthen changemakers.

All our offers strengthen important inter-generational collaboration for a world of peace, joy and abundance for all.

Everybody can get active with us, use our media, methods and support services, be part of our community and worldwide network.

We also provide tutorials, training and certification for YL Coaches and LearnZones.

Activities uplift everyone involved, send positive ripple effects through our communities and spark a collaborative process that unites caring youth, key professionals and adults from all walks of life with outstanding changemakers, global experts and local stakeholders – for important inter-generational collaboration for creating a world of peace, joy and abundance for all.

Our programs engage youth in a language they are already fluent in – heroic tales, adventure, gaming – organizing activities that reflect their voice, talent, passion and priorities – together with universally acknowledged real-life hero*ine role models.

We feel honored to be working with the world’s finest to spread their stories, solutions and services around the world to help all caring people alive reach their aspirations for their students, for the betterment of our communities, for protecting the web of life and for shaping the good next level society – at record speed and scale.

We celebrate our friendships with thousands of users, luminous youth, amazing teachers, volunteers, supporters and partners, and that our message, work and offers are being embraced in every corner of the world. Hanta Yo!


caring kids, teens, teachers, parents, journalists, experts, activists, social entrepreneurs all over the planet …

… taking action based on high impact initiatives of wildly successful changemakers, today’s Einsteins


lead high impact initiatives changing lives, land, laws, learning and industries at record speed and scale. 

We literally work with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores, wield their magic and are part of their adventures.


turns their content, know-how and offers into action platforms, trainings, camps, books, teaching tools and programs- for youth age 8-18 and their adult allies. 


Together, we take hero*ines’ initiatives to inter/national scale – we support them, join them, and implement their solutions in our home region – with rich benefits for our personal and professionals lives.



At school and beyond, they evoke record changes – with and like today’s hero*ines and grow up as a new generation of badass changemakers