Join the movement to rewild campuses and fight the climate and biodiversity crises

Re:wild Your Campus empowers the next generation of environmental leaders to create safer, more sustainable living and learning environments for all, by starting locally and advocating for organic land care on their campuses. 

We believe young people have incredible power to make change. Re:wild Your Campus provides students with tools to work with groundskeepers, develop campaign strategies, and provide alternatives in order to transition their campuses to organic land maintenance and ultimately re-wild and revolutionize landcare and create safer spaces for all.  

Youth Leadership has been

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YL Hall of Famers

What today’s teens do.

Our mission is to make this happen at grand scale everywhere.

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What is the view of youth in your city or country?

in terms of making relevant changes for people and planet, like really changing lives and land in ways that are relevant for society. 

How about your own feelings about your own powers to evoke change? to acivate 100s or 1,000s of people to do good?

on a scale from 1 to 10

We aim to raise this by +1 in the tutorial and +4 in your first 3 months.


The Issue

We’ve found that synthetic herbicides are predominantly used for aesthetic purposes on college campuses. These institutions are opting for chemicals that are linked to human health issues rather than exploring organic options that are safer for the grounds crew members, students, faculty, and other community members. Using synthetic herbicides to eradicate weeds for aesthetic purposes is neglectful – prioritizing landscapes which require such inputs threatens the health of community members and the health of our planet.

Enormous potentials

The most fascinating, fun and powerful phenomenon, so easy to 


enormous potentials to amplify it with multi-purpose Changemaker Student Clubs providing at school for the whole student body (300 to 3,000 youth at school) to see

  • diverse hero*ines with tangible solutions
  • favorite causes and activities for everybody
  • immediate action opportunities, swift or advanced
  • benefits like badges
  • field trips
  • coaches and more 

A single organization cannot do that. Nore can those that have no clue of the amazing scope of true teen hero*ines today and the alchemy at work. But we can. And now you can, too. 

Our Origin Story

“Wow, the solutions exist by the thousands, powered by ordinary people, citizens and youth. If we copy-paste 100 to each city, we go straight to Paradise right here and now,” Eric realized at the world exposition expo2000 where he worked for 5 months and got to see all the good stuff behind the surface buzz entertaining day visitors. 

“The people need to know. This must be at all schools,” he said, and old gentelemen in the UN Pavillion smiled, replied “yes, but how?” and shrugged. “I know exactly how. It’s common practice that teachers use news media in class. Schools invite role model speakers. Students do projects. We’ll just take it next level. We’ll provide Positive News Media full of solutions, changemakers, tools, speaker contacts and ways to take action. We equip youth to form teams, take on local issues and also connect with world experts and changemakers. It’s simple.”

We’re not doing anything new. And yet, we do what no one else does.

Thousands of solutions. Teen hero*ines galore in North America. What are you informed on by mass media to-date?

Tell us of teen hero*ines in your country, of changemakers in your community, of great learnspaces … for their story to get told in YL Magazine.

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What is the image of youth and citizen power in your society?


Global LearnPlanet Map

From this community we source media, solutions, tools, partners, travel destinations.

Imagine you to have access to them. What are you going to do with it?


Our Tribe

Since the year 2,000, what started as “a magazine designed to support hero*ines and empower readers to turn into users” has evolved into a formidable community uniting 100s of huggable hero*ines (the “everybody’s favorite teacher” type of person), world experts, magical coaches, youth leadership coaches, professional users, citizen crews, youth teams and 1,000s of online volunteers on all continents.

Our Approach

We connect humanity’s finest changemakers with the people – to boost their initiatives and wield their solutions at local level to change local lives, land, learning, laws and industries. Not the world’s best eye shade, smoothie or dance move. But today’s Einsteins’ and Gandhis’ solutions, for high impact action, Gryffindore style.


State of Berlin Law of Education §1 School’s Purpose (short remix)

“is to nurture Able Active Caring Citizens, co-creators and guardians of a peaceful libertarian democratic society that is sustainable, ever evolving, and part of a harmoniously collaborating global family of nations.”

Oups, were you aware? 

What does your state’s Law of Education §1 say about school’s purpose? And do school, teachers and students live up to it? Research it and let us know.


SLIDER Support Bal Manch


Red Brigade

Restore Amazonia

Launch local Youth Leadership

Restore a river

Boost Biodiversity

A free village school

Protect Grand Wildlife

Save Our Sharks

How can one not support them?


Imagine these stories and action opportunities to be present among friends, at school, at the workplace, in celebrities’ streams … feel the sense of adventure of reaching milestones.

We love it. You can live it now!


For Everybody 

since when it’s about common sense tangible action, everybody agrees.

We enable, equip and support all caring people; as three groups

1. Adult citizens to take action for people and planet, as individual, parent, employee, entrepreneur, celebrity … 

2. Key professionals like teachers, librarians, journalists, civil society and city councillors

3. YOUTH who are the most powerful group of all, since we can reach all of them via their daily hangout – school – daily, for ten years, where they can act en masse in a safe, well equipped space aligned with learning culture and many personal and professional benefits

; they can interact with another.


We enable Self-Organization

We offer a platforms, programs and user community 

for adults

for youth

and a global tribe of coaches, speakers, partners, learnspaces and travel destinations

Think: how much can you self-organize with organizations without asking for permission? without years of prepareation? without a million dollars? with impact on thousands of lives? with fun? and – Living Dreams?

You can even set up HeadQuarters and LearnSpaces with beautiful ambience

as space for youth to gather, learn solutions, meet coaches, team up and realize projects

Do you have such a LearnSpace in town?

If not … how can your town’s inhabitants ever upgrade from voters waiting for government to pay someone to fix problems to  Able Active Caring Citizens implementing solutions like a blitz?

exist? survey


We offer huge Support

Speakers, coaches