Youth Leadership

“Training for young people to self-organize projects that change lives, land, learning, laws and industries” – as displayed in its glory here – has been part of civic education in North America for fifty years, with rich benefits for learning culture, for living ESD and SDGs in action, and for youth, parents, citizens and stakeholders for living their values and achieving their professional aspirations.

Most likely, you do not have teen hero*ines in class, at school, in town, but would love to.

Maybe you feel incapable of inspiring big youth-led projects, empty-handed and lacking able partners. True, but once you get your hands on a few necessary items, everything changes! 

Here are 5 ESSENTIAL Building Blocks to spark High Impact Youth Leadership in your life, school, town and region. Each lead to, build up and amplify another. Used in combination with our simple tools and methodology,

  • you easily inspire youth and adults for action with exciting impact on real lives and land
  • you create an enabling environment in which youth and their adult allies can self-organize diverse activities
  • as part of a global ecosystem of project partners, learnspaces and travel destinations

While activating youth leadership is new to you, these Essentials are not. They all make complete sense, and you’ll want to use them. Follow links to subpages to learn more.

#1 Role Models

80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously.

This also works via media. Role models are also our strongest asset in phases of Transformational Learning.


Priority #1 is to make hero*ine role models omni-present in our daily lives at home, school, work, in public space and media. Use our diverse media, tools and tricks to do so.

#2 Changemaker Student Clubs

School is where all young people meet daily for ten years in a well equipped safe space, with support on demand and good public status. A perfect headquarter for young changemakers.


Our society needs Changemaker Student Clubs at all schools near you. Students, parents, teachers, YL Volunteers can initiate it at any school. If clubs do not yet exist, youth can self-organize outside school. Steps are simple. Use our flyers, story sets, quickstart actions.

#3 Project Partners

Start with flying banners, join grand ventures, impact thousands of lives!

Teaming up with real hero*ines helps schools and beginners get started with verve, inspiring vision, concrete steps and rapid results.


Join an adventure! As soon as a team is formed, take action for your favorite hero*ine and activate your community to reach a milestone.

#4 LearnSpaces

Where in town can youth get together, learn solutions for people and planet, and plan and realize projects that change lives and land near and far?


Set up HQs at intersections with the public. A Hero*ines Poster Exhibit sets the frame. Study tips and tricks and how to use existing spaces with staff that will win-win benefit.

#5 Coaches

How do we get started?

What kind of adults help young people take heart, unfold their skills and turn their love for people and planet into action? Where can we find them? Can adults acquire such skills in order to serve their region’s young generation?


Why wait? Fast-track your skills to inspire groups and take action using YL's full spectrum of 400 missions, programs and partners. Involve magical practitioners to inspire and empower.

You understand that it all makes sense, and that we need it.


Just try it out. It works for users on all seven continents. It will work for you. Trust the hero*ines, the kids, the process and YL. Try it out and observe.

Cost and time are minimal. Once these basics are activated, the people you have inspired will bring in plenty of ideas and start taking action, without you, and with you. You’ll discover endless opportunities to create a world of awesome and wish that days have more hours, like we do!

What you yet don’t know is how to get started exactly, how to inspire and involve others and activate schools, workplaces, city … and also you lack vision for months ad years to come.

This will change quickly, because we have what you need. 

We add further Building Blocks, concrete tools and activities to use as add-ons, combine and mix. They help you and everybody else get High Impact Youth Leadership rolling and have great fun with it. Enjoy!