• finance
  • distribute schools, libraries, hospitals
  • finance awards organic food basket for missions accomplished
  • sponsor trip for (a couple of) champion(s) per district
  • mentor yl youth crews with project development
  • support yl youth crews for media campaigns, event presence, gala, fundraiser…

share the This Young Generation booklet on NEWSLETTER

for employees, parents, their kids

share the This Young Generation booklet in PRINT

for employees, parents, their kids

organize exhibits

giving your causes, and crew omni-presence for weeks, involving the entire school community, informally, and even formally, by combining it with film sessions, presentations, fundraisers and projects. View “YL Poster Pop-Up Exhibit”

organize a fundraiser


for a favorite cause or hero’ine, using our tools, poster sets for exhibits, presentations … you may even do this more than once, aligned with current UN Days … and of course following your own ideas!

Harvest Feedback

to see where interest lies; there are many ways of precious follow-up at various levels, inside and beyond the company.

For Parents

and harvest feedback; we offer them much, view YL at Home and YL at School

For Creatives

and harvest feedback; we can support them for developing a project also within the context of your enterprise; for favorite causes, taking on local issues, for the grand priority of sparking and evolving youth leadership in your region, as well as for evolving field partnerships, and even starting some of your own, backed by our global network

Spark Youth Leadership in Your Region

Take a leadership role, by taking responsibility, investing in inspiring and empowering the young generation. We can align this with priority foci of your enterprise in soft ways.

Instant Benefits

inspiring members and their families and friends, mobilizing youth, citizens and schools for global and local causes…

Advanced Benefits

year-round omni-presence of youth leadership in schools, media and public space creates a changemaking climate and active citizenry

distribute YL Media Sets in your district

schools, libraries, hospitals, orphanages, kindergartens…

You Can Reach Far

give a YL Presentation


at schools, kindergartens, orphanages, libraries… in your company, at events, conferences…

Include Infos on Your Work

support inspired youth crews

as mentor, with project development workshops, supporting their campaigns or projects with your staff, contacts, priviledged ‘access’ to media, authorities, celebrities, affluent people, galas…

honor inspired youth crews

with an extraordinary experience sourced from your vast web of relations… this can be fantastic camps, holidays, internships, volunteer trips, accompanying your founding director to a major summit, and joining experts on expeditions, – always combined with a meaningful activitym, such as documentation, pubic speaking etc. Make it something really, really exciting!

Internal & External Communications

Let’s create something together … for involving your members and the general public via newsletters, events and local media …

sponsor a breathtaking prize

by using your enterprise’s  or personal contacts, such as

  • a flight to Hawaii to swim with sharks with Ocean
  • visiting a YL Field Partner and documenting the experience for benefit of the campaign
  • taking an adventure trek, documenting the adventure, creating a thematic campaign afterwards

create an awesome local or regional award

for youth and citizen crews taking massive action following our examples. Won’t you love it? Massive year-round media presence included.

We Can Go Far Together