Installing youth leadership in a region is simple. Seed our media to spaces and stakeholders who share our passion and aspirations and naturally benefit by our media and programs. They are all around you, you know them, and they are waiting for you to add this exciting facet to their world.

MY SETTING IS AWESOME – but you’ll see below, that “my” and “your” region are the same …

Spectacular Region to "DISCOVER the Planet"

The Gorges of the Verdon River in Provence, SE-France, 1.5h north of Marseille, Nizza, Côte d’Azur are Europe’s Rocky Mountains / Canyon region

adds "PROTECT the Planet"

spirit, media and programs to the region, with win-win benefits of all sorts of partners.

The YL Headquarter

is set in a magnificent valley with mountain range and vultures – at legendary pedagogical Farm Saint Pierre, its 1,100 year old guesthouses, yurts, tee-pees, camping, gipsy wagons… amidst 40 free horses etc.

The Medieval Village of Bargème

with its castle ruin, creperie, chapel, lovely inhabitants, nearby trails, gorges, canyoning, caving … is a gem, extended part and family of the YL HQ.

YL CAMPS for Teen Changemakers & Adult Allies

train youth and adults in evolving youth leadership in their schools and cities, as well as scaling powerful solutions and campaigns – in collaboration, also with YL Hero’ines, Field Partners…

School Classes from across Europe and France

book an exciting mix of “DISCOVER & PROTECT the Planet” programs; they can prepare and follow-up with our media, can even organize the entire journey via our partner travel agency specialized on schools.

YL Media and Programs at Eco-Hostels, Summer Camps etc...

add inspirational activities, attract new clients and equip inspired kids for living their newly found love for nature.


The City of Draguignan

38,000 inhabitants, is the administrative centre of the Dracenie Region, with around 20 towns and villages totalling about 100,000 nice people.

Omni-presence in Classroms

is our main goal.

The Regional Médiatheque

is the resource centre for 13 public libraries and towns of the Var Department with 1 mio inhabitants with a wide range of programs : exhibitions, films, sessions of schools … perfect for YL, alignment with UN Days etc. Library staff are highly interested in YL media, programs and tipps for receiving, guiding and introducing teachers and classes to these new resources.

Cafes, Canteens and Waiting Rooms

are excellent display places for The Young Generation booklet.

Workplaces and Events

are perfect for poster exhibits, stands and fundraisers.

Projects with Local Partners

create new exciting activities for students and citizens.

Our Activities Generate Media Presence

and this is going to generate attention, demand and cascading action.



kindling positive vision with family and friends, and doing service projects in their community.


bringing global issues to life with YL media, videos, presentations, workshops, student clubs, projects and field partnerships… as students and teachers, parents and citizen ambassadors.


inspiring colleagues with a sense of purpose and creativity, organizing fundraisers, mentoring local YL Youth Crews and dreaming up projects with our field partners.

THE "SPRING OF SUSTAINABILITY" is a brilliant opportunity

for presentations, activities and public displays of YL and group achievements. This month-long program is organized by the Regional Administration. YL activities add new vision, action and impact, and connect YL, schools, citizens, cafes, tourist office, park and more! By seeding YL media to schools from January, schools and groups can form, take action and present their achievements to the public in Spring. Inspired newbies join initiatives building up towards summer – with YL Camps, visiting Field Partners abroad etc


Enterprises, foundations, towns finance

  • printing of YL Media
  • distribution to schools, libraries, employees…
  • support youth teams
  • honor their achievements
  • sponsor teen leaders to join YL Camps
And it’s simple to connect with, since everybody wins.


YL Ambassadors, YL Partners, kind companies, organizations, city councils…

Printing and distribution of key flyers and booklets to public epi-centres naturally reaches teachers, conscious citizens and changemakers.

YOU can do this.


in libraries, schools, hostels, for sale at cafes, campgrounds and eco-centres reach thousands of youth, parents, citizens, activists and teachers.


in schools reach dozens. Our experience is that 95% of students agree “everyone should know” and that 90% of classes wish to follow up and take action.


on youth leadership in libraries, schools, workplaces, eco-centres, museums, public space and at events reach hundreds, start conversations and build community with like-minded adults and youth.

THEN ...

inspired Youth Teams found student clubs, organize presentations and exhibits reaching hundreds, take action on favorite causes, model solutions, support YL Field Partners, gain media presence reaching tens of thousands, join YL Camps… yay!


The Tourist Office

loves boosting cultural and historic heritage, attracting eco-conscious school classes to the region, involving youth and schools in replanting ancient varieties, in organizing media and theatre performances on history, myths and legends …

The Natural Park

loves involving youth and schools, improve education on important species like the wolf, share their knowledge and programs on archeology, hiking, co-creating tourist apps spoken by youth etc.

Town Councils

love boosting a spirit of active citizenry, stewardship, directing the dynamics of youth towards solutions, as well as an intelligent, neutral, non-partisan way of frankly addressing long-due action on needs of people and planet.


love boosting spirit of positive change among youth and citizens, nurture a changemaking climate, advance local and inter/national initiatives and learn…
This is splendid. I think that you clearly see how YL spirit and actions add inspirational facets to their conventional programs, amplify collaboration with youth, and spark creative momentum with potential for … all sorts of good things coming!
Here’s people that have appeared on my map … and how they fit in.

Canyoning, Rafting, Caving, Hiking...

The region is pure awesomeness. Our guide, is “born” in the gorges and offers customized tours to small groups for an ultimate experience. Hence, YL Camps and school trips need no artificial energizers or animation.

Citizen Re-Planting Abbey Terraces

…  collaborating with a local nature oriented institution loves the idea of inviting schools and youth of the region to visit, lay hands on planting, learning about traditional varieties – building a tie to the place, replicating the initiative on their home turfs, in the form of vertical gardens, edible parks etc

Traditional Bakery

…  baking in the village’s ancient public stove. Incredibly yummy, special breads and goodies and cheaper than conventional stuff in town. Awesomeness for passing by with a YL Camp crew, for feeding our folks and also as prize for active youth crews.

Creperie, prime eating place in historic village

… as partner space for displays, exhibits, seminars, film evenings … and dinner excursion during YL Camps.

Montessori Teachers

interested in using YL media in class. Of course.

Young Farmer Couple

Lovely non-poison-tained food, “direct trade” from a lovely young couple who have taken over a farm, option of conversations, farm visit, workshops… a rare and precious experience!

Eco Education Centres

filled to the brim during holidays, but not yet during school periods … an occasion for schools across France and Europe to organize excursions to this unique region.

Eco-socially minded Tourists

from all over Europe and the world interested in collaboration to spread YL in their enterprises, in their schools…

Part-time Potter and Artist

loving YL and the idea of school and youth workshops on creating movable installations for a Peace Park (traditional symbols of various cultures), Animal Totems (related to regional nature), with option of illuminations etc, as offer to YL Schools.


informing me of many interesting contacts in the region – associations, places, towns…

Towns Running Dry in Summer

last summer. An interesting case for Robyn Hamlyn’s “Blue Community” Resolution for local water stewardship.
You have such people around you. They appear naturally as the message gets around, the YL community grows and gets to know some of our most popular heroi’nes and actions.


My encounters naturally evolve contacts to schools, associations and citizens in the wider region, along the densely populated coastline …

  • for attracting youth and classes to camps
  • for sending out local Youth Crews to present in schools
  • for expanding their projects and campaigns to neighbouring regions
… in urban centres like Marseille, Cannes, Monaco, Nizza … with an intersting and high potential mix of wealth, celebrity, multiculture, immigration, industry, military, poverty, violence, ecocides…

Teachers on the Coast

telling me of new curricula making projects obligatory – a perfect opportunity for introducing YL to a lot of staff in need.

Orphanage Kids

inspired by a YL Presentation … on fire to heal people on the streets of Marseille, as well as India… starting with supporting our famous field partner The Red Brigade Lucknow. Can you imagine what an exciting model this can be – for orphanages across France and beyond?

An Ecocide Case on the Coast

dumping aluminum processing waste into the ocean, affecting fisheries along the entire coastline all the way to Spain – calling for innovative approaches. Aye, we got plenty, especially now that Ecocide is being persecuted as a Crime Against Peace at the International Criminal Court.

A Nationwide Enterprise

that would make an excellent partner for distribution, supporting, mentoring and sponsoring teenage changemakers…

Teachers all over France

interested in youth leadership, seeding YL in their regions.

Activists from Marseille

France’s second largest city, that is highly diverse, quite wild and creative. A fantastic space to work on, and to connect inspired schools and youth to YL Camps during school and holiday periods.

A European School Trip Travel Agency

as perfect partner for international advertizing of YL programs, organizing formalities, travel insurance, as well as conventional parts of edutainment. School excursions can book YL sessions as “modules” or prepare as changemaker courses before and after their journey.


“I know that you can do the same. It is enough to start small, seeding the media. It would be good to organize a handful of exhibits and presentations. You will quickly find opportunities in libraries, at events and schools. Gatherings and workshops that will naturally follow up will be your local equivalent to the YL HQ / Camps that I am developing here at greater scale. And we are with you, with tipps, media, letters of support, “live” speakers etc. Keep in mind: we are #alwayswinning!” Eric, YL Founder