Let’s begin with a personal “about”, because YOUTH-LEADER is driven by PEOPLE, and a full-steam, whole-hearted determination, passion and vision shared by all the people featured in our media, programs, the members of our community – speakers, youth, volunteers, educators, partners: To work at full pace for creating the world we want, with youth at its centre – with bigger vision and impact than you imagine. 

The solutions exist, they are powered by ordinary people, with youth at the forefront, the support networks are in place, and schools and media embrace them. Most people are unaware of it, but once they know, they love it and get involved. That’s what’s needed and that’s what YL is to facilitate, on the entire planet.

I have founded YOUTH-LEADER for several reasons.

For making solutions available for our global young generation at school, with the heroInes of our time as their role models, mentors and friends.

For supporting the finest teenage and adult changemakers, for scaling their solutions for peace, abundance, regeneration and sustainability to planetary scale.

For making youth leadership omni-present in homes, school, workplaces and media in 18 languages.

For making changemaking integral part of learning culture, informally, student-powered, as enriching add-ons for subjects.

… enabling an entire generation to grow up implementing model solutions, for ten years at school, evoking grand impact like their famous teen hero peers.

To help professionals – teachers, journalists, youth workers and civil society – add meaning, purpose and fulfillment to their lives and live their professional dreams and aspirations.

To give parents the opportunity to strengthen and raise their kids with tangible hope, vision and activities for leading a good, successful life in the 21st Century, at home, at school and in their community.

To give “adult allies” new opportunity for needed impact, – entrepreneurs, businesses, philanthropic clubs, foundations, school boards, ministries, organisations, United Nations programs – for tapping into the thriving potentials of youth leadership, positive news, model solutions, field partners, intersectorial collaboration, …

To empower citizens to be part of this movement as volunteer – globally and locally – activating their city and region through seeing media, giving presentations, mentoring inspired youth crews, founding chapters, networking with local partners, … as well as translating, writing, editing, sharing and spreading online, … joining petitions, campaigns, fundraisers, projects… backed by our global community… and in collaboration with the grand changemakers of our time.

What We Want

We want these solutions in all schools.

We want to reach and inspire all youth.

We want to equip and empower everybody

all those with a caring love for the Earth and all her children, ecosystems, animals, people and generations to come with simple, efficient, powerful tools for making a change, living their values, living their dreams, making changes, experience success unfold, create the world they wish to see and enter the bright new world of changemaking, with its magic and blessings of inner outer peace, abundance and unlimited opportunity.

Personally, as the founder, I commit my life full-time

ten to sixteen hours per day, for twenty years now. And it bears fruits.

What greater cause to commit one’s life to than creating a new civilization? Polly Higgins

We are the generation to change everything. What an exciting time to be alive! Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

As a Steward of YL

in service to the sacred spirit of life on this planet Earth, I commit all my experience, networks, training and talent of sensing ace pure quality,and grand potential as well as sniffing out rot, greenwashing and lukewarm illusions – to permit only the finest proven solutions and role models to be featured in YL.

Only the finest for the Young Generation and their Adult Allies

– since nothing do they deserve but humanity’s finest, nothing is worthy of interest, time and effort, but that which takes us straight and guaranteed to our urgent aim and desired destination : a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a ‘sacred’ civilization of peace and abundance for all – for those who know it : Paradise.

We are using a unique quality benchmark of selection

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Our model approach empowers citizens, teachers and youth to informally enable this entire global young generation at school to grow up as inhabitants, cocreators and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization.

This makes YL many things.

A Positive News Publisher

An Educational Program

A Speakers Community

A Consultant and Partner

A Media Resource for youth, teachers, organizations, journalists, parents, citizens... caring for a positive future.

A Repository of Methods and Magic Tricks for informally making youth leadership omni-present in our daily lives, with favorite causes and activities for everybody, and instant action opportunities with considerable impact.

A Service Partner supporting inspired youth and adults, beginners, experienced changemakers and professionals from all walks of life.

A Unique Community of Action operating in alliance wiht the greatest changemakers on the planet today.

Our global community unites changemakers, citizen volunteers, students, clubs, various partners (media, NGOs etc) and others for positive action, aligned with their priority causes and lifestyle.

Users applying our media and services at school, their workplace, in public space, at events, in their programs ...

Volunteer Team Members boosting our local and global reach

Student Clubs and Youth Crews taking year-round action

Warrior Clans in our Leadership Program Change Generation Rising

Our unique signature : action and impact 

- for true, tangible advancement of humanity's solutions for peace and abundance at record time, by joining, supporting, scaling and replicating model solutions.

This entire spectrum of offers is easily accessible with a casual, well structured, self-organized changemaking program, aligned with United Nations Days of the week and month throughout the year.

You can approach and use Change Generation Rising as

An Action Community, with petitions, campaigns, fundraisers uniting citizens and partners (media etc)

A Student-powered Curriculum and Course

An Adventure Reality Game

A full-time self-organized Changemaking Program

YL is for everybody

People of all Ages and Cultures can participate in their favorite ways, online and onsite, perfectly in tune with their personal selection of causes, activities and lifestyle

  • casually
  • with topic focus
  • aligned with your own activities
  • and full-time!