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Youth Leadership, (training) young people as change agents in their communities

has been part of civic education in North America for forty years. In today’s context of global, project-oriented learning, social media and emerging crisis, it has taken on sensational dimensions.

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In recent years, youth leaders are popping up everywhere, without training, changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture at already 12,000 schools, moving millions, their events score 6 hours live on main television, and everybody loves it. Wherever people hear and see their stories, they are inspired with hope, can-do feeling and a sense of action. Across age groups, professions and cultures, people agree “This should be at all schools”.

That’s what we are up to, we involve everyone to make it happen – and that’s so new and awesome that this ABOUT PAGE is just a little bigger.

Our Team

of genius core members, volunteers, friends, heroInes and allies bravely faces the grand challenge of our time, passionately commits their most precious – lifetime – and thoroughly enjoys the epic experience!

Our Community

unites humanity’s finest teen and adult changemakers and ordinary citizens for spreading youth leadership, scaling and replicating people-powered solutions for creating peace and abundance for all.

Our Mission

is to empower our global young generation with humanity’s leading solution knowledge, tools and support to be the Change Generation – co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization – by making it present in one million classrooms, then one million schools, as well as homes, workplaces, public and media.

Our Approach

We harness the powers of heroIne role models, proven solutions, positive news, cross-platform media, story, gaming, distributed planetary volunteer collaboration, win-win-wins for teachers, journalists, NGOs, citizens and youth … our focus space is schools – youth’ daily hangout and ten+ year co-working environment.

Our Users

use our media, methods and services in their communities – as youth, parents, teachers, professionals, public servants and civil society – with benefits for their personal, idealist and professional paths.

Our Partners

are organizations, media, enterprises and institutions that understand that spreading youth leadership boosts their focus aims in new, robust, innovative ways.

We put all our efforts into spreading youth leadership to every part of the planet

As changemakers, we know that changemakers need a constant flow of inspiration, ace free tools, positive media presence, exchange with top star role models, local and global supportive community, volunteers, investors, feedback mechanisms, concrete benefits,  – with FUN, pure passion and a sense of adventure.

Our Community generates it with 100% Quality!





Our Community Ecosystem
& Program Architecture

To nurture youth leadership globally,
we create the finest media, tools, tricks & live services
on youth leadership in various forms and languages



and involve everybody

in seeding them to





with methods, tricks and live services









enabling a year-round stream of action


Our Adult Volunteers are ordinary caring citizens from college students to home staying mums and high paying professionals. What unites them is their passion for positive change, and with YL they find a unique trove of opportunity to live them, with agency, liberties, satisfaction, responsibility, friends and rich experience:

Our digital and print media, packages for presentations, exhibits and workshops give volunteers a wide scope of options for informal and formal online and onsite activities – on youth leadership and their favorite causes – easily reaching hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands via local news media. Those presenting at schools have opportunity for exciting engagement in their community, supporting inspired teams, mentoring, networking with local partners – a very enriching experience for citizens wishing to make positive changes for youth, society, and build positive, like-hearted community in their region.

Personal initiative is a signature quality of our volunteer engagement creating a grand win-win-win: Volunteers unfold their passion, skill and path, reaching thousands in their communities, we have able, dynamic members, and the planet is blessed with some awesome new changemakers.

Further, the year-round stream of solution stories, news, activities and skype sessions provides learning on-the-go, enriching daily life, the workplace, seeding our media to cafes, canteens, waiting rooms and newsletters, inspiring employees and members, organizing exhibits, fundraisers, Philanthro-Parties, adopting local schools, rewarding and mentoring inspired youth teams.

Our volunteer team members benefit personally, also for their families and work, others for their academic and professional careers, some even for making a living.

Our Adult Users

also act & partner as








Inspired Youth

are at the heart of our program

operating as teams, student / after school clubs, and YL Warrior Clans

  • they have better global awareness, communication skills, creative dynamics and passion than most adults
  • they like fun, a sense of adventure and doing good
  • young people today have superpowers that are behind their wild success; we unveil them to participants in our programs
  • they have pure spirit
  • at school they have daily macro community of hundreds, free infrastructure and support
  • good access to media and funding, win-win benefits
  • we can reach them all at their daily hangout, schools, for 10+ years
  • they have TIME; 4 to 8 hours a day, and 20 on week-ends, like gamers and passionate athletes
  • this is how impact unfolds

It is not enough that we have a few empathic youth, sitting or acting in isolation and being shamed as eco sluts at school. It is in acceptable that our young social entrepreneurs and cultural creatives naturally inclined to commit their lives to healing people and planet are told to care but to sit still until later, only to be told the same by academia and employers. It is inacceptable that they and our society lose out on the vast impact that they can evoke as teenage changemakers, like their globally acclaimed peers. All is good now – we can change it.

Schools are ready, the purpose of schooling, curricula, good learning culture, impact studies, teachers, parents and students all favor student-powered project-oriented learning on global issues – for personal development, life skills, healthy community and more

  • we can reach them all at their daily hangout, schools, for 10+ years
  • at school they have daily macro community of hundreds, free infrastructure and support
  • enabling a multi-faceted, self-guided, nurtured, transformational learning process
  • powered by students, without stress on teaching time, teacher training or finance
  • growing into role models, mentors and assistant teachers
  • equipped with high quality media, presentations, activities and projects
  • benefitting learning culture
  • teachers’ integration of stories and videos as add-ons bring global issues to life and makes changemaking “normal” for all students
  • shaping worldview, as well respect and support for changemakers
  • this is how impact unfolds

Our Core Users

are youth who make changemaking their “sport”

… with as much passion, determination, commitment and time as today’s teen heroInes. Such youth exist at every school. They take weekly and monthly actions on groundbreaking solutions for peace, sustainability and abundance, in partnership with world leading teen and adult changemakers, aligned with UNITED NATIONS Days for greater impact.

Their club stands at school function as Headquarters, student-powered Hubs, incubators and ISLEs (Informal Sustainability Learning Environments) serving the entire school community


Our tools and actions are open to all people taking The Pledge for People and Planet, and act on their favorite causes, as YL Team, group of friends, student club or other – as fits their lifestyle.

Then there are those with a priority vision for positive change, tuned to act full-time, like a sports team: following a meaningful guiding set actions, training and performing at their growth edges for maximum impact for world change. This commitment naturally bears higher outcomes for themselves, people and planet.

“Players” of the Change Generation Rising adventure game / leadership program

  • take 3 missions per month: a fundraiser, a project, a lifestyle challege or social experiment
  • aligned with UN Days, in “live” interaction with our global changemaker community
  • vividly documenting their activities for sharing on our, social and news media
  • gaining credits, badges and honors for impact and headlines made
  • 3 missions complete 1 Level
  • in one year, a Warrior can ascend 10 Levels
  • from age 8-18, they can ascend 100 Levels

Equipped with our media, methods and “live” services

  • the easily inspire and involve audiences at school and in civil society
  • generate demand as speakers
  • their actions make impact
  • build community
  • make headlines
  • lead student clubs
  • evolve into assistant teachers
  • co-organize workshops and summer camps


  • their personal path with fun, true friends, creative action, epic moments and lifetime memories
  • their idealist path with living their truth, their passion, their love, experiencing their power and impact
  • their professional path with skills, eye-level encounters with top stakeholders and decision-makers

Their actions are documented

  • in their vivid visual social media stream
  • incl news media presence
  • in their Warrior Chronicles
  • with official Open Badges on the Mozilla Foundation platform
  • detailing their actions on topics, causes, achievements

This “Leadership Brand”

  • will grow in reach and value
  • as members and impacts grow
  • since organizations, foundations, entrepreneurs and the people will know
  • from media coverage and collaboration

Can you imagine meeting a YL Warrior Level 10, 20, 60?

  • with 30, 60, 180 completed actions
  • the impact on lives, laws, industries and ecosystems
  • the interaction with heroInes, teachers, mayors, journalists
  • their inner abundance, incorporating our finest virtues
  • the ex-pe-ri-en-ce, skills and re-la-tions
  • by the age of 18

Those youth don’t need to worry about “getting a jooob”. They will shape their own path of making a living, fully aligned with their values, the virtues, evoking good for people and planet – as they have done throughout their youth.

Too bad for you, if you are an adult already, but if you join us as YL Messenger for UPLIFTING THE CHANGE GENERATION, you will comprehend that the time space continuum has chosen you for a reason, and the experience is no less magnificent.

A Bright New World is Happening. Join Today!



Take 3 Monthly Missions
Gain levels, credits and badges for impact and headlines made

is organized in Seasons

loosely aligned with school years of Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

It’s for everybody and free.

We seek

the great young changemakers of today + tomorrow

Our offer aligns with your interests

  • basic and master skills development
  • brilliant, proven solutions for favorite causes
  • smart tools and tricks
  • flanking measures for building funds, public, community
  • global changemaker community
  • positive news media culture
  • badges and vivid visual documentation

We do this global.

It’s mighty awesome.

Between Seasons we offer

Accelerator Camps
Summer Camps

for teenage changemakers and adult allies

Young heroInes inspire us, our kids, out students, give us hope for the future.

Have you ever thought about them?

We do. Invest in young people you love!

The YL Boost Club

supports young heroInes for achieving their dreams for people and planet

From $1 per month (a ball of ice cream), it offers the unique, world-premiere experience of face2face interaction, seeing success unfold and personal in-kind support via your family and business relations – such as free canoeing tours, organic food baskets, hotel stays, workshop venues, airmiles … it’s going to make everybody’s day!

the most exciting impact investment community on the web

Our Partners

Benefit from interaction with the finest teen and adult changemakers on the planet, with proven solutions for healing our communities, transforming society and shape history.

and many more