Until today, it was unimaginable for youth to stand up and improve society to more peaceful, joyful, abundant living.

This has now officially changed. Easily accessible and free, YOUTH-LEADER offers the full scope of knowledge, tools, methods and support for young people age 8-18 at school and beyond to start, evolve, maintain and scale a year-round stream of youth-led changemaking activities changing lives, laws and industries at record pace and scale, like their famous “teenage heroIne” peers – and co-create a new, sane and sustainable civilization of peace, joy and abundance for all, in their lifetime; perfectly congruent with the purpose of schooling and 21st Century learning culture.

Now, it is only about their spirit – whether youth want that. And whether grown-ups want them to know.


YOUTH-LEADER is an intergenerational youth activism organization that shares simple, realistic tools for children and teens AND their adult allies to become effective agents of change in their communities.

* Realistic to us includes crazy, “impossible” stuff too. Because if teens have already done this at grand scale, it means that teens everywhere can. You’ll see, and you’ll love it.

YL is for everybody, but we do have a special focus on school, the daily hangout of our entire global generation, and home of fabulous allies : caring teachers; think of High Impact Student Clubs rocking change for ten plus years. Uhah!

We also unleash the superpowers of adults, as parents, teachers, YL Volunteers and at the workplace, big time. All this, wait for it … in “live” collaboration with 100+ awesome changemakers all over the planet. Pure epicness. Plus, it’s a game, with 400+ actions, 100 levels, badges… Hoot! Hoot! Pulse should be rising.

While we are the future, we have to start acting now, rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Madi Stein, LemonAID Warriors

Read more from Madi, age 10

„If my generation is to face the great challenges we are about to inherit, service needs to be a bigger part of our education.

It’s a challenge to get schools and larger institutions to step it up and make service and volunteerism a bigger priority.

I wish there were more opportunities to support the next generation of compassionate leaders.

As a youth-run organization, our ambitions are not always taken seriously. Our actions are often dismissed as symbolic gestures.

But children and young people are capable of accomplishing enormous tangible good! We can have a profound impact on our local, national and global communities.

LemonAID Warriors works to give young people tools and support to carry out these aspirations.

But ideally, our schools and our entire society would also be on board.“

See, that is why we promote their story, tools and services to YOU, and involve YOU to boost their work, too. 

LemonAID Warriors are one of many awesome partners in our global tribe.

You’ll be floored when you discover all the others. It’s so exciting!

Banish the terms hopeless and impossible from your vocabulary. We can change the world. Our clubs at thousands of school are proving it every day.

Craig Kielburger, WE

Think of a

_ global open-source collaborative platform for self-powered youth leadership in your schools and city. For youth, citizens, parents, teachers, journalists, organizations, entrepreneurs. A community uniting newbies and heroInes.

_ “high impact only” quality benchmark; proven, replicable youth- and people-powered solutions, including those of humanity’s finest visionary changemakers, today’s Gandhis and Einsteins.

_ crew at every school, generating constant media coverage, inspiring and involving millions. Easy. Kids are doing it

DESIGNED FOR our already buzy lives, our action guides enable instant, exciting, remarkable results using simple steps taking only minutes – up to full-time, if you like! – backed by a wide range of tools, tricks, support and partners and the most rewarding experiences!

Everybody involved is certain to experience exciting revelations and interactions, lifelong memories, new friends, and unique opportunity to add new purpose to their daily life at school and work. Yes! You’ll likely never stop.

Oh, and we want this at one million schools. To reshape the course of humanity to a world of peace, bliss and awesome for all. After all, we have a planet to save, life is short, and growing up doesn’t mean to be boring.

Do you like that groove? Read on.

Wait! The music.


TEEN HERO/INES TODAY change lives, laws, industries and learning culture at record scale and speed. They achieve where adults have failed for decades.

We want every kid at every school on the planet to grow up with “Youth Leadership” for their ten plus years at school, because then, the future of our people and planet will be fine.

To achieve this goal, we offer media, methods and services that enable every caring youth, citizen, teacher, parent, professional and you to make it happen in their spheres of influence – at home, at school, a work, in public – and have the time of their lives. That’s right.

This is a spectacular novelty in human history, and it comes at the perfect time to save the day for humanity.

The keyword is Youth Leadership – (training) young people as agents of change in their communities.

Parents, schools, media embrace it. Another world premiere. Join in!

We are convinced that girls youth aren’t going into tech taking action on their favorite causes because it’s generally not on their radar, they don’t see other girls going into tech youth evoking grand changes, and there’s no girl Youth Leadership culture to support it.

However… from thousands of people involved in our programs in 70 countries, wildly successful changemakers, and legends like Craig Kielburger with action teams in 12,000 schools, from millions inspired on tv and social media …

The Solutions Exist. Even the support networks are in place. What’s needed now is the demand.

The problems is that people don’t know. even governments don’t. 

Ashoka CEO @ Reworktheworld Taellberg Forum 2010

[rad-hl] … we know, that [/rad-hl]

when youth (and adults) see

1. teen and twen heroInes in action
2. in vivid, authentic media


they’re like

“I never knew young people could do this.”

“The most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen.” 

“It makes me feel I want to jump up and do something, too.” 

This should be at all schools.

RIGHT ON! We’re here to make it happen.

Role Models shape 80% of human behavior. They also function via media. Role models also are our strongest asset in Transformational Learning processes; like parenthood, job change, upgrading to HERO/INE

Adults agree
The UN, UNESCO agree
LOL. It's the purpose of schooling

We create the “missing link” between today’s Gandhis and Einsteins, the young generation at & beyond school, and their adult allies


_ telling the story of The Rise Of The Change Generation

_ in vivid, memorable form, as it happens, in real-time

_ across digital platforms, incl vlog, youtube show etc.

_ producing print media from coloring books to games

_ pop-up exhibits, presentation and workshop packs

_ across digital platforms, incl vlog, youtube show etc.

_ inspiring family activities AT HOME

_ adding purpose and activities AT WORK 

_ bringing global issues to life AT SCHOOL

_ enabling year-round action

_as friends crew, club, warrior clan, unit, chapter… you choose!

acting in collaboration

_ with wildly successful teen and twen heroInes

_ with world experts, famous changemakers and living legends

+ boosting their initiatives + taking them global + adapting them locally + meeting live + beautiful surprises spinning off all this


_ loads of hero role models, solutions, media, music … 

_ plenty of opportunity for instant action

_ participation, contribution and support

_ speakers for events and “Live Meets” with changemakers 

_ facilitation of High Impact Student Clubs

_ student-powered Informal Sustainability Learning Environments ISLEs

_ global community of action uniting newbies and heroInes

_ tips, tricks, tools for greater reach and impact (with priority focus on positive news and community-building)

_ a year-round stream of multi-faceted action

_ aligned with UNITED NATIONS Days

_ exciting, rewarding experiences

_ rich benefits for one’s personal, idealist and professional paths

_ valuable badges etc for a splendid, visually documented CV

_ with fun, and a sense of adventure

_ epic summer camps, volunteer trips, you name it


_ from all walks of life

_ individuals, organizations, journalists, city councils, business 

_ to spread the message, boost heroInes, team up & support on demand

_ contributing their time, skills, resources, money (with an impact), in-kind support, from printing to campaigns, organic yums and holiday treats

_ tuned to their lifestyle

_ with many fresh win-win benefits

Your kind of thinking is very rare.

Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer

YOUTH-LEADER is a blessing for parents and children.

Robin Grille, author of Parenting for a Peaceful World

A must for every kid on the planet today.

Kjell Kuehne, LINGO, Plant-For-The-Planet

[rad-hl] … so that youth grow up implementing humanity’s finest solutions in real-time collaboration with today’s Gandhis and Einsteins, many of them in their teens. [/rad-hl]


By the time that they leave school, students will form A GENERATION of able, active, caring citizens – like their HERO PEERS – ready to evolve as co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization. 

THAT’S A MIGHTY GOOD PROSPECT. How could we settle for less?


to make it happen, and call on you to get involved! 

Speedrun [gaming] : achieving a game’s goal in the shortest possible time, without distraction or delay.

The epitome of youth leadership.

Ken Jones, A-Team for Wildlife

We need YOUTH-LEADER at all of Canada’s schools.

Emma Mogus, Books With No Bounds


Hum – we’re losing 150 species every day. The future of all species and generations to come depends on the people alive right now. And there’s already way too many boring people saying it’s all good, leave it to the adults, to politicians (yea, right) or to stop dreaming, you cannot change things anyway, it’s the end of life on Earth.

We don’t buy any of that BS. We care, our friends care, we know you care. We wanna give back to our teenage hero friends, make their day, their dreams come true. We love living hero style. And the animals call us for help. That’s a whole lot of reasons. To great souls, there is only one choice. Precisely one.

We are Planetary Guardians, and operating in secret we have dreamed up everything in place to TAKE BACK THE PLANET. Them haters, cowards, Deatheaters didn’t even see it coming. This is HP and LOTR for real, in badass resolution. You will eventually die, so you might as well make the best of your time being fully alive. Scared or sacred, louche or hero? Ha! Warriors, Wonders and Weirdos, grab your weapons, learn to wield your magic and #BeMoreAwesome #TryThisAtHome This is our planet, our time, and we have not come here to fail. #AugmentYourReality, unfold your HeroIne and be the one you’ve always hoped for. We are with you.

Thousands are playing. #AlwaysWinning Are you joining?