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Why it's important

Youth Leadership is entirely absent in most parts of the world, or limited to individual youth or small teams. People admire these young hero*ines, gain hope for humanity, and still – schools and civil society practically entirely ignore them, do not nurture the same spirit and skills in their students and members, citizens do not support hero*ines and youth do not follow their example. Big media and event podiums only present advocates, 1970s protest, waiting for government to pay adults to fix things … but no youth whose initiatives show others how to change lives and land at record pace and scale. 

In short, people do not understand

  • the Spirit of this “sport”; they stay lukewarm 
  • how to set proper, high goals
  • what inspires youth to take action
  • what youth need to work at high pace
  • how to establish youth leadership at school
  • how to support as adults

hence all youth and adults caring to empower youth to make relevant changes for people and planet first of all have to DISCOVER high impact youth leadership and plenty of YL tools, tricks, partners and support platforms that help you make it part of your life and activate your city, without big effort and even enriching one’s personal and professional life – since only this combination allows people to take action for more than 1 minute a month.

Crash Course

Discover Youth Leadership, YL, become certified YL Coach

YL 101 + YL Programs

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Learn on-the-go.

Why it's important

Our lives are buzy, there is plenty to discover, plenty of unexpected opportunities to take swift actions with remarkable impact.

Also, we all need constant upliftment to stay positive, and to learn of the many new tricks, solutions and networks that help us make that big upgrade from minions of monarchy, morons of fascism / communism, from incompetent, impotent voters to Able Active Caring Citizens that co-create the next level GOOD collaborative society.

YL newsletters, social media, community platforms and action programs (BeMoreAwesome, Boost Club, TribalTravel) connect with today’s Einsteins, Gandhis, Gryffindores and fellow newbies, learners and practitioners to live this wonderful process with easy, joy and success #alwayswinning

YL social media

Stay uplifted, learn, contribute, share

YL newsletters

Bundled highlights, freebies, news

YL Magazine

Solution stories, inter-views, hero*ines and YL teams’ unfolding adventures

YL Youtube Show

Conversations with changemakers

Use Help.

Why it's important

We have a planet to save, no time to waste and it’s more FUN to proceed quickly.

  • If you lack confidence, expertise or time to activate local youth, teachers, colleagues and citizenry, call in a YL Master Coach to guide Crash Courses, give trainings and accompany projects and campaigns
  • There are more potentials and partners in the YL Tribe than you expect
  • Collaboration with trusted experts in changemaking, ESD Education for Sustainable Development and SDGs Sustainable Development Goals helps you connect with local allies

so do your homework (learn the basics), but don’t hesitate to get in touch.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Online and onsite, short- and long-term.

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Learn Practical Things

that make life awesome + upgrade your YL Coach skills

Why it's important

You learn that you can acquire relevant life and professional skills without paying anyone and you can pass them on to others

  • a rare experience for many youth
  • a good appetizer to then discover youth leadership

It’s great activities

  • to live at home, with family
  • for YL Coaches to connect with elementary schools and families
  • for Philanthro-Parties, FUNdraisers

especially in times of pandemics!

Corona Academy

Home and Family activities … food, nature, media … 


Why it's important

People know of “classic causes” like poverty, environment, peace … but

  • they are only a small part of what needs doing
  • causes alone do not inspire people
  • what’s needed is model solutions
  • what’s needed are superb partners that lead high impact initiatives

Here are magic wands and mages to work with that you know from YL social / media, bundled up in one place.

Change Generation Music

learn, perform, compose, boost hero*ine spirit


Ace quality clips on solutions, hero*ines, global issues


Learn from today’s Einsteins, develop new civilization thinking


Learn of avantgarde organizations that you can team up with

Build YL Academy with us!

Tell us of excellent resources.

Take the basics home, so you don’t miss out on your opportunities because they are out of sight out of mind.