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You never change things by criticizing existing reality.
To change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
Bucky Fuller

Making youth leadership easy, fun and omni-present requires a bundle of programs.  They connect, add-on to, amplify another.

Start with what speaks to you. Know what else exists, so that you can grow and tell others of their opportunities to realize their good dreams for people and planet with YL.

YL YOUTH age 8-18

Can we help youth grow up taking action like and with today’s hero*ines and geniuses?

Make changemaking your SPORT with 400+ missions, badges, levels … with today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores, equipped + backed by the global tribe


How can busy adults help hero*ines and local youth?

Cowdfund hero*ines, help in-kind, team up, visit, see success unfold, video-meet, enjoy community, enrich life at work + inspire local youth with media packs, as YL Coach

Self- / Trainings

Can I learn more on Youth Leadership essentials + get started + activate others?

Discover Youth Leadership and YL in multi-media splendour, online or local. Get a YL Coach certificate. Optional: focus training for educators etc., we accompany your projects

YL Coach Certificate

Practical DIY Activities

Do you have Home + Family activities for times of PANDEMIC + to teach children?

Online, Home & Family Activities that make life more awesome, sourced from magical coaches and hero*ines. Gain badges + YL Creative Youth Coach Certificate.

YL Creative Youth Coach Certificate

To stay inspired + to inspire

Learn, contribute, co-create

Positive News

Can we have a constant stream of inspirational stories, interviews … ?

Enjoy hero*ine stories, solutions, music, action calls, tools, freebies + contribute stories on your actions + co-create local YL Editions as school project, youth crew …

Interactive Media

Can we maintain vivid communication with hero*ines + youth teams + adult allies?

Get personal insights, wisdom, fun anecdotes, contribute, share, spread, add your action updates + get on our shows

Poster Exhibits

Can we make positive change present in public, long-term?

Set up Hero*ine exhibits at schools, libraries, cafes, fests, in public, malls. Add kid explorer guide, FUNdraiser tables, Philanthro-Parties, action calls, YL Coach as guide … 


We need places for youth to meet, learn solutions, realize projects, activate citizens 

Set up places with flair of hero*ism, beauty + materials to self-organize actions + YL Coach + program + connect with schools, allies, magical coaches

National Youth Leadership Learning Centre Certificate

For Immediate Actions

Start with Flying Banners

How can we help newbies start with fun and rapid impact?

Take a sequence of simple swift steps to learn, find vision, get active, make impact, grow team, presence, supportive commu-nity, allies + wield exciting YL Programs

Activate School

How can we make Creating a Good World for All part of life at school?

Teachers, students, parents love it. Use stories in class, guide Crash Course, form Changemaker Student Club, do projects, meet Speakers, start Project Partnerships 

Activate Groups

How can we best inspire + involve newbies, school students, train teachers & citizens?

Immerse a group in the exciting experience you’ve had with your personal crash course. Phase 1 + 2 suffice. Add immediate action. Fired up folks can self-organize more.

Activate Your City

How can we spark youth leadership in town, and youth teams that interact

Call a YL Master Coach to guide Crash Cour-ses at XY schools, form clubs, add action, media articles, unite clubs, allies + involve them in crash courses at YZ schools

Live the SDGs - IN ACTION!

Do you have something awesome for SDGs? Just talking is way too boring …

Take 1 action with tangible impact on each of the 17 SDGs based on hero*ines’ model solutions. Pick from 200 actions + a few more to earn Bronze, Silver, Gold Trophies


SDG Class Challenge


SDG School Challenge


SDG Company Challenge


SDG Celebrity Challenge

Bronze, Silver, Gold Trophies

For Interaction with Changemakers

Meet Hero*ines

Can we meet hero*ines live? That would be so awesome!

Meet teen and adult changemakers. For an optimal experience prepare with story, optional action > meet at eye level, Q&A, celebrate achievements, plan what’s next 

Learn Practical Skills

Learn from world experts how to make life and the world more awesome

Meet world experts + find local magical coaches that love kids and help teens create the good world and lives they love + team up + add them to the YL LearnPlanet Map

Project Partnership I

Can we team up with hero*ines for longer projects? As a school, crew or company?

Help take high impact initiatives to next level. Reach milestones, video-meet, add own ideas, pay visits, document, grow the movement = shape the future of regions

Project Partnership II

Can we help boost youth leadership in crisis regions + work with their youth teams?

Help caring people + YL Coaches inspire local youth, set up LearnSpaces, activate schools + meet fired up youth to make friends, take action together

West-East Cooperation

We have poverty and crime in Eastern Europe. Can we do cool stuff about it?

In the spirit of pre-1990s school partner-ships for peace > for projects to protect natural and cultural heritage, youth-led social business, eco-cultural tourism …

Youth Exchange

Can we add purpose to youth exchanges? Can we do exchanges with YL Youth Teams?

Do 1- or 2-way global exchange visits as school / NGO / YL team with hero*ines’ / community organizers’ youth crews or YL teams > for action (=SDG-related funding)

Visit Hero*ines

Can we even go visit? As a school, as family, as volunteer?

Visit favorite hero*ines alone, as family, volunteer or coach = live dreams, make a positive contribution by your presence, meet locals, take part + optional : bring books or otheroptional : vividly document, share online, back home to grow the movement

YL Summer Camp

Can we meet fellow warrior crews? How do we spend summer break? 

Meet awesome YL youth from other cities, countries in majestic nature for an epic time to discover, learn skills, bond, bring your causes, team up, plan campaigns, realize them together once back home + optional: stay for holiday in the region + parents + optional : co-host YL Camps

Meet like-hearted folks

There’s such awesome people in YL. Can we help them find each other + collaborate?

We all start small, bigger projects are accompanied by YL Coaches. As our experience grows, we freestyle and can self-organize projects, exchanges etc with other Tribe members … teams, boost club units, community organizers, teachers, hero*ines, Coaches, LearnSpaces, TribalTravel destinations … found via YL Office, on social media, patreon and the YL LearnPlanet Map.

Our Online Space to Meet + Boost

Can we interact as a community on a peaceful, useful platform? facebook is NOT it.

Like we all bring cookies to face2face meetings, we all chip in for the mothership. patreon offers safe, secure, stable tech, newsletters, event calls, live videos, file archives, forums for pleasant interaction

Tiers give access by level of interest

  • $3€ as fan for upliftment, e.g. magazine
  • $7€+ to get involved, boost hero*ines,see success unfold + more
  • $10€ to play the sport as YL Coach, with Project Partners, as teacher etc.

Youth get their #BeMoreAwesome platform

For Change Generation Culture

What about music?

Discover, listen, learn, per-form, translate, compose, share with us.

A gem for music class, changemakers, events, for YL magazine, social media, teaching tools … and a fest for our global Tribe!

How can we help as artists? What can we do in arts class?

Create art that inspires, that conveys changemaker spirit – small and in public, as murals, for YL shirts, magazine, posters, postcards and more

Stage and street theatre plays reach many. Can we use them?

Play our hero*ines’ stories, Pacha’s Pajamas chapters and more … a cracker for schools, fests, conferences, walk-acts + for YL social media, teaching tools …

Status + Recognition

Can we get trained and certified to better connect with teachers and local partners? 

We certify YL Coaches, Creative Youth Coaches, LearnSpaces to set quality benchmarks for YL Tribe and youth leadership, with UNESCO, UNU status + to boost recognition by youth, teachers, partners, schools etc.

Can we find partners, get found and add local allies?

We add YL Coaches, Project Partners, Magical Coaches, Creative Youth Coaches,  LearnSpaces, YL Teams, TribalTravel Destinations to the map – as reference, to find and get found, by each other, by schools and partners

Can youth score badges to add a sense of challenge, use at school and boost CVs?

In #BeMoreAwesome, our program for youth age 8-18, warriors score Badges for completed missions – for goals, sense of epic, use at school, CVs, to open their doors in society

If you would like to see these important ventures thrive

and become “normal” in every school and town,

so that the kids have a GOOD future, 

we need your help.

Pick your favorites from plenty of choices