boost club

coach training

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activate your city


magical coaches

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project-oriented youth exchanges

inter-european cooperation

foci natural and cultural heritage, social entrepreneurship, small business rural; lead programs youth-created tourism trails (CULTURE), end mafia, GOC (PEACE), wildlife corridors (ENVIRONMENT)

for each create an introduction : what’s the story?

  • wildlife etc, species loss despite big promises
  • natural heritage; illegal and state mafia
  • cultural heritage; strong and our rocky mountans and serengeti and amazon
  • crime :  (for inspiration, a focus on west east focus, because of big need, you may have further needs and ideas, go for it) eastern europe organized crime, mafia, captured state, citizens look towards europe (not the usa, china or saud arabia, for god’s sake), this means western europe with its stronger evolved civil sciety, state of law institutions, level of education and awareness, well equipped schools and citizens and cities affluent enough to organize youth exchanges – this means to the western european honorable people HELP OUR FELLOW EASTERN EUROPEAN HONORABLE PEOPLE because they are under siege … this is also true for our Southern Italian people who are under siege of 3 terror organizations called mafia) and it is on all of us to end their existence and restore peace and prosperity in southern italy. let’s go! and thereby end the growing influence of terroziing criminal networks truly evil people who have dissolved their contract with the population, anti constitutional that work with the sadistic psychopath crminals of central and south america, morocco and lebanon, and steal 35 billion euro annually from agricultural program and dump extreme waste into the ocean. southern italy a bridgehead for criminals. another one are the netherlands. another one the london city. another one cyprus, and malta. finish these off.