Yay, we’ve been looking forward to the day that YOU join us – because you can evoke tremendous changes. The best part is – you are not aware of what easy, fun and powerful action opportunities we have prepared for you, surprise gifts, adventure and magical moments  included!
You can tune YL to your lifestyle – become a Friend, use once, occasionally or making changemaking your full-time sport; of course, you can change your involvement any time.
Here’s a general overview of How To Get Involved. Every bit matters!
1. Inspire. Tell the World
Casual (minutes)

  • Share online
  • Cross-post on green & youth blogs
  • Distribute flyers

Connect via FacebookTwitter and Newsletter and start spreading the movement today. Find out more about your opportunities with YL on The Discovery Tour!

Advanced (hours)

  • Give Presentations
  • Organize Exhibits
  • Media Sets to Libraries and Schools
  • Set up Stands at Events

Join as a YL Messenger, explore your tools and get started!

2. Take Action
Casual (hours)

  • Join Online Campaigns
  • Contribute to the YL Flow Fund
  • Organize a Fundraiser
  • Organize a Philanthro-Party
  • Organize a Book Drive
  • Organize a Skype / Webcast Session
Advanced (days)

  • Organize Exhibits with Actions at school, workplaces, public libraries, events and in public space
  • Support, Scale, Replicate Hero/ines’ Model Solutions
  • Spread Major Campaigns around you
  • Support a Field Partner

Youth, Student Clubs and Caring Citizens, form a YL Team, officially join the Tribe!

3. Create Omni-Presence
Casual (occasional / ongoing)

  • Use YL Media in Units in various Subjects
  • Found a Student Club
  • Manage a Hero/ine of the Month Exhibit in Class
  • Set up a permanent Team HQ at school (table + exhibit)
  • Organize bake sales, fundraisers, lifestyle challenges etc on a regular basis
  • Organize Skype and Webcast Sessions
  • Establish a Field Partnership

Join the Teachers Team.

Advanced (full-time)

  • Found a YL Warrior Clan
  • Organize Year-Round Action for 3 UN Days of the Month
  • Maintain a Vibrant Facebook Page
  • Tell your Stories in Local Media
  • Inspire Youth at other Schools
  • Mobilize Local Donors, Funders, Sponsors
  • Visit a Field Partner
  • Establish the YL Curriculum across all Subjects
Take the test month Warrior Challenge!
Let’s add a bit more feeling to it. Here are typical roles and settings. 
Follow the links to your favorite roles for more information.
Citizen Volunteers distribute flyers and media packs to teachers and public libraries, connect with local partners, found Local Chapters, support YL Youth Teams and also organize their favorite activities. Online Volunteers translate, write, manage social media and promote YL in their spheres of influence.
as Add-On’s to units and subjects across the curriculum, involve student clubs, establish international project partnerships and use our Methods and philosophy to evolve school and learning culture.
to inspire peers and parents, establish youth leadership at school, to amplify presence and impact, for learning, training and organizing a year-round stream of action for their favorite causes – at home and abroad.
making changemaking their sport and lifestyle with 3 missions per month
We all have to act together in this critical time on Earth. You can be vital part of this game changing movement. See how you can get involved.


follows our adventures online,  shares our stories, media, offers and organizes activities in their community : fundraisers, presentations and campaigns… in support of our hero/ines, local and global causes. View more and connect


inspire their kids, support inspired youth and spread our offers to schools, their workplace and community. View more and get involved


use our media and live services as add-ons to bring units on global issues to life and inspire student-led activities. They also support and mentor student clubs. View more and get started


contribute their music, artwork and comic strips on Hero/ines to our cause, publications, events, media features and inspire their followers.


produce our online and print media, research, edit and, write, promote our campaigns, shape partnerships with other media and more. View more and join us


develop, design and promote our Online Magazine; a very exciting project on the tidal wave of new positive change media culture (solutions, changemaker interviews, vision etc.), and on top with a PDF version destined to be printed and displayed as Wall Displays in schools and public space. Global and Localized Editions! View more and join us


join our endeavour as partners and Speakers, join us at events, share our teaching tools, media and message to their followers – to inspire, involve and equip them for action on their and other worthy causes. View more and connect


use our media, methods and live services to inspire, equip and empower their youth chapters, connect with schools, media and amplify their own initiatives. View more and connect


contribute world class knowledge to our media, join Skype Sessions, involve us in events and campaigns, and share our offers with their network. View more about our partnerships


share their love for us with their followers, meet YL Hero/ines and Ambassadors, join us for YL events and their favorite campaigns.


include our speakers, exhibits, music and activities in support of our mission and Hero/ines.


run interviews with our Hero/ines and Ambassadors, produce features and involve their audience in actions. View more and connect


publish our stories, run weekly columns aligned with UN Days, run national nomination calls for youth leaders to be featured in YL and involve their audiences in actions. View more and connect


film our Hero/ines, and produce quality photos, photo essays and promo clips. View more and connect


provide in-kind services, strategic collaboration, media / project / campaign partnerships and support our hero/ines. View more and connect


support our staff, media production, outreach, campaign, youth teams and hero/ines, in general or tailored to their focus themes and regions. View more and get involved


work with us on city wide campaigns for establishing youth leadership in schools, introduce innovative projects, mobilize the citizenry, involving local media and stakeholders. View what we do with organizations and media and teachers and businesses for your citizenry and connect
You, see there is a tremendous lot of action in YL! It is so inspirational! Our members love this feeling of being part of a truly clean and promising movement, of making a welcome contribution, inspiring people with new hope and opportunity – especially at schools – of making a really felt impact, and experiencing the momentum when a shared story sparks ideas in neighbours, friends and collagues.
Whatever you do – it matters! You can interact in seconds on social media, give presentations and inspire your peers, school and community; Keep in mind how Craig’s reading of the story of child rights activist Iqbal Masih sparked his school club initiative that today involves half a million activist kids in 10,000 schools. Your sharing of stories will do the same in various ways – we have seen it over the years!
It’s more than one would imagine.
We have truly set out to make YL a massive changemaking machine; equipping everybody with the tools and tipps used by humanity’s most successful kid, teen and adult changemakers, backed by a community of hundreds of superhero/ines!
Plus, you can get directly involved in the most amazing initiatives; by contributing targeted fundraisers to our hero/ines, by amplifying campaigns online and onsite, you can replicate their model solutions OR inspire youth groups to do so (how awesome will it be to see the fruits of simply sharing a story?!).
You can even meet and collaborate LIVE with the world’s most famous changemakers – it’s true – on a daily basis, and powerfully evolve your own changemaking skills. It happens naturally by simply inter/acting with our community. After all, you are part of the team, and that’s what teams and families of heart do, right?!
It’s new, unprecedented, therefore we want everyone to see it to believe, embrace and start using it!
Once in motion, it sets of cascading changes in your community, a full-spectrum positive change movement, replicating scores of fantastic model solutions in a million places, with pure youth in the driver’s seat, supported by caring adults!
When we talk “new civilization”, we really mean it. And that we can achieve it in our lifetime, even in ten, twenty, thirty years.
Take a quick look at authentic, visual impressions of playing YL to the fullest! Even if you only connect loosely with us on facebook, you’ll enjoy seeing what is happening in schools. It’s amazing! VIEW YL IN FULL-SPECTRUM APPLICATION