THE YL IMMERSION. A self-guided training tour.


WELCOME to the world of youth leadership, changemaking and youth-powered 21st Century sustainability learning culture at schools and beyond. Sit back, open up, and by the end of this session you will have refreshed your worldview, hold an abundance of solutions, tools and action opportunities in your hands, and have access to exciting “live” services of a thriving global community.


For youth, teachers and citizens keen on discovering the finest of youth-led changemaking, and the great offers of our huge community, this is a rich and exciting DISCOVERY TOUR.

For YL Warriors, Messengers, Ambassadors and Chapter Members, this is the fundamental TRAINING TOUR.



Others organize workshops taking 2 to 4 hours, costing money, space and a lot of time. We can hardly organize this yet all over the planet. This is why we bring it to you. So disconnect from the world, get your favourite drinks and snacks, sit back, turn up the volume for a special experience – lots of videos included.

We are mixing in feedback questions, to learn how to improve our work, show others what people think of our offers, and for reflection and memorization. Your feedback is of great value to us.

Part 1 of this tour is similar to the YL Starter Session designed for groups and classes. The tour experience shows you what  inspiration, aha-moments, can-do feeling, the burning questions and foolow-up action YOU can evoke in school classes.



“Yup. I am comfy, and got my fav drink. Ready to go tripping!”