HELP US EMPOWER OUR GLOBAL YOUNG GENERATION. There is nothing as important, powerful, hopeful and transformational for people and planet, for Momma Earth, Her Children and Our Common Future.

Thank you for considering to support our work!

Imagine for a moment …

  • YL Youth Teams in Every School on Earth, making an impact like our finest teen hero/ines. When that is fact, I know that the future will be fine; if not – well, then, not so much.
  • This entire global young generation to grow up with humanity’s finest, evolving the worldview and skillset of co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization.

It is already budding in 10,000 schools and we can amplify it a 100-fold. It’s simple, but we all have to do this together. We need YOUR HELP to HELP THEM.


  • these wonderful young people who are giving everything they are
  • their aspirations and vision for their entire generation
  • that youth leadership is florishing like sacred wildfire in thousands of schools
  • that teachers everywhere are thirsting for these media, tools and opportunities
  • that we can amplify and diversify it a hundred-fold
  • that humanity’s finest teen and adult changemakers are on fire and ready to help
  • that we can empower a generation to become awesome beyond our imagination
  • that we can create a just, peaceful, sustainable and thriving civilization IN OUR LIFETIME

… if we simply get the knowledge, spirit and support into every school on the planet. Also into public libraries and homes, through our books, music and games, onto mainstream media with film productions and articles… the tools are available and in high demand.

What kind of person would I be

  • if I did not dedicate my lifetime, resources, talents and vision to make it come true?

To do this, I need your help

  • to liberate my time; from hunting an income elsewhere
  • to liberate my wings; to move and give presentations, seminars and trainings
  • for a little pampering; to stay in good form

Heart to Heart Funding is an invitation to you to fund Eric from a place of care, trust and love – to support his quest to make youth leadership omni-present in every school on Earth, knowing that you can trust him to put these funds to best use.

is a way of funding A PERSON YOU TRUST, without formal strings attached.

  • pioneered by Earth Lawyer Polly Higgins, who is tirelessly working towards making Ecocide a Crime Against Peace at the United Nations’ International Criminal Court and on national levels – to cast a protective web of law around the Earth. Ecocide Law is one of our high priority campaigns and we encourage you to read this interview with Polly to learn more about it, and also support Polly and the campaign.

Heart to Heart Funding (adapted from The Earth Community Trust) is

  • an invitation to people who have a love for the Earth and have a heart-felt belief that youth leadership in every school helps enable our entire young generation to acquire the worldview, knowledge and skillsets to evolve into co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, sustainable and thriving, a sustainable civilization – and your funds shall help make it happen.
  • giving Eric the freedom to be and do. Eric is putting his unique skills to best use in very different ways and very different needs arise as a consequence. To fund him is to place your belief in his way of being and doing and to give support that enables him to move forward as he best sees fit.

Eric seeks to strongly give back through

  • documented progress of YOUTH-LEADER
  • special gifts to funders, like ‘behind the scenes’ news, skype meetings with hero/ines, personal meetings and inviting you to share your wishes for the Earth, potentially create projects from your ideas and nurture youth leadership in your home region or other priority regions
What is Eric doing? In his words: “Everything! I have

  • designed YL from scratch, through different phases as mobile classroom, multilingual online magazine; starting before wordpress, youtube and facebook
  • put together the entire concept (it’s actually part of an even greater vision, but that’s for later), re-defined and meshed youth leadership, “our new highly gifted”, 21st century learning culture, positive change media culture and more
  • united hundreds of the world’s finest youth leaders, changemakers, experts and networks under one banner
  • inspired thousands of online volunteers, drawing an incredible 10% of the total global stream on United Nations Online Volunteers to YL, winning two UNOV Awards
  • tested YL elements in different settings on seven continents, yes, also Antarctica!

I have been committed to YL for 15 years, with an average of 12 hours per day, with one day off; no kidding. It’s been okay, it has come with great passion, adventure and blessings.

  • Why did I have to do so many things by myself?

It’s been the captain’s things, the core of the engine room and the look-out. As YL has been ahead of its time, geez, it still is 15 years later, and meant to be replicable for free by ordinary people in every part of the world, it had to work without finance, it was not understood by conventional funders, nor did it fit into funding corsets (only one year, not started yet, no follow-up finance, once funded by one foundation others would be envious etc.), I could not expect people to carry such workload as volunteer and – I have had 30,000+ online volunteers involved, but since their experience, competence and availability are limited to “supportive roles” like writing, editing, coordination – I had to manage the core : concept, design, webdesign, networking; and I did so with making a living on a mix of workshops, small jobs and joining JK Rowlings on the welfare trail – her composing Harry Potter, me composing “Hogwarts school of magic” for real: YOUTH-LEADER!

  • Now that YL is manifesting in print and schools, with workshops, youtube channel and more
  • I am re-balancing my lifestyle to operate from a solid income, with full focus, high energy, and zero distraction
  • and building up a new, skilled of online and citizen volunteers
  • and planning for one or two multi-talented assistants on payrole

YL’s FINANCIAL ENGINE will soon kick off, with the many attractive products, services and a growing donor support base, but right now

  • I need your help to run at full pace
  • having my year ahead covered; my lifestyle in BERLIN is really low-cost!
  • with proper equipment; today’s standard
  • with some cash for essential investments like book prints, cardgame and poster prints…

Altogether, it’s no big deal, since YL is designed to be

  • extremely efficient
  • with hundreds of inspired online volunteers

If you like to help me Heart 2 Heart, financially, logistically, in-kind or other – hey, there are so many beautiful ways to help – I’ll be profoundly grateful from my Heart and will enjoy giving back in some special ways. We can also meet by mail, Skype or in person to discuss special plans. THANK YOU – FOR OUR GREAT COMMON DREAM, QUEST AND PURPOSE!


It does not take much to keep me free, functioning and mobile for my many tasks in the YL network. Berlin is affordable.

$ 1,000 p. month

  • rent $ 500 p. month
  • insurance $ 250 p. month
  • mobility $ 100 p. month
  • communication $ 50 p. month


  • running shoes $ 150
  • YL T-shirts $ 70
$ 500 p. month

  • food $ 400
  • Photo / Video Camera $ 300
  • Adobe Photoshop 7 image processing software, used or $200
  • Indesign CS6.0 layout software; used or $1,500


  • restaurant dinner for two $ 50
  • yoga, sauna $ 100 p. month
  • nature trip $ 100 p. month
  • European City trip with my son $ 300
$ 500 p. month

  • Inter/national Airmiles
  • Free Seats on your Airline, Train or Busline


  • Free stay in your lodge or apartment
  • Free holiday tour …
Your support is highly appreciated! I’ll dream up something sweet to return the gift. If you have other and special ideas for helping me on my quest, please feel free to contact me and discuss something on the phone, per video or face to face. THANK YOU!


  • Caroline
  • Ina
  • Nico
  • Nico
  • Sophie
  • Pascal
  • Beatrice
  • Tobias
  • Leo
  • Tobi
  • Ina
  • Gabi
  • Klaus
  • Dave
Can you help us with urgent needs for office & staff?
We seek to equip our outreach teams, messengers, ambassadors and partners with our most popular publications.
Will you chip in for your city or favorite region?

Choose your favorite form investment or tells us your own ideas

for making a change for our precious youth – around you or elsewhere.

Sustain our operations, development, training, presentations & more. Receive special gifts and invitations as a YL Guardian Angel
for Schools, Public Libraries and Youth Workers in your city and beyond
  • United Nations Day Webcasts with several young hero/ines, prep- & follow-up action package for a global school audience: $3,000/UN Day
  • YL contribution to precious events : $500 in Europe, $1000-2,000 abroad
  • YL Jams uniting young hero/ines for a week, $10,000-30,000 travel and accomodation
  • YL Week-End Camp for a city’s youth, with young hero/ines as trainers, $ 2,000-4,000
Support amazing young hero/ines with genius, scalable solutions for people and planet
We will direct the funds to young changemakers

  • in instant need of support
  • for special projects
… is a way of entrusting money to social innovators and visionaries with great experience and intimate knowledge of extraordinary changemakers

  • to place strategic grants that are heartfelt and effective
  • to give away to other changemakers and projects with high potential

The YL Flow Fund invests in young hero/ines and adult changemakers in our community. The investments are usually project- and action-specific, to take their initiatives forward. They can be

  • travel funds
  • campaign materials
  • media production
  • equipment
  • YL media sets
  • and other

The Flow Funding concept was pioneered by The Flow Fund Circle, and has since been taken up by philanthropists in various parts of the planet.

Our Field Partners lead very different projects.

  • Your donations make an instant difference!
  • Smaller donations than the specified amounts are of course no less helpful!
  • Donations beyond the specified numbers empower us to take on additional activities!
  • There are many additional ways to help; if you are deeply inspired to help your favorite hero/ine(s), talk to us!
usha Usha Vishwakarma, The Red Brigade Lucknow, India, leading the world’s best known and multi-disciplinary women self-defense group. Daily facing rape, torture and murder, resisting with physical resistence, dynamic campaigns and fierce love, they are changing public image, culture, laws and education, pursueing Mission One Million to train a million girls in self-defense against sexual assault. In the first year, they have trained 35,000 girls.

  • $ 1,000 for operations
  • $ 1,000 for YL media to be distributed at workshops at schools


  • $ 50,000 for building a SELF-DEFENSE ACADEMY as home, school, refuge and training space;
  • OUR AIM: Involving 100 schools / companies / self-defense groups /citizens raising $1,000 each!


Babar Ali, youngest headmaster in the world, India; we collaborate to evolve his school, also with school partnerships, sustainability projects, volunteer visits and more.

  • $2,000 for equipment
  • (used) laptop(s) and projector; for school & village cinema
  • english children videos
  • english books (comic, dinosaurs, history, Harry Potter, novels…) TIP: organize a book drive at a school like Emma & Jack do (Books With No Bounds); they usually score 1,000 books!
lonji Lonjezo Mtambo, Malawi, Plant for the Planet speaker & Maker & lover of low tech for development

  • $2,000 for setting up a Maker Space at his school / the university of Lilongwe, the nation’s capital, in partnership with Joseph Sakala, his adult mentor.

Here is Lonjezo at Maker Faire Paris, steering a dove’s flight and building a robot. See Make Magazine and Maker Faire for impressions of this wildly creative DIY movement. 10342749_676334069117578_2497575359850621749_n 10421287_676331662451152_3599168679239500346_n

neha2 Neha Gupta, Empower Orphans, USA-India, supporting orphanages and visiting them. Neha has been doing this for 8 years.

  • general donations
  • specific donations upcoming
rachel-400w Rachel Parent, Kids Right To Know, Canada, is North America’s face for GMO-labelling. She has achieved more than adult NGOs for a decade, on talkshows, with 5+ million youtube views, visiting GMO toxin devastated regions in India and Argentina, handing over up-to-date facts and studies to the Minister of Health etc.

  • funds for travel
  • for communication work
  • GOAL: $3,000
e4 Emma Mogus, Books With No Bounds, Canada, is a world champ in child rights, supporting 49 aboriginal communities who had no books but up to 30% teen suicide rates(!) with 100,000+ books, involving dozens of schools, nationwide audiences via tv, changing worldview, building friendly bridges of cooperation etc.

  • funds for airmailing boxes
  • book drives (organize a book drive at a school; this can generate 1,000 books!)
  • GOAL: $3,000
x-isa Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Earth Guardians, THE VOICE of this young generation, through Hip Hop and speeches at major events, leading an emerging inter-generational climate change movement in the USA and a global network of now 400+ youth-led Earth Guardians chapters taking eco-social action in their communities. Part of an activist family, humanity has absolute priority of empowering them to be mobile!

  • GOAL: $5,000
  • You can find out more about their work, projects and ways to support them on our Field Partners page.
  • If you wish to extend help beyond this donation, and find out about more ways to help and take their quest forward, contact us!

Kind Companies & Entrepreneurs

Power up our leadership programs with what you are doing anyway!



of our educational books, cardgames, poster sets, school and library packages


for mobile phones, producing films and large-sized poster exhibits


for YL Hero/ines, Teams, Student Clubs and Ambassadors : YL Shirts & more


for our Staff, Hero/ines, Student Clubs, our Leadership Program, Trainings and Summer Camps

Used Goods & Donations




“Mobile Home Office” at minimal cost is our credo; just proper laptops, smartphones, external hard drives, projectors, printers with extra ink; they can be 4 years old;


This part is fun! Pamper our Volunteer Work Horses : organic food baskets, sauna tickets, airmiles, sets of YL Shirts and Team Mugs, a good bike, free yoga, massage and stays in your mountain lodge, hotel and resort. Shoot us your ideas! Thank You for So Much Love!


of new and used, good as new books for the schools and orphanages served by Babar, Emma & Jack, Usha and Neha. For max impact : Use our media sets (poster, video, flyer) for book drives at school, workplace and public.


“Mobile Village Cinema – powered by kids” is our darling project for our rural Indian partners. We know people have those things standing around. Let’s do something great with it!
  • Patrizia S.
  • Marriott Foundation
  • Tobias T.
  • Payal B.
  • Beatrice D.
  • Anna B.
  • Thomas H.
  • Jeremy P.
  • Matthias R.
  • Klaus S.
  • Dave R.
  • Friedrich von G.
  • Holger R.
  • Mama M.
  • Jessica L.
  • Timathea W.
  • Grace O.
  • Valeria M.
  • Avin M.
  • Ina D.
  • Helmut W.
  • Nikolas S.

Every penny flows into hero/ines’ projects & spreading youth leadership to schools

View Impact

Why choose us?

Here is what makes us unique

to support, scale and replicate their initiatives, and make them known to their global generation.
through a global network of

  • citizen volunteers
  • youth-leader ambassadors
  • various partners
  • and if you like – also YOURSELF!

promoting media, methods and services

  • that are simple and efficient and powerful
  • creating long-term omni-presence
  • powered by students
  • caring teachers and citizens

enabling them to organize changemaking activities with considerable impact

supporting inspired students, teachers and citizen with

  • powerful tools
  • simple, eficient methods
  • live meetings with real hero/ines
  • unique leadership program
  • benefits for their personal, idealist and professional paths

 We are the first (and only) to approach the young hero/ines of our time for scaling their stories and initiatives to the schools and homes of the world. We are also the first to define YOUTH LEADERSHIP and the Super Powers of Youth at School as the game-changing innovation to make a robust step towards betterment of our communities, and to facilitate its integration schools. We are even the first to take it from english speaking North America around the world in eighteen languages, involving everybody who wishes to see it happen.

  • Is it exaggerated to state “We are the first (and only)”?

Nope. It’s true and it is important to HIGHLIGHT this, because these matters are crucially important to relevant positive change and so far, entire civil society, education, media and the UN have been completely blind to realize and implement them. Hardly anybody even dreams of this new opportunity!

“Your kind of thinking is very rare.” Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer, World’s Top 10 Visionary

As a collection of “best practices” skillfully polished, upgraded and interwoven in the tradition of generalist universal scholars like Leo da Vinci, Wilhelm Leibniz and Bucky Fuller YOUTH-LEADER naturally incubates synergetic effects and innovation in many fields.

  • So – see it, embrace it, celebrate and join us making it happen!

It is integral part of our work to promote

from the full spectrum of peace and sustainability

  • high impact solutions
  • multi-award winning
  • people-powered
  • of global value
the Gandhis and Einsteins of today

  • trustworthy visionaries
  • in questions of societal development
  • with groundbreaking innovations
  • scalable and replicable by young people
of extraordinary value for a sustainable civilization

  • large-scale ecosystem restoration
  • making ecocide a crime against peace
  • creating healthy urban food abundance for all
  • curbing gang killings by up to 80%
  • ending street harassment
  • protecting the commons and more

Connecting humanity’s finest LIVE with youth at school is a historic step by itself, but the real magic lies in young people’s power to replicate their genius solutions at global scale; since adults are not doing it.

Our work is embedded in the greater vision of advancing

nurturing the worldview and skillset of citizens

  • through non-formal student-powered learning processes
  • for co-creating a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable society
  • in collaboration with humanity’s finest youth leaders and adult changemakers
  • while scaling and implementing humanity’s finest sustainability solutions
to be achieved in our lifetime, since

  • the solutions exist in abundance
  • nurturing the vision that we can truly co-create a society of peace and abundance for all in every respect
  • in our lifetime

This vision is of fundamental importance for

  • personal motivation (lightbulbs, turning off the tap and organic muesli bars do not motivate)
  • agreeing on a common vision as a group, a generation and as a society
  • taking action (Vision is the defining element of shaping the future, besides trends, intention and accidents; cf. Future Studies)
to spread

  • solutions
  • role models
  • action opportunity
  • spirit of active citizenship
  • vision for a good society for all

in collaboration with avantgarde

  • media organizations
  • news outlets
  • adding our own genius

Once again, we are the first to define such a complete, tangible vision of hundreds of common sense feasible people-powered solutions, and also to advance the definition of positive change media culture and promote its major pioneers to a greater public of youth, teachers, citizens and civil society.

Altogether, we provide a full-spectrum approach enabling this generation at school to grow up with the worldview and skillset of active citizens of a sustainable society –  top quality, feasibility, media, methods, non-formal integration at school, instant benefits for conventional learning culture – and applying those skills as part of a global community of changemakers offering mentoring, support and celebration.

– This is Our Time –

The UNITED NATIONS and ministries of education promote self-organized, youth-led, project-oriented learning for creating sustainable societies – “also in challenge of the status quo”.

The field is ready. Schools, media, parents and institutions are embracing Youth Leaders as shining role models, hope and partners for achieving our common purpose and aspirations.

More than 10,000 schools are enjoying the benefits of role models and action on global issues powered by student clubs, numbers Our offer builds on these achievements with a far greater spectrum of uses, causes and leadership programs for students, teachers and citizens.

The world’s finest teenage activists and magnificient adult changemakers have teamed up for inspiring and mentoring their global generation to evoke changes just like them.

 Let us seize this wonderful opportunity!

Every help makes a difference and can spark cascading changes.

You can also support our cause and affiliated changemakers by making a beautiful gift to family, friends, colleagues and yourself.

We welcome your questions, suggestions and ideas – also for tailored collaboration on your priority themes, causes and regions.