Our general goal is to make youth leadership omni-present in our daily lives at home, school, media and public space. Our focus goal is to spark and support young changemaker teams, preferably as high impact student clubs at their daily hangout : school.

LIKE THEIR WILDLY FAMOUS PEERS, their year-round actions will evoke tremendous impact on people, planet and learning culture, generate positive news in media and involve and influence 100s of youth every day, for years. This shapes worldview, skills, trust in their peers, a common vision for their life – the Change Generation.

To achieve this, YL enables you to engage your 6 key spheres of influence : family & friends, schools, the workplace, media, public space, and donors. Our media, methods and support services help you do this using simple, common sense steps, with exciting revelations, experiences and results from day one. In minutes, or hours, and without much effort, simply on-the-go


If you have love and passion for people and planet, you will naturally reach hundreds, then thousands of people, mobilize schools, businesses, spark youth crews, make headlines and impact. Spend a little time exploring the site to learn your magic tricks and spells. It’s fun, exciting and doesn’t take long.

Get to know Youth Leadership, the game-changing phenomenon to create a good world for all – in its full splendour

Next, REALLY get to know it.

Here is what you'll learn

Spend a fun afternoon immersing yourself in amazing videos, music, websites, notes and brief questionnaires to learn how superheros succeed. You will understand the common sense win-wins at school, the workplace, in media and public space, and how YL’s tools, methods and support services help unlock those sleeping potentials with simple steps, also around you. You’ll no doubt develop a love for favorite heroInes, follow story leads and dig some fascinating anecdotes to share. And there you are, heart and hands full of ideas, passion, stories to inspire others. Oups! 

Connect with the movement
& learn more on-the-go

Newsletter, social media, youtube show, heroflix, zine, app

We have some cool books on heroInes

and they’re part of your tools

Spread Youth Leadership in your city, enjoy seeing people inspired

Digital media for newsletters, social media _ print flyers, posters, micromag _ presentations & exhibits

Support teen and twen heroInes in fresh ways!

Donate _ fundraise using tools & tricks _ support in-kind _ mobilize your workplace

see impact unfold on social media _ feel your agency _ meet heroInes “live” _ bring in your ideas

Use YL @ School to bring global issues alive & spark club action

Add-ons _ solution stories _ role models _ speakers & skype meets _ project days _ UN Action Days _ field partners _ curricula > found a high impact student club; more below

  • youth, teachers, parents, volunteers, organisations – you can all do this!

Form a YL YOUTH CREW as friends, student club or warrior clan

400+ actions _ badass model solutions _ year-round action _ with teen and adult heroInes _ evoke massive impact _ make headlines _ gain badges _ part of a global tribe

Reminder : THIS is the goal that all y/our activities support

Our adult actions are good and hugely matter, but only these youth crews achieve the game changer for humanity : by growing up as changemakers in collaboration with today’s Gandhis and Einsteins + by evoking massive impact on people and planet + by generating a constant flow of positive news in media + by each influencing 100’s of peers at school, daily, for years – they nurture a new species of able and active citizens – the CHANGE GENERATION. Hence, we aim to spark high impact student clubs at every school and support them.

Become a PARTNER, beautify the world & enjoy win-win benefits

Boost youth leadership, add meaning to your profession, inspire our workforce, task trainees

  • teachers, journalists, social business, city councils – you have instant benefits!
  • shopkeepers, clubs, professionals, celebrities – view the YL Boost! Club
  • publishers, / educational publishers – please view our media

SUPPORT our work as donor, sponsor, in-kind, celebrity

Invest in high impact changemakers, our groundbreaking programs, and boosting youth leadership in regions of your choice. Enjoy personal encounters and aligning your support with your focus causes.

Join our TEAM

  • Volunteers : spread the spirit, present, network, mentor youth
  • Online volunteers : translate our stories _ research, write, edit stories on HEROINES & SOLUTIONS _ social media wizards _ manage social media _ graphic artists _ art & tee-shirt design