Join us for an exciting campaign to bring

Youth Leadership into 100’s of schools

 with a focus on Girl & Women Empowerment action with

India, Nepal, Pakistan and Native American Nations


We are excited to announce our campaign for Great Lakes region schools!


As in other regions of the world, we invite you to help us finance and distribute 100’s of educational YL Starter Packs to 100’s of classrooms, equipping teachers to upgrade units and subjects, inspiring students for taking action on global challenges, and founding YL Student Clubs organizing a year-round stream of powerful activities with our global community of changemakers.

For the Great Lakes region, we have a special PARTNER PROGRAM with the Begunahi Foundation (Minnesota) for a Speaking Tour to schools and colleges with a focus on CHILDREN & GIRL & WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, with many options for instant actions abroad and at home. Please find details and a list of world class partners in the brochures below.


We seek your support for

– $1,000 for 100 Starter Packs (with cardgames, curriculum, poster sets, digital media, videos etc) for 100 classroms 
– in-kind support, like printing, distribution, events, galas, spreading the word, and more
– partnership for the Speaking Tour
– and then scaling to 1,000 classrooms and more.

We can align our collaboration with your ideas, priority topics and regions. Let’s talk..



FIND OUT what makes this program so special!!

1. View our brochure for donors, sponsors and partner online, or download as PDF.

LET US MAKE THE MOST of this extraordinary opportunity that we are blessed with. Let’s make it a gift to our Young Generation, to the Great Lakes region, to our partners in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

– Contact us to get involved, or

– Donate to the YL Flow Fund, indicating that your contribution is for Toronto




1. An Illustrated Introduction to Youth-LeadeR; view ONLINE, download PDF

2. Our Info Brochure for Donors & Sponsors with infos on who we are and various options for investment; view online, download PDF

3. Our Welcome section




Inspired by our partner networks around the lakes, we invite our young generation at schools and colleges to learn about young and grown-up hero/ines of our time and take ACTION together.

Our lead partner Begunahi Foundation in Minnesota
– supports girls rescue, education, self-defense programs and empowerment programs in Asia
– gives lively presentations on these issues in India and the region, AND
– opens conversations on these issues in our own communities

Begunahi’s founder, Riaz Aziz, academic, adventurer, storyteller and dreamer turned activist, fundraiser and mentor is ON SPEAKING TOURS at colleges and schools. Together, we empower, equip, support and involve college and school students, teachers and citizens, company and institutional partners TO GET INVOLVED with
– exhibits, presentations and film sessions
– fundraising and Philanthro-Parties
– “live” meetings and projects at home and abroad

By chance, Youth-LeadeRs in Chicago, Philadelphia, Westerly and Toronto are also working on
– book drives for aboriginal children, school and community libraries; Julia and Emma Mogus, Peace Medaillon
– fundraising for orphans in India; Neha Gupta, Prudential Spirit of Community Award
– organizing penpals, exchange and development partnerships with Indian schools; Daniella Cohen
– low-tech Maker skills for development; Jonny Cohen, Forbes 30 under 30
– recycling of restaurant cooking oils to biofuels, donating $120,000 of profits to social causes; Cassandra Lin, Brower Youth Award, President’s Environmental Youth Award


The network is rounded off by partners
– 100 day literacy-classes for village girls in Pakistan; Hassan Saeed
– managing youth- and people-powered schools for poor village children; Babar Ali, youngest headmaster in the world
– supporting children of rural prisoners in Nepal; Indira Ranagamar, World’s Children’s Prize laureate
– training teenage girls in self-defense against sexual assault; Usha Vishwakarma & The Red Brigade

as well as partners for reflecting, addressing and healing these issues also in our home regions
– Emily Lindin, The Un-Slut Project; ending bullying and slut shaming
– Holly Kearl, Stop Street Harassment Campaign; making our streets and public spaces safe and welcoming again; cleaning our mindsets from toxic, dysfunctional and life-threatening memes and habits acquired from media and peers
– Gary Slutkin, Cure Violence, The Interrupters; reducing gun killings by up to 80%, changing our worldview of gang youth

and, we are beyond excited about a human bridge to our amazing aboriginal neighbours
– Kevin Locke; world-famous Native American (Lakota) dancer, artist, storyteller, cultural ambassador and teacher

Of course, we connect to schools with our standard Starter Sessions and full range of hero/ines and causes.

But we are VERY excited to offer this ADDITIONAL ANGLE for
– connecting to colleges
– inspiring and involving schools
– collaborating with partners
– collaborating with media and events

through a REALLY UNIQUE + RICH + TOUCHING + ROLE MODEL and ACTION-ORIENTED PACKAGE uniting us in the Great Lakes and Great Rivers regions on intense topics and challenges we share MORE than we might tend to believe. And each other’s problems as well as solutions can HELP us very much to dare look, perceive deeply, discover blind spots and heal the same problems in our own home regions!


We hope that our initiative enjoys your support. There are many ways to collaborate.

Please contact us, if you would like to get involved, or learn more.