“I never knew that youth can do this. It gives me so much hope. This should exist at all schools.”

is what people say about youth leadership. We agree – and this requires all of us to get involved. We make it easy – for all of us leading busy lives! It takes only minutes, enriches our daily and professional lives, makes school awesome, offers plenty of opportunity to bring in own ideas and get support.

“I love it. I want to take action for people and planet, too! Can you help me?”

Yes, we can. Big time! In fact, we connect you to a lot of the most awesome changemakers on the planet, equip and back you with massive tools.

But for this, we need you to understand the essentials of youth leadership, the spirit and steps behind the success stories of young hero*ines. 

And a few tricks we use to make youth leadership present at school and work, in public and media. 

Youth and Adults,

whatever age, profession or experience,
play important roles to activate the Change Generation!


connect, inspire, take action on their favorite causes, many activate their school, some rock 24/7 together with today’s badass hero*ines around the globe, start own initiatives backed by a global tribe.

All Adults = Caring Citizens

connect, activate their relations and workplace to fund and support global young hero*ines, and spark local youth leadership by activating teachers, youth and local allies. Some join us as

  • YL Volunteer – to guide Crash Courses at school, activate citizens and  partners
  • Online Volunteer – to write, edit, translate, design for YL Magazine and programs 

Key Professionals

sharing our core purpose “to empower youth and active citizens”

  • teachersuse our resources, partners and services to “bring global issues to life” in class, inspire students, spark changemaker student clubs, start projects with Field Partners (young and adult hero*ines worldaround)
  • journaliststell our stories, learn “positive change media culture”, activate their audience using our tricks and support, as part of our community
  • public librarians use our media to set up a section on youth leadership, make poster exhibits, provide workshops for schools, collaborate with local youth 
  • city councilllorsteam up with us to seed the spirit, media sets, run Activate Your City campaigns and collaborate with inspired youth teams
  • civil society organizations – complement their work of activating the citizenry with “serving the young generation” by seeding information, making exhibits, giving Crash Courses, offering in-kind support to inspired youth teams; in a spirit of service to youth, like caring citizens do, without any personal agenda


join our quest to empower the young generation, aligned with their focus causes and regions. They benefit from our high quality partners, model solutions, resources and methods to better connect with schools, youth and allies.

You can make big impact 

using our social media, tools and tutorials, even in a few minutes.

We also offer coaching and community – to take big action, shaping lives, laws and industries at grand scale, but first, we need you get to know the world of youth leadership, “today’s real Hogwarts” – our world, and you can decide to make it yours, too.

Please spend some time exploring. The world needs you, and soon you will understand what amazing changes you can evoke.





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