Do you feel love and urgency to do good for people and planet and to help the kids make awesome impact?

Then you are in the right place and we tell you – WAKE UP – and look OUR WAY since 20th Century organizations, educators and media have little relevant to offer you to make rapid changes to lives and land and to activate the young generation en masse as you see from TEEN HERO*INES in the YL Exhibit. 

90+% of adults say they wish to see the same in their cities, and many ask how they can help young hero*ines. We have designed YL to help you do so in many fresh and exciting ways!

WE GIVE YOU opportunity, tools, methods, trainings, partners and supportive like-hearted planetary community to enable this beautiful, biggest, best educated, most peaceful young generation in history to unfold the mind-, feel-, skill- and do-set of Able Active Caring Citizens co-creating the next-level GOOD society.

With YL, there is no whining about crisis, which we are so exxtremely aware of that we focus only on implementing high impact solutions #fulltimeforfuture and enable you to do the same in fresh, fun, swift ways easy to fit into your busy life and perfectly aligned with your lifestyle + with rich benefits since this is how YOU can best, want and love make it part of your buzy daily life at home, work, online, in public … and activate your resources and relations.

Ponder this graphic … and think again after viewing this page.

Profound. Because our soul has depth and heights.

WE GIVE YOU meaning and purpose, hope, joy, magic, MISSION AND VOCATION. And to make real changes to lives and land and to your region’s young generation; from today and for decades to come.

Dare to Be Great, Earth Lawyer Polly Higgins calls on us – by ending our inner and the outer ecocides.

Have you ever felt you are failing to live your role as adult for today’s kids and Life on Earth?

We affirm that you have reason to and congratulate you, since you have a proper benchmark of what it means to be an Adult. Let’s look at it more precisely in the worlds of the “savages” who treasure initiations into Adulthood.

ADULT: A Guardian of this magnificent planet of majestic mountains, forests and streams, for the Little Ones to grow up in with peace, love, bliss, friendship, vibrant community, unfolding their talents and dreams, protecting the gentle and vulnerable from violence, abuse and pollution of their bodies, minds and hearts. – Eric Schneider, YL Captain

How many Adults, true men and true women do you see around you and on ‘tv’? This is the reason why the world is dying.

We feel you, we hear you and we GIVE you rich opportunity to live as the ADULT that your spirit, soul and heart long TO BE.

Here’s how that builds up step by step – for newbies to unfold their Adult Superpowers. Just follow these steps for a few weeks and months and you will see how life, lives and the world change … FOR REAL.

STEP 1 : Discover your many fresh opportunities

Connect with us

so you get news to discover YL on the go. There’s accumulated gold of 100+ hero*ines, genius programs, freebies, action calls and opportunities … sign up and we’re at peace that you don’t miss out. Thanx!

Discover Youth Leadership + YL for You

Catch up with this century’s most fascnating phenomenon – teens changing lives, land, laws and industries at record pace and scale – and how you can boost it at local and global level using YL’s rich resources and relations.

View YL for diverse adult user groups

for teachers, cities, business, places, civil society, culture, media, ho(s)tels, camps, priviledged, foundations, institutions, state programs, UN + UNU under the menu tab TAKE PART / MORE. 

STEP 2 : Make tangible impact – starting today !

2. Boost hero*ines.

Impact lives and land with simple steps … in just minutes.

handpicked HERO*INES

with high impact initiatives + pure character + proven over years + vividly document their work + open to creative collaboration + responsive to opportunities + solid initiatives that YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS take to next level; everything we do is a JACKPOT BONUS = no dependencies, no burden



has raised 300,000 good books for 49 indigenous fly-in community schools that had no books but up to 30% suicide rates.


raises millions of dollars since age 9, for giving orphans a safe, peaceful, loving home, health, education and training


10 MIO VIEWS – informs her generation on GMO hazards, labelling, demands proper studies, a ban on glyphosate, and promotes proven, peaceful alternatives


500K followers – raises awareness for sharks, what they are really like, why we must save them and what to do – on social media, through education at schools


has left her life as popular radio anchor behind to Walk With Rangers, sharing heartwarming and -wrenching stories with a call for help for Africa’s grand wildlife under pressure by poachers and traffic


of teenage rape survivors train 10,000s of girls in self-defense against sexual assault


have got 24,000 poor children into school by enforcing a new, little known law. They also run a micro-school with eco-socio-cultural campaigns


makes films on nature hikes, enjoying + protecting natural and cultural heritage + boosting mental health since age 13 


travels Germany on horseback as initiation journey into adult- and womanhood + shares her discoveries of Inner & Outer Nature + storytells + speaks on sacred femininity, barefoot living, life phases …


Your money is worth 10 to 100 x more in the hands of high impact changemakers in low income regions

see swift results

help IN-KIND

We offer an unusual scope of options, since we work with experienced social entrepreneurs that can respond to opportunities and think creatively. Many people are SURPRISED by their resources, relations and access of value to hero*ines. View examples.

Which can you do? And your friends?

Stories, ads, article, film, interview, music

in media, on tram video, train, airline media, bus/train stations, on facades

Exhibit, projections

in spaces, public, at city events

Print, translate, distribute

YL publications, media packs, merch, t-shirts for warriors, hero*ines, supporters …


yum food, yoga, massage, sage, clothes …


hero*ine photoshoots, artwork, fashion, music production

Gift good times

free stays at holiday lodges, hos/tels, retreats, luxury yachts, harbors, NY City, villas …

Spaces for workshops, summer camps

YL Staff in Residence

for 1-3 months to activate your region

Transport, tech ...

Campervan as mobile YL Office to tour Europe, laptops, projector for village cinema


to wealthholders, ‘stars’, galas, celebrity parties

to schools, city councils, funders, events …


speakers, coaches

generate big money + reach milestones

Wouldn’t it be awesome to unlock $500, 10,000 or 40,000€ ?
Let’s involve peers, colleagues, citizenry, followers, clubs …

wield charity champ tricks

Philanthro-Parties, hero*ine stories and photos, put the FUN into fundraising, use occasions like Bdays, seasons, UN Days, do epic 48 hour day & night sponsor runs (view below!), gift ace perks, experiences and encounters – WE ARE HERE TO HELP

Our inspiration

for reaching big milestones

Student Club

Namaste Nepal in a town of 30,000 inhabitants does an annual …

Their Trick

They run for 48 hours, day and night nonstop. It’s so epic that everybody can join in – kindergartens, differently abled, the mayor (this gets media in), athletes (this gets companies in) – with simple, swift contributions!

Vivid progress updates

of impact and work visits “create an energy loop” that rewards contributors with a feel of agency that enriches their life

As an earthquake

destroyed every house but the school – which shone like a sign of hope from the mountain. Now, all 7 villages in the valley wanted a school, too.

Students seized a chance

to explain their case to the State Education Minister on a visit in town. “Wow, sure, how Can I help?” “Put it on your newsletter to all schools.” He did. Zipzap, schools got involved! 4 years later, they had built

A Math Teacher

in a faraway small town of 10,000 inhabitants used the story. As he tasked them to calculate construction costs he joked “You wouldn’t even make 1,000.” They gasped, got together and

In Year 2

they scored $20,000€. The sleepy town where nothing ever happens has found its MISSION!

Magic happens

with the right story, partners, magic tricks, fun and progress updates.

This shows you the powers of places with many people … and why we equip you to activate schools and workplaces.

It also tells you there’s magic tricks to evoke big stuff.

Trust, dream big, have fun, study our resources, do like the kids + get us involved!


You love positive change – so do many others!

Give good folks opportunity to help make changes in their busy lives. Tell them of what you have discovered + add a passionate note to join your favorite endeavor, next steps and ideas. They’ll love, you’ll love it.

our posts, articles, tools make it easy

family + friends

Casually share your news. It trains you to inspire others.

the workplace

Add purpose, beauty, inspired conversations – in staff rooms, grocery stores, cafes, waiting rooms – posters, donation boxes …


Reach people via newsletters, news media, stands … using our texts, stories, articles, pictures, action calls …

key professionals

These special folks share our core purpose to enable active citizens – help them achieve their personal and professional purpose !


use role model stories, activities, spark changemaker student clubs …


use solution stories on UN Days, involve audiences, collab with local youth …

Public Librarians

host exhibits, guide crash courses for school classes, host LearnSpaces, offer HQs for youth teams 


facilitate campaigns, support citizens and youth teams 

Civil Society

inspire and equip members, partners, apply solutions, support youth teams

You will agree that …

for best ease, fun and success, to sustain inspiration, stay active, to reach goals that our hearts aspire to

it would be great to have tools, ideas, support
to not be alone –

… passionate but casually and free like in a hobby sports club.

We have created like-hearted Community for you.

join the BOOST CLUB

and enrich daily life online, at home and work with doing good

a) to boost global hero*ines
b) to boost local youth leadership

> with donations + FUNdraising + PhilanthroParties
> with MANY creative ways of personalized in-kind support
> even by teaming up for projects


We all wish the world to be better, to empower youth


  • to evoke relevant change with swift, simple steps in our buzy lives
  • to inspire citizens to contribute 
  • to ally with “multipliers” like schools and city to activate large numbers of people

YL specializes in this with great success. We provide

  • many tools that inspire
  • exciting high impact initiatives to boost
  • constant flow of action opportunities

tabled to you via social media, newsletter, video and on-demand

  • with vivid updates and interaction
  • with ever more ways to “freestyle” contributions in one’s favorite ways

You know that we care big time for hero*inesFor youth, we make doing good awesome with a sense of fun, epic, adventure and many personal and professional benefits like badges in our #BeMoreAwesome youth leadership training program. Likewise …

WE CARE FOR YOU to be able to live your noble values to the max

since caring, generous adults deserve it

and we all need upliftment in these turbulent times

Also, it makes you  better person, friend, lover, professional + a better changemaker

which makes the world a better place.

You see? It’s a beautiful win-win

Spend a little time with us to FEEL how it enriches your life. If you love what you see, TRUST US and follow our guidance into the bright new world of high impact changemaking by taking the Crash Course. It is a shortcut to much knowhow, tools, learning and action with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis.

Here is what makes Boost Club membership so exciting !

Constant upliftement

and neat opportunities to invest in high impact initiatives led by outstanding changemakers

See success unfold

in weekly updates on our social media and newsletter

Meet 'LIVE'

with hero*ines for inspiration, insights, celebrate achievements, plan what’s next

Bring in own ideas

… on how you can help in-kind, grow the movement … you know your resources and relations best


4. Interact with your global tribe

Converse with fellow Boosters – lovely kind-hearted citizens like you with plenty of talent, resources and relations.

It sparks friendships and your many diverse backgrounds spark SURPRISE actions all over Earth – beyond our imagination. Let’s create together!

Meet YL Coaches

They have so many story and tips to share.

There is so much to learn about the world, causes and new chances for change.

Meet with Hero*ines

We organize video meetings. You get to

  • enjoy their spirit
  • hear fun, touching and awe inspiring anecdotes
  • gain insights to their initiatives
  • celebrate achievements
  • plan next steps
  • bring in own ideas

Where do you get such experiences?

take + guide a crash course

Learn of Youth Leadership and YL Essentials from our handpicked resources, relations and wisdom of 20 years in the field, globally to start strong.

> TRAIN YOURSELF online or using our printed crash course materials

YL Coach Certification


Connect with local like-hearted folks that love young hero*ines and to help youth (and) to do good for people and planet. They are easy to find and will appear as you get active, spread the word, are visible in public, in news and online.

You are not forming an official NGO with board meetings, legal obligations etc but a circle of friends that converse with fellow citizens and youth FOR FREE to do good in the world – by donating money raised from pockets, bake sales etc like people do on GOFUNDME, KIVA etc


You are not obliged to do this. You’re not obliged to do anything. We give opportunities.

However – do not drop global hero*ines and only do local. The global role models, high impact initiatives, their stories, simple contributions, swift results are KEY to kick off and keep local youth leadership rolling and growing. It adds indispensable dimensions of fascination, magic and adventure. Both is needed! 

Here is how we boost local youth leadership

STEP 3 : Boost local youth – starting today !

activate local youth

through experience of hero*ine peer role models + combined with access to actions, coaches and support networks, so that inspired youth can self-organize (you need not babysit them)


resources galore

  • poster exhibit
  • call for student leaders + more 

with YL, RCE Berlin, RCE-Ruhr, United Nations University status

set up a Poster Exhibit

on teen hero*ines + youth leadership essentials. Will you add music, films, your presence with a stand, to inspire, raise funds … ?

This creates long-term presence and reaches 100s at workplace, family restaurants, cafes, libraries, museums, community centres, organic stores, parks, schools, cinemas, waterfronts, construction site fences …

100 piece poster set

Activate Schools

Learning culture today embraces sustainability, active citizenship, especially after protests, pandemic, eroding mental health. societal peace and prosperity.

At every school exist 3 good teachers – the environmental, the social, the wild one, often the sports teacher. They are the kind of educators with ideals that love to have Gryffindore student clubs at school! Find them.

letters, flyers, brochures


guide crash courses, do exhibits

YL Coaches respond to demand

Gift exciting rewards

for inspired youth teams and impact made.

Pick truly magical stuff like horseriding, canoeing expeditions, photo and film trainings, daytours with honorable celebrities like Roger Federer, a trip to YL Camp …

organize Encounters

  • online, in person and abroad
  • inspire groups
  • kickstart activities
  • learn practical skills that make life more awesome
  • take on grand ventures

as Speakers

as Coaches

as Magical Coaches

as Project Partners

as Travel Destination

Pay visits

WORK VISITS – like Namaste Nepal do with their partner village in the Himalaya

COACHING VISITS – like self-defense trainers do with the Red Brigade Trust

FAMILY TRAVEL – like to Walk With Serengeti Rangers or swim with sharks in the beautiful ocean around Hawaiian islands or to 7 YL Partners in Northern India

YOUTH EXCHANGE – 1- or 2 way, like we do with Skhumbuzo in South Africa to activate youth leadership in his region, also with youth-led tourism

travel with purpose


for youth to gather, learn solutions, plan and realize projects

XXL Exhibit, YL Coach, crash course materials, activities … in collaboration with partners all over town and region


append to benevolent places

like schools, public libraries, community centres, also temporary

Sponsor young people’s trip to YL Camp

in recognition of their efforts and as investment in your region’s future.

They will report back on their experience and pledge post-camp actions. Keep in mind, these are youth active year-round already in our #BeMoreAwesome youth leadership training program


Join teen warriors at Summer Camps

as volunteer adult staff, as parents, as coaches … and stay in the region for eco-cultural holidays.


Live DREAMS with your family

or by yourself, with friends, your company!

  • work visits
  • family tourism
  • volunteer stays
  • coach visits

Your presence makes a positive difference for project, team and community … in terms of finance, learning, worldview, media presence, bonds …


Our scope of regions, causes, hero*ines and activities is growing. Will you add epic destinations to it?


Gather all your DREAMPOWER, relations and their resources for your choice:

  • a hero*ine’s initiative
  • activate youth leadership in a region
  • manifest a YL Program (such as YL Magazine, SDG Challenge …)


The Red Brigade Academy $70,000€

1 acid attack survivor run + owned cafe with training $20,000€

Permaculture Design Course for 20 poor Malawi farmers $8,000€

1 Serengeti Ranger Team of 5 trained and salarized for 1 year $20,000€

YL Magazine staff for 1 year $50,000€

Translation of YL publications to 1 language $10,000€

Youth Leader-ship centre, projects in rural South Africa $20,000€

YL LearnSpace packs for partners in 10 crisis regions $5,000€

Activate Your City series of crash courses at 10+ schools over 4+ weeks, $10,000€

Join the YL VOLUNTEER community

doing what you love in a non-formal way. We invite you to help us

> in the global production room
> as local outreach crew or in our local “frontshop”

You can pick lightweight roles or advanced creative roles. Both matter.


You have completed Crash Course Phase 1 and spread the word to inspire people

YL Coach

= local Volunteer
You complete the Crash Course with certificate and do exhibits, guide crash courses, network …

Boost Club Unit

You unite friends that love boosting at global and/or local level and organize – as you enjoy – Philanthro-Parties, stands, exhibits, presentations …

Space Host

e.g. for exhibits, a Base for local Boosters to meet, a LearnSpace for youth do projects, a youth team HQ, a place to visit certified as YL Structure Partner, on YL LearnPlanet Map

Boost Club Online Volunteer

You help evolve the Boost Club online by spreading word, networking …

YL Online Volunteer

You write, translate, edit, design for YL Magazine and publications



since YOU know your region, needs, potentials, dreams, resources, relations best.

realize your Good Dreams with us


Take this info home

  • Flyers : YL for Adults + YL Speakers & Project Partners
  • Contact Letter
  • Brochures : YL Programs, YL Youth Leadership 101 booklet
  • Poster : YL for You

Print and keep well visible in order to start dreaming and keep up momentum and step up to first actions.

follow the steps above

1. Discover Youth Leadership
in the ONLINE EXHIBIT with first actions. 

You will love to see what youth are doing today, en masse! You will see how things have changed since you were at school. This shows you what can happen in your home region, once you take these essential steps to activate youth leadership.

Do you feel strong urgency to to help youth, people and planet and change failing society?

Then, we highly encourage you to 

2. take the Crash Course

It will expand your worldview on youth power like from one sport to the Olympics + equip you with tools, methods, partners and rapid steps to wield them with remarkable impact from day 1, week 1, month 1.

We need Youth-Leader at all of Canada’s schools


World's Children's Prize MC

We have so much to give. Let our generation be a Generation of Generosity


L'Oreal Woman Of Worth

If my generation is to face the challenges we are about to inherit service needs to have a much bigger priority in education


LemonAID Warriors

Youth leadership en masse is a game changer for society


Divest Harvard