“Her students call her Goddess of Health and the Poop Guru. Do we have your attention?

Did you know that drinking water and occasional fasting is (almost) all you need to live with vitality?

Andie is a rare pro in the fields of yoga, diet, nutrition, ethnobotany, meditation, spiritual practice, ayurveda with master teachings, podcast, global innovator community (the list grows at fast pace) – but she’ll always get back to splash “fasting” messages on her global tribe’s screens and it’s about time that your students and adult audiences get a booster for their practical skills to feel fresh and awesome.

Andréa's story

Andréa has been a self-learner already when she was still in the system of education. At university, she would pitch her own course topics to professors and explain that she’ll learn through practice all over the planet and mail her papers, and so she did. That seems like lifetimes ago since she moves so fast through phases of learning, through disciplines, across the planet (100+ countries) and languages that it is impossible to keep up – until you sit with her in a class, a course or dance along at an open air festival.

Andréa travels the world empowering people to take their health back into their own hands. As a yoga teacher trainer and shaper of the future of Yoga, Andréa specializes in the physiological benefits of the advanced yogic practices. She teaches from a place of resonance: you feel what’s said rather than merely intellectualizing— she has great success in inducing your embodiment. Her lectures aren’t mere points of ‘that was interesting’, but rather portals of transformation for greater shifts in your life. Students say just being around her makes you feel more alive.

Andréa spends part of the year leading yoga teacher trainings and teaching Anatomy, Physiology & Health on Training programs worldwide. She serves on the Board of Directors for Festival Medical (USA, non-profit) and is a founding member of the Micro-biome Think Tank. For the past nearly 4 years, Andréa served as the Director of the Detox Department at the renowned Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, For most of the past half-decade Andréa worked guiding people through transformative fasting retreats. She has now launched her own line of (online) retreats and trainings through “Live For Vitality”.

What makes Andrea’s teachings and practice so powerful , unique and moreover, imperative, is not that she is revealing top secret information that we have never heard of (for the most part 😉 ) – rather, she is reminding of us what our bodies inherently know. It is only our minds, conditioned by culture and influenced by a variety of societal factors and dominant, authoritative industries that have forgotten these basic yet crucial components for our health to truly thrive.

We actually know Andie from when she online volunteered for YL Magazine and added final tweaks to hero*ine stories of the famous YL Cardgame. When we asked her if she’d be available to share her tremendous wisdom and knowledge on diet, life and vitality with our global tribe of educators and youth, she texted 

“Always happy to talk to kids!”

Seize the chance! It’s a door to much more for self-learning!






live with vitality


View some of Andi’s videos and report to the group what you found. You could also team up to take on podcast episodes and then in class piece together the kaleidoscope of knowledge by taking turns in presenting what you found – in fun, casual ways! – leaving space to wonder and “I don’t really have a clue what she means” _ after all, you can ask her later.

Awesomeness / Behavior change


  1. learning and understanding what I experience as bad and good
  2. enthusiasm
  3. determination
  4. effort

and constant practice. Then – FLASH! – it happens. It’s a law of nature.

You’ll love doing that practice because you’ve experienced and enjoy how it feeeels good and how to rockstars your day.

It’s like building up muscle, learning to sing a song, play an instrument, do gaming or sports moves. Effort, practice, time. For Real.

Further, in phases of transformational learning our most powerful asset and companion are : ROLE MODELS. Because they not only pass information, but by seeing them – think of musicians, athletes etc . – we take in info with many more senses than the eye and brain … and this is how we kick our spirit, get a feeling … for what we wish to feel like through our upgrade.

Well then, meet your role model Andréa, Goddess of Vitality, no joke! She’s like a Deva walking in flesh for real. She’s the living proof of upgrading from human to Lothlorien Elf.  And you can do it, too.  

It’s not about knowledge. It’s about spirit and what you decide to do. It’s about mindset, feelset and doset.

Now get fresh on your lifelong quest to awaken and become fully alive!


Well, a fabulastic start is a Lifestyle Challenge! You should experience a minimum of 7 days before your encounter, preferably 21 days or more! Why? Because behavior changes stick from 21 days and more. 4 Weeks = 1 Moon is recommended to go sure. #bemoreawesome

Pick your favorites from

  • daily yoga + meditation
  • no sugar
  • vegan
  • peacemaking
  • no cussing

and post your daily breakthroughs and breakdowns online in a social media group to experiment with shamelessly being yourself and honest (whose view of yourself but your own truly matters anyway?!), amusing and boosting your pioneering companions with your experience. We appreciate if you do this publicly in YL social media Lifestyle Challenges!



Well, it’s your choice! Let’s see what lightning and rose rains Andi showers on you in your encounter. Expect surprise and let magic happen!

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