Great news! The American Anti-Vivisection Society honours Avalon for her campaign efforts to replace frog vivisection with digital solutiuons – proven to be just as good, and – saving the lives of tens of thousands of frogs each year. And saving students from doing this ghastly thing. Yuk!



10498469_504640899669223_2942662295671611320_oDear [First_Name],

What better time than the joyous holiday season to honor a young person who embodies the compassionate values that make the world a better place. AAVS’s education division, Animalearn, celebrates Avalon Theisen for her love of animals and the environment, and for her accomplishments in communicating her passion to the world!

The decision to select Avalon Theisen as Animalearn’s 2014 Humane Student of the Year was an easy one. At 13 years old, this young activist has already made it her mission to be a voice for frogs by establishing a nonprofit organization called Conserve It Forward. Her group educates the public about ways to protect frogs and the earth, such as by using digital frog dissection programs in classrooms instead of dissecting real frogs. Conserve It Forward delivers a positive message that being considerate of animals benefits everyone.

Animalearn applauds Avalon’s dedication, sincerity, and energy. It’s a joy to witness Avalon in action; see for yourself with her impassioned TEDx Youth Talk, How the Croak of the Wild Empowered this Child: Avalon Theisen.

Avalon is pretty excited about the award; she has great plans to expand her work, and it is our pleasure to give her this encouragement and recognition.

But we couldn’t do it without your support, so thank you! We hope Avalon’s passion inspires you to have hope for the future.

Happy humane holidays!

Nicole Green