Images and Voices of Hope IVOV Award 2012

also known as the Nobel Prize for Media of World Benefit for YL’s Director Eric Nicolas Schneider. Laureates include luminaries like the founders of Kosmos Journal, Frontline and the Director of TED.

#Pacesetter and #Semifinalist in Ashoka Changemakers' re:imagine learning Challenge sponsored by the LEGO Foundation

for YL’s Change Generation Rising

UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteering Award 2010

for YL Team India

UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteering Award 2012

for YL Team Youth Rising For Peace

Best Practice for Online Volunteering in UNV Annual Report 2010

Special mention for outstanding tangible impact on the ground

World Aware Education Award of the Council of Europe


Stockholm Challenge Award


Baltic Challenge Award


However … the value of our work is is not only our approach but also our contents, which are well illustrated by the merits, awards and praise bestowed upon THE PEOPLE whose role models, initiatives, tools and “live” services we bring to our global community of users. They stand exemplary for the new young generation that we all have the honor and responsibilty to empower. Their recognitions are too many to list. Here are a few examples.

World Children’s Peace Prize for Neha Gupta

Join her quest to Empower Orphans by creating the most awesome homes with love and learning

  • World Children’s Peace Prize
  • World of Children Award
  • Prudential Spirit of Community Award
  • USA Weekend Magazine Make a Difference Day National Winner
  • 76ers Hometown Hero
  • President’s Volunteer Service Award
  • NHL All Star World Changer
  • Kohl’s Kids Who Care Award
  • Congressional Award
  • Huggable Hero Award
  • Philadelphia Inquirer Citizen of the Year
  • Best Buy Community Award
  • Violet Richardson Award
  • Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader
  • Children’s Museum Indianapolis Power of Children Award
  • Please Touch Museum Great Friend to Kids Award
  • Amway Who Cares Challenge Grand Prize
  • Nestlé The Very Best in Youth
  • Wachowia Philanthropic Award
  • Caring Insititute National Winner

  • World’s Children’s Prize, Ambassador, Child Juror and Emcee for the 2014, 2015 Awards in Sweden
  • Children Reading for Children, Global Embassador
  • Kids Are Heroes, Ambassador


  • International Literacy Association (ILA) Top 30 under 30 worldwide
  • Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes (2015)
  • The Helen Keller Fellowship Award (2015, Lions International)
  • Greer Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Publicly Funded Education in Ontario (2014)
  • The Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award (2014)
  • Jack McGinnis Environmental Spirit Award (2014, Recycling Council of Ontario)
  • Paul Harris Fellowship (2014, Coburg Rotary Club)
  • Top 20 under 40 (2014, Gen Next United Way of Oakville)
  • Louise Russo W.A.V.E. Youth Award (2013)
  • Leading Girls / Leading Women – Building Communities Award (2013)
  • International Diana Award (2014)
  • Ontario Heritage Trust’s Young Heritage Leader Award (2013)
  • Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2013)
  • Peace Medallion Award (2012)
  • Northwestern Ontario Aboriginal Youth Achievement and Recognition Award for Community Development (2013)
  • TVO KIDS ‘Super Citizen’ Award (2013)
  • 2019 Miss University of South Florida
  • 2019 Yoga Sports World Champion
  • 2017 Peace First fellow
  • 2015 Kohl’s Cares Regional Scholarship Winner
  • 2014 Humane Student of the Year Award by Animalearn
  • 2014 Summer of Service Award by Youth Service America
  • 2014 Florida Achievement Award by the Florida Commission on the Status of Women
  • 2014 WEDU Be More Inspiring Rising Star Award
  • 2013 SBN International Youth Award
  • Peace First Prize Finalist
  • 2013 Greening Forward Earth Savers Club Award
  • Commendation from the Hillsborough County Commissioners
  • Radio Disney Heroes for Change Award
  • Roosevelt-Ashe Conservation Award,
  • 2013 YEA! Award for Volunteer or Community Service
  • 2012 President’s Volunteer Service Award
  • 2012 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes
  • 2012 Robert Bateman Get To Know Grand Prize Winner
  • 2012 Save the Frogs Day Award
  • 2011 President’s Volunteer Service Award
  • 2011 Everything Is Possible Award
  • 2011 International Young Eco Hero Award, awarded by Action for Nature
  • 2011 Nate the Newt Award for amphibian conservation, awarded by Save the Frogs

Albeit awards can tell us quite a bit, there is more that they cannot convey.

Also, they completely ignore some of the greatest changemakers on Earth.

Craig + Marc Kielburger

World champs at making “creating a good world for all” at 10,000 22,000 schools, learning culture, mainstream culture and media through the epic WE Day event series and WE movement. Founders of the world’s largest movement of children helping children, Free The Children.

Adora Svitak

“Intellectual royalty, “Is this the smartest kid on the planet?” She is our young generation’s sane voice of reason and enlightenement, liberating us from negative stigma, self-image and societal illusions.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

“The Voice of His Generation”, composer of the Change Generation ‘soundtrack’, all over the media, in talkshows, at protests, in courtooms, at the UN, festivals, on The Red Carpet, at traditional gatherings, indigenous summer trainings …

Babar Ali

Youngest headmaster in the world, Indian of the Year, World Literacy Hero, featured in educational textbooks around the globe. He has had 1,500 students, and his first ones are now teachers at his government accredited second school.

Red Brigade Trust

India’s icon for self-defense against sexual assault, women empowerment, transformation of public space, society and culture. The Red Brigade Lucknow has changed laws, saved lives, ended the stigma on “girls and women using violence”, already trained more than 30,000 girls in self-defence against sexual violence, also at schools, and trained 100s of teenage youth trainers who take the movement forward in their communities.

Polly Higgins

“Earth Lawyer”, started the global campaign to make Ecocide a Crime Against Peace, thereby helping all of us cast a protective web of Law around Planet Earth to protect everything we love , making investment in dangerous industries illegal and putting those recklessly destroying ecosystems on trial for life, all assets seized.

John D. Liu

“Healing the Wounds of the Earth” through large-scale ecosystem restoration, people-powered restoration camps, and shifting to a sound economy for sustainable abundance for all.

Jane McGonigal

Undisputed genius of creative gaming for fixing a broken world, shaping the future, personal well-being, assessing emerging IT on potentials of improving or destroying our societies, and reasearching how to harness gaming for the biggest epic win : creating a world of awesome!

Ocean Ramsey

A true Lothlorien Elven Mermaid, marine biologist and activist, Ocean opens our eyes, hearts and minds from scared to sacred to take robust steps for protecting our oceans, climate and very existence by protecting the mystical apex predator and coolest totem ever – our sharks!

We connect young people and you with – simply put – the most celebrated, admired, respected hero*ines, visionaries, role models on the planet today, decorated with the highest honours that our societies have to offer.

Most award hosts do not even know of them, or do not comprehend the dimension of their work.

Our users and youth crews not only know of them. They learn, team up and collaborate with them to take their groundbreaking solutions to greater scale!

We do great work at YL, in service to humanity’s finest hero*ines, and we hope that you will do your part. Far beyond handing them an award. Through tangible deeds.
  • Who else but them would we give our young generation as role models?
  • Who else but them shall we give our full support?
  • Give your best! Do your best! And plenty of it!