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We are lead partner of BATTLEFIELD LOVE MEMORIALS (BLM), a gigantic art project by renowned Austrian artist Nikolaus Eberstaller.

BATTLEFIELD LOVE MEMORIAL is a football field sized installation of hundreds of life-sized, pink, concrete soldiers and tanks slowly eroding over a period of 12 months, arranged as the letters LOVE. From the side, it looks like a battlefield. Switching perspective, from above, you see LOVE. It is up to you to choose. After 12 months, as conflict of egos erodes and vanishes, only LOVE remains.

BATTLEFIELD LOVE LIVE is BLM’s dynamic, lively interpretation with hundreds of young people taking the soldiers’ roles, entering a fight, then switching to harmonious collaboration and love. The event is accompanied by a live score of young changemaker musicians 11 WIE DU and FEDOR.

BLM is brought to LIFE by the transformational program organized by young people all over the host city. The installation space serves as stage and media magnet for a program on creating inner and outer peace, inner and outer abundance for the World We Want.

The inspiration is derived from our flagship collection of Youth-LeadeRs present at the BLM main site, and YL Starter Sets distributed to the host city’s schools – one for every classroom. Schools all over the planet can set up Outposts by creating pink cardboard soldiers and using our media for multimedia exhibits.

Participants and the public take action in support of the Youth-LeadeRs’ initiatives, and they invent and manifest their own campaigns and projects. Activities are featured on social media, active groups are interconnected “live” via Skype and Webcasts. Actions are aligned with UNITED NATIONS Theme Days of the month, just as we do for the YL Curriculum and Change Generation Rising.

7 YOUTH-LEADERS have special presence as embodiment of the 7 CARDINAL VIRTUES in the form of HONEYS – the new currency for a good world (an associated art project by Nikolaus Eberstaller).