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Our surveys can sharpen, make you remember what you really care for, and open your eyes to how you can live those good dreams with YL.


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benefits, (maybe in the brochure add the issues A) do you still have dreams? the big common dream we share, do you remembers as humanity, dont give up zombie future. view a brief history of the future, view YL intro course. thousands of solutions exits. and enter the world of solutioanries. IMAGE: a sphere AROUND EARTh with LUMINUOUS ANGELS spreading light, and DARKNESS DEMONS layer … the two layers are mixed and it is simply about spreading MORE LIGHT and it will naturally reduce the darkness and demons (criminals, violent psychopaths, egos, the sadness, isllation, akc of rouc4s and friends) … the few bullies, lets awaken the SILENT SANE SUFFERING MAJORITY and unite voice AFFIRM what we love and want … see bulls eyes 95% of youth agree this is imposrait, svereybody should, know, shd be at all schools. get ut? now you have the heart, joy, vision, solutions and support. and lazy guide makes easy in minutes meshed into personal and pro life. explore model and DARA LIVING YOUR VALUES ONCE AGAIN!!! can you live values? also your DREAMS for your KIDS. 


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