quickstart missions

5 building blocks and you will take steps towards activating all of them. (need not happen but you do what is to get done)

make brochure for each day.

day #1 study

day #2 share

day #3 share these pics + print and post these posters

get the book. get the cardgame, get flyers, 

gift to loved ones, have a conversation, follow up on it in 1 or 2 weeks

send flyers to teachers and to all schools. all of them

set up poster exhibit

crash course with friends session 1


scale up involving friends, workmates, activate a school, a business, the mayor

philanthro-party, reach a milestone, if only a small dinenr with friend,s well then thats the best u can do, can u do this at work? in the canteen? #äbemoreawesome

vivid documentation. submission

eric makes fire uder your butt for those who need to get reminded of their virtuous self.

if you think greta is strict and hard on you, meet eric. he is speaking your conscience without filter. That is a gift, listen to your inner voice loud and clear here. 

ERIC WAR PIC message

this is the greatest gift that can be made to you. you can now live it. you will experience changes. bliss. you can continue building and unfolding this for your enxtd ecades on Earth. If you are to leave your body soon, you can make impact by gifting resources to YL for us to invest in fireworks and cascading fireworks of isnpiring stories to get seeded and project partners’ initiatives to florish, viewe examples here and required finance. it’s not much, for enormous impact. 


you are loikely to love the experience, stay connected with the tribe and keep going, and keep doing. people take some time, they are liklely to respond by getting back to you or connecting with us at YL.

you have completed your challenge.

the idea of the challenge is to let you FEEL your NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Because those matter and they are magnificent, also FOR YOUR LIFE! 

And then, it is your choice if you will continue to unfold your powers to #bemoreawesome and do good and evoke enormous changes., because you can. Yopu may also choose to not do it and to let people wither away in death, decady and extreme suffering. and life on Earth die off. In this case, you are not part of us. in the words of indigenous you are possessed and consumed by the spirit of evil. if you dont like that idea of being LAZY AND FOUL and NON LOVING … work on it by doing sacred practices, to cleanse yourself and get upppity and open your herart and become a soulman or soulwoman once again. Because that is your true nature, of course, before hurtful experiences closed you down and cast a dark veil around you.

My challenge to you. 

Unless there’s already hundreds of teen hero*ines changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries in your town and region, you are underperforming, despite being nice and knowing it all better. Kids, people, animals are suffering, and a mountain of abominations is to rain down on Earth. Oh, acting like in a crisis. And what have you been doing? Talking? VOTING? Collecting plastic? Staring at electronic gadgets? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? 

You have not come to Earth at this special time to do that. I challenge you to stop watching life on Earth getting extinguished and at last live your responsibility. You now have the tools. WIELD THEM FOR 1 MONTH #bemoreawesome