“History will assess our generation by our response to mitigating climate change.”

Chloe is a record setting student clubber and mobilizer with a great love for her natural rural home land of Maine. 

Her achievements are legend, but her current mission may be the most important. Chloe’s historic speedruns

  • to State Representative, as the first Democrat elected in her rural working class most senior state of the USA in U.S. history 
  • to State Senator, beating the leading Republican


  • backed by diversity, environmental, industrial working class representatives, law enforcement and Republicans
  • elected by many traditionally Republican voters 
  • affirming that political parties have failed the people and the only reason she chose on the Democrat platform is that they believe in open access
  • highlighting that her role is to hear what her constituents need and to turn that into law 
  • emphasizing that she does not vote along party lines
  • forming collaborative conversations around issues with people and never over party or other group affiliations 
  • co-sponsoring and passing progressive legislation on rape investigation, rural public transport, senior health care, the first Green New Deal adapted for working class populations of Maine, a constitutional amendment on all citizen’s right to a healthy, intact natural environment

set the ultimate model for new people-powered politics, good governance


  • with what spirit
    – not against something but 100% for what we love to see
    – not based on ideology, but based on people and with practical focus 
  • with what methods

we CERTAINLY can – in the current libertarian-democratic political systempeacefully leave 20th Century dirty-industry based party politics (that had their time and did what they had to do to give us the platform to build the next level good collaborative society) behind and, using advancements in education, learning and communication technologies evolve towards new sound people and planet-oriented policy-making aligned with our common new 21st Century priorities defined by our noble inner aspirations as well as outer pressures.

The problem is not the system.
It’s about SPIRIT and the people.
No more human as usual.




student clubs

youth leadership



Chloe is a very bright changemaker that teaches us the perfect heart- and mindset to mobilize people for doing good for people and planet. Hence, it is necessary to get to know her through well documented campaign activities, speeches and articles in which she explains essential steps that led to her extraordinary record setting achievements on major global issues where most of us yet underperform : student clubs, fossil fuel divestment, eco-social political campaigning in in rural regions with senior and working class populations.


We recommend that you reflect on your experience of your community, matters of public collaboration and decision-making, youth, adults, media, politics.

Make a list

of Chloe’s essential mindset, approach and steps how she achieve with Divest Harvard and running for political office

Reflect on your local experience with community

Do you love your home community or not? List what you love, what you hate?

How do people relate with another in your community, e.g. in the streets, whether they greet another, do youth feel safe, respected by adults, listened to? dou you trust or distrust, like your community or rather only a few people and dislike most other?

Why is this so?

Is there something that you, your peers and adults care about, yet pay little attention to and hardly ever voice in public to find common priorities?

How might voicing common priorities affect your relationships with “people”? (think of the crash course phase #1 experience if you’ve done it)

Reflect on your local experience with politics

How many politicians have you encountered that relate with their constituents like Chloe does? (do they view them as citizens, voters or constituents?)

Do you perceive yourself as voter? as constituent? as citizen? What is the difference?

Do your politicians represent a party or their constituents? Check for local, state, national level

Are politicians your neighbors and ordinary citizens like you or something else, another “race”?

How often do you engage as active citizen in ways that Chloe describes in her video “A Community Worth Fighting For”?

Is there someone or something you love in your life, your region, that is threatened and you suffer about?

What changes for people and planet in your region do you really care for (beyond sports courts and band rooms)?

What steps might lead to achieve what you love?

Why speak with Chloe about it? 

How can you make the conversation pleasant, valuable for her?

Reflect on the Pine Tree Amendment

… that Chloe and fellow legislators proposed to add to the Maine Constitution stating that “all inhabitants of Maine have a right to a safe, healthy and intact natural environment”

… which makes acitivities endangering it unconstitutional and illegal

… as well as state investment in it

… and gives momentum to study the state of the natural environment

… as well as citizen’s access to it

… and to improving it 

… and to make destruction of the natural environment not only part of civil law but also of criminal law, with different consequences for people involved in having a role in the destruction than they face today

Do you have a moral right to a healthy, intact and accessible natural environment? Do you have a legal right? Do you want it? shall it be enshrined in constitutional law? 



This is entirely up to you.

It is unlikely that buzy bee Chloe can accompany you in your endeavor, but if you take on a dream and you make progress, let her know of your achievements.

As usual, we say “vividly documents for YL, social and news media”, and this can reach her, as well.

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