We have a badass new approach on getting active on climate.

Instead of waiting for regulations from far-away government and business, sabotaged and constrained by trillionaire investors who don’t give a damn … getting frustrated, sitting idle …

keep doing advocacy (it only takes minutes and hours), live planet-friendly, 

but also make your region resilient against climate crisis, instead of gliding into catastrophe.

Take a stunning set of strong common sense actions that

  • get lots of people involved who denied innovation, but get involved for “protecting what is”
  • makes life in the city exciting, safe, enjoyable
  • gets schools involved with actions; awesome
  • does a million things for regional nature, wildlife and foods
  • gets you involved with tons of partners from farmers to public servants
  • gives media an ongoing story

All this with YOUTH LEADERSHIP at the centre.

Now that crisis is coming, how dare anyone deny you the RIGHT to take the life- and peace-saving steps that make your region climate crisis resilient?

It comes with a surprise EPIC WIN

  1. achieving major things that were blocked for half a century
  2. actually curbing emissions beyond what’s been achieved to-date
  3. and dissolving the dirty industries and governance that caused the mess

It begins with VISION. 

We have a great exercise

  • for school
  • for workshops
  • for Fridays for Future #climatestrike sit-ins

The exercise:

Use the deck with 70+ action cards. 

1. Place the cards on the CITY and REGIONAL map

2. for pertaining issues and potential allies

3. Have an open conversation on the issue

Then, follow your intuition.

This is a Mega Quest. It’s already great to begin with the nspiration and big picture vision. 

Those super inspired for this cause can follow up with all sorts of actions.