YL Coach

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#bemoreawesome Crash Course
hero*ines exhibit
project days and weeks
project partnerships
accompany student clubs

YL Master Coach

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Global SDG School Challenge
Activate Your City campaign
teacher training, Coach certification
LearnSpace evolution
youth exchanges

Magical Coach

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train practical skills for creating a world and life of awesome
team up for projects, campaigns
evolve ideas together

Why are Coaches Important?

YL Coaches introduce to the fascinating Youth Leadership phenomenon

based on knowledge of its spectrum of causes, outstanding stories, video clips, music, the rich scope of YL resources, programs, partners, support services, opportunities, tricks and where to find help for advanced ideas and goals. Also,

  • they see unlimited power and potentials in young people
  • they love teenagers
  • they priorize empowering young people over everything, which means they are available almost 24/7
  • also for workshops and dreaming up grand projects

which makes them that very special kind of adult that youth on fire for people and planet need.

YL Master Coaches also train groups of educators, certify YL Coaches, accompany Activate Your City Campaigns, Global SDG School Challenges, LearnSpace evolution and more

Such able, globally connected people are mighty precious.

From whom can you learn practical skills to create a world of awesome?

  • where in town do you go to find such people?
  • who can you book for online meetings?
  • who can you visit after school hours?
  • who is accessible in evenings, on week-ends and holidays?

We say that’s very important! We want you to have plenty of options, and only the finest people, huggable people that love youth, and are loved by youth, the ‘everybody’s favorite teacher’ type of person.

Global Magical Coaches teach extraordinary knowhow, are connected with YL Action Guides, often also with campaigns.

Local Magical Coaches are perfect partners for activities at and beyond school, often connected with a Learnspace to visit. Add your dearest ones to the YL LearnPlanet Map, so that schools, youth, adult allies and Coaches better find one another!

We Empower to Self-organize Activities

really fast, right after our encounter!



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Mary Reynolds

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Ceci & Luis

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Michaela Jordanova

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John Griffith

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Andrea Mendez

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Ocean Ramsey

virtual and visits

Jane McGonigal



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Teacher, Korea

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YL Coach, India

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Youth Worker, Germany

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YL Coach, Germany


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Nominate amazing experts as YL Coach

why are Magical Coaches so important? Read here (link to Magical Coaches page)


why are Magical Coaches so important? Read here (link to Magical Coaches page)