YL Coaches introduce newbies to the fascinating world of youth leadership, to YL programs, teach skills to make life more awesome and how to create an Enabling Environment for local youth to self-organize projects like teen hero*ines do.

We can do a lot via video, also if we live far away from another.

Let’s meet face to face. You can invite many of our Coaches into town, to school, to events, to speak, run workshops, project days, weeks and camps. Exciting!

Get training and activate your school or city – invite a YL Master Coach into town for 1 month or more and get connected to our global community of partners, aligned with your local potentials and challenges.

Do you wish to activate the young generation, make school awesome and see them evoke tremendous changes? 

Meet a YL Coach and have a great experience that changes your group’s worldview for the positive and enables self-organization of many activities using 100s of YL actions, tools, tricks and partners.

Take some time to explore + connect with our news and social media, as we are add more coaches.

YL Coaches

introduce you to a discovery of young hero*ines, youth leadership essentials, YL tools, tricks, partners, programs, to kickstart and evolve actions at home, school, work and beyond

YL Master Coaches

help activate your city, set up LearnSpaces, evolve grand YL programs, your School of Excellence … we accompany your adventure

Magical Coaches

teach skills that make life more awesome – from everybody’s favorite teacher type of folks : vegan delights, blissful bodywork, self-defense, crafts…

Travelling Coaches and Scouts

are adventurers, storytellers, trainers and scouts in the YL Tribe. They are highly social, have magical and empowering stories to share, some map and interview good spaces and people for YL Magazine, The Hero Show …

Become YL Coach

You can acquire YL Coach skills with our self-/guided online Crash Course.

We also train local groups of adults, teachers etc. … with Certification. 

Advanced Coaches also accompany inspired youth, teachers, adults, schools, cities and others through projects, setting up LearnSpaces, activating their city and region.

Some form local YL Chapters of adults, Boost Club units and organize diverse activities in support of hero*ines, project partners and their own favorite causes.

Certified YL Coaches enjoy spending their days in the company of fellow coaches, epic hero*ines and genius experts in the YL Tribe community. It’s a great life!

Your Benefits

YL Coaches are extremely well equipped to inspire youth and caring adults using teen hero*ine stories, films, music, action guides, equip and enable them for year-round multi-faceted self-organized action by connecting with the YL Tribe, also for grand projects, youth exchanges, travel, bring in own ideas and more. You can align it with your workplace, profession, local problems, own projects … and we help you do so.

The Certificate strengthens your confidence and recognition by schools, youth, allies + forms a common foundation with YL practitioners + access to the YL Community of coaches, hero*ines, project partners and journalists.

Do you wish to supercharge your skills to activate youth and adults, as citizen, in your profession as teacher, councillor, journalist, librarian, activist, at your workplace?

Here is your chance: As YL Coach, you are equipped with humanity’s finest tools, methods, partners and support.

Add Magical Coaches to our LearnPlanet Map

Tell us of awesome people – the everybody’s favorite teacher type of person – who show us places or skills that make life more awesome. 

Magical Coach Benefits

On our website you find GLOBAL expert coaches.

Our LearnPlanet Map also shows many LOCAL magical coaches, the “everybody’s favorite teacher” character type bee-keeper, falconer, storyteller, upcycler, vegan chef, community gardener …

Magical Coaches benefit from getting found and finding others … YL Coaches, youth teams, schools, event hosts … to collaborate with.

The richer our Map becomes, the more people get to know of the important concept of Magical Coaches as superb partners for activated youth and schools.

Your Benefits

As coach, youth, hero*ine, teacher, Boost Club Unit, company, celebrity, family etc. … you benefit of precious relations with wonderful people

  • as you have made contact to add them
  • in your region for years to come
  • for yourself, family, friends, and your YL Allies
  • to involve in projects, project days

+ many of them have SPACES

  • where they operate
  • which are LearnSpaces
  • that you can visit, also with teams
  • that can become Bases or HQs

and where you can find other coaches and allies! 

Seed and spark YL activities, activate allies, add magical coaches to the Map, it will serve your future well!