YL Coaches

Learn essentials of youth leadership and how YL resources and relations help you spark and evolve youth leadership with flying banners – at home, school, work and beyond


YL (Master) Coaches

Activate your city, evolve grand YL programs – we accompany your adventure  


Magical Coaches

Learn (of) skills that make life more awesome – from everybody’s favorite teacher type of folks


etc etc etc. Get a rapid fun initiation to the good life!



45+ minutes. Prepare, act and follow-up to enrich your learning experience


Book a Coach at school, for project days, weeks, festivals, conferences, summer camps…


Coaches’ colorful life journey, childhood, school, travel, learning, formation, making a living, allies, what’s next …

Our meeting enables you to self-organize follow-up.

We also collaborate LONG-TERM on big projects, learning programs and campaigns

We accompany your Grand Project

Call us in to realize YL Programs like Project Partnerships, Activate Your City Campaign, SDG Challenge,  youth exchanges …

also over several years 

Project Day / Week

Book YL Coaches to bring school action days and SDG fests to life + add inspirational hero*ines exhibit, films, music to activate your community


Some Coaches teach solid skills that you can teach others and make you part of a recognized network of pracitioners that help another

  • YL Coach
  • YL Youth Creative Coach
  • sevengardens dialoger
  • Permaculture Design Course

YL Coach meetings can create long-lasting presence that you can enjoy and build on!

YL Coaches spark TEAMS

like Changemaker Student Clubs or adult Boost Club Units that can self-organize year-round fireworks of action with YL Resources, Project Partners and local allies

Magical Coaches teach SKILLS

of immediate value that you can evolve yourself, quickly, also with tips, resources or relations provided by your coach friend, right there or with quick Q&A later on

Coaches create SPACES

  • LearnSpaces, HQs, exhibits
  • Upcycled Mystery Huts
  • Living Food Labs
  • Sensory Gardens, Dyeing Gardens, Edible Landscapes
  • Seed Libraries
  • Positive News Mag, Radio Show

that you can evolve, add-on to and connect with the YL Tribe


these are real people doing real things in the great outdoors

Pay a Visit

Some Coaches operate as nature guide, animal trainer, ranger, self-defense trainer, permaculture farmer, some lead institutes or civil movements … and you can pay visits as tourist, volunteer or class.

Dream big!

Learning Journeys

You can join some coaches for eco-cultural expeditions, some with film documentation, or for *coaching hikes* that combine 1+ week long nature hikes with coaching for your goals in life.

YL Camps

Join week-end or 1+ week-long holiday YL Camps on youth leadership + magical skills +discovery of regional highlights, needs and potentials … or co-organize one by calling in YL Coaches, 

The Coach encounter is a great way to open THE DOOR to this magical world with a fireworks experience so that participants wake up that a fresh, new and exciting world to become part of from day#1, for a lifetime of opportunities, fun and adventure, aligning doing good for people and planet with one’s personal dreams. Exactly what our young generation deserves.


Got questions? Of course.

Tell us what speaks to you and let’s get rolling, swift and fun!

“Stop being boring. Start being awesome” – Kid President



YL Coaches

YL Coaches introduce to the fascinating Youth Leadership phenomenon

based on knowledge of its spectrum of causes, outstanding stories, video clips, music, the rich scope of YL resources, programs, partners, support services, opportunities, tricks and where to find help for advanced ideas and goals. Also,

  • they see unlimited power and potentials in young people
  • they love teenagers
  • they priorize empowering young people over everything, which means they are available almost 24/7
  • also for workshops and dreaming up grand projects

which makes them that very special kind of adult that youth on fire for people and planet need.

YL Master Coaches

YL Master Coaches also train groups of educators, certify YL Coaches, accompany Activate Your City Campaigns, Global SDG School Challenges, LearnSpace evolution and more

Such able, globally connected people are mighty precious.

Magical Coaches

From whom can you learn practical skills to create a world of awesome?

  • where in town do you go to find such people?
  • who can you book for online meetings?
  • who can you visit after school hours?
  • who is accessible in evenings, on week-ends and holidays?

We say that’s very important! We want you to have plenty of options, and only the finest people, huggable people that love youth, and are loved by youth, the ‘everybody’s favorite teacher’ type of person.

Global Magical Coaches teach extraordinary knowhow, are connected with YL Action Guides, often also with campaigns.

Local Magical Coaches are perfect partners for activities at and beyond school, often connected with a Learnspace to visit. Add your dearest ones to the YL LearnPlanet Map, so that schools, youth, adult allies and Coaches better find one another!

Creative Youth Coaches


The ultimate role models and trainers for children are slightly older children or teens. That’s a natural law, it’s coded in all our genes – since we are mammals – which means it’s super perfect for lightning fast learning and growth for survival and living in interconnected community. It works best with slightly older peers, because

  1. they tick almost the same … bubbly, silly, open minded, friendship, no need to keep an air of authority
  2. the little ones can feel into them, to be like them soon, in 1, 2, 5 years time … high identification
  3. youth are less traumatized and programmed by suboptimal ideologies … no ego, mask, prejudice, fear, worries about war, rent, spouses, politics, nor need of hidden agenda for gain 
  4. youth have TIME … they don’t run off once the paid session is over, they can arrange follow-up
  5. as students, they can reach 100s of peers and act as assistant teachers with caring teachers
  6. daily for 10 years, for free with many win-win benefits like awesome school days, magical memories, great friends, ace skills, access to adult relations, professional avenues

It is a wonderful complementary skillset for YL Warriors and Changemaker Student Clubs in the #BeMoreAwesome program


in color, food, planting, bodywork, media production, leadership, charity …?

Children and youth need to experience trust in their ability to quickly acquire relevant skills to shape real life at a quality level of adult society … most young humans in industrial society are treated as imbeciles until the age of 22, be it in working class or academic environments … and this has severe suboptimal effects on awesomeness, liberty, sovereignity, mental health, their next 70 years on Earth with their families, neighbors, communities, the animal, plant, mineral and spirit realms.

The multi-award winning UNESCO structural program sevengardens active in 30 countries with focus on sourcing colors from plants for art, dyes, play, therapy, business, fashion, crafts, community gardens, nature education etc etc is a prime example of citizen science 2.0 enabling kindergarten kids, teachers, artists, differently abled, professionals, indigenous people, researchers, business, tour guides etc. to swiftly acquire a very basic skill and method that enables them to pursue their own learning journey through exploration with free or very cheap tools and resources + consult practitioners for simple FAQ resulting in quick Aha-moments to upgrade to next skills level at levels that satisfy for personal use but also quickly satisy societal quality benchmarks … to train others, to sell products (art, died easter eggs, wool, pinzetti whiteboard markers, ink, and to organize ESD and SDGs activities that get backing from city, foundations, make headlines and everybody loves it …

  • like in youth leadership action that changes lives, land, laws and industries …
  • but here for things that make A GOOD LIFE … with art, color, food, planting, bodywork, media etc. 

Many of these DIY activities liberate users from dependencies on low quality industry products leaving a trail of harm on land and people through low paid labor, slavery, poisoned soils and water, mafia relations, ecocide, genocide, slavery … and suboptimal health effects on the user … and thereby are relevant part of creating a new economy, production and consumption model (SDGs 1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17) … which means they are natural evident life skills of Able Active Citizens, inhabitants of libertarian-democratic, peaceful, regenerative societies.

Further, they are well understood, valued and promoted by conventional teachers, councils, “old people” :-), institutions of natural and cultural heritage that are often undervalued and overridden in the hyper corporate tech buzz that our societies are currently flooded with and in need of better connective with their communities and people. This means, that COACHES that offer teaching such skills with a twist of MAGIC that makes kids, teens and adults LOVE to JOIN, PARTICIPATE, PRACTICE AND PASS ON these skills are well appreciated, in demand and gain access to the general public, families and schools whose mindset and priority mindset is still 19th or 20th Century … and through example, build a bond of appreciation and trust that opens space to share also other … 21st Century activity GEMS.  


Your Benefits

YL Coaches are extremely well equipped to inspire youth and caring adults using teen hero*ine stories, films, music, action guides, equip and enable them for year-round multi-faceted self-organized action by connecting with the YL Tribe, also for grand projects, youth exchanges, travel, bring in own ideas and more. You can align it with your workplace, profession, local problems, own projects … and we help you do so.

The Certificate strengthens your confidence and recognition by schools, youth, allies + forms a common foundation with YL practitioners + access to the YL Community of coaches, hero*ines, project partners and journalists. 

Your Benefits

YL Creative Coaches self-train with Corona Academy skills (via online tutorials) and earn the Certificate for completion of a chosen set of food, bodywork, media, nature etc. practices. These skills enrich your own daily life + enable you to teach others: friends + kids & teens at elementary schools, town fests, library week-ends, summer camps.

The Certificate strengthens your confidence and recognition by schools etc. + is a great tool to connect with children, families and schools. Practice casually with friends, at family fests, in parks, at town fests, your student club … and you will develop confidence, results, photos, feedback that lead to demand and recognition from teachers etc., which gives you access to many students … which can lead to more YL activities, Crash Courses, forming teams and more.

Magical Coach Benefits

On our website you find GLOBAL expert coaches.

Our LearnPlanet Map also shows many LOCAL magical coaches, the “everybody’s favorite teacher” character type bee-keeper, falconer, storyteller, upcycler, vegan chef, community gardener … 

Magical Coaches benefit from getting found and finding others … YL Coaches, youth teams, schools, event hosts … to collaborate with.

The richer our Map becomes, the more people get to know of the important concept of Magical Coaches as superb partners for activated youth and schools.

Your Benefits

As coach, youth, hero*ine, teacher, Boost Club Unit, company, celebrity, family etc. … you benefit of precious relations with wonderful people

  • as you have made contact to add them
  • in your region for years to come
  • for yourself, family, friends, and your YL Allies
  • to involve in projects, project days

+ many of them have SPACES

  • where they operate
  • which are LearnSpaces
  • that you can visit, also with teams
  • that can become Bases or HQs

and where you can find other coaches and allies! Seed and spark YL activities, activate allies, add magical coaches to the Map, it will serve your future well!