How do youth leaders raise $50,000?

How do they change laws?

How do they operate at schools?

How do they mobilize 100s of supporters?

How do they get booked as speakers?

How do they get on tv? 

You will experience all of this, and more.

Young people have enormous powers. Powers that adults do not have. Like every generation born into a special era, they have the new Operating System in them. 

The future of people and planet depends on youth to activate it, full scale. Dear, you’re needed!

The great news is – it’s not “work”. It’s fun, amazing, and if you like – adventure, like your favorite sport, music or passion. And it develops super skills and friends. Cool, aye?!

Together, we can turn this into the adventure of our lives, and make miracles happen for people and planet, like your wildly successful peers do!


Every caring youth can do this. The steps are ridiculously simple. It’s about the magical spirit, the tools, the activities, the partner contacts – and we have tons of that. In combination, they work miracles, just like “synergy is more than the sum of its parts”.

WE WILL BEGIN by showing you a few dozen young hero*ines, their stories and videos, their music, and some interview bits, how they operate at schools, and how you can contribute, rightaway.

Fair enough, huh? Entertaining, too! And then, you decide, whether you want to proceed to next 2. It is highly likely that you will want to. And more. And more. Without limits. 

Before we begin, let me give you a few impressions of your potential future activities and effects.


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Common sense stuff. Simple. Feasible. Right?

Look, we know young people today, their heart, their wishes, the often suboptimal setting of school and local community, the suboptimal respect by adults, the insecurities about standing up, getting positive feedback, respect, recognition, support, building honest, friendly community, having fun, following one’s personal interests and ideas, and achieving great good for people and planet … changing lives, laws, industries, learning culture … what you choose to focus on. I recommend to do all of it.

Also, I wish to tell you that there are many yet invisible young and Adult Allies, that you will like, love, respect, and that look forward to caring youth like you, as supporters and partners and mentors.

They are teachers, business holders, artists, journalists, public librarians, city councillors, civil society organizations, parents … that wish to achieve positive impact for people and planet, to empower youth, upgrade life at school, and enrich their personal and professional lives.

They just don’t know how to. We have the resources and relations to help you. And we make it easy.

The big fat magic trick is – it depends on the spirit, and what is used in newsletters, articles, presentations, exhibits. It depends on who you FUNdraise for. And how we organize our interactions. We have used our tools with various groups and settings.

Across generations – this is what people say.

“The most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet students had something to say.”

“Students are inspired, and wish to be part.”

“Everybody agrees, the exhibit was the best of the school project day.”

“This is what school should always be like.”

Nice, huh? Now let’s look at how to activate your superpowers.

Our Online Crash Course guides you to unfold your inborn skills to …

... change lives, laws, industries, learning culture

 like your hero*ine peers

... make school awesome

by making creating a good world for all part of life

... evolve vivid community

with lovely youth and adult allies, near and far

... connected via internet

with a tribe of kids, volunteers and badass heros

This is the end of boring!

It connects you with all the good-hearted, caring, creative, open-minded people in your region … at schools, in media, businesses, organizations, farmers, markets, online, in your city and country, your continent and around the planet.

You may not think of this when “doing good for people and planet”, but it’s logical, right?

Really good friends!

“We set out to change the image of the young angry activist, to giving all that we have, and all that we are, on behalf of all that we love.”

says Ocean Robbins, who co-founded YES! Youth For Environmental Sanity at the age of 12. That’s some good company, isn’t it? This company comes when you take the right kind of actions for people and planet. You now have lots of action options, modeled on the stories of wildly successful changemakers.

So, don’t sit idle, find out how it works!

You choose your favorite causes, from a rich set of options.

We offer you tools, partners and support that make it easy. You can use our resources in your own way, for specific causes – or you can join our goal : to change everything.

What does life as a teenage changemaker look like?

Brief media stories tell you only 5%. Here is what’s ahead, starting as complete newbie.

Get a Gift

to make it tangible part of your life at home. Get the Cardgame as pocket companion. Download and print, or order a sturdy copy. 

Explore the Online Exhibit

Discover youth leadership. Grab your fav snack, headphones, lock the door and dive into the multimedia exhibit. 

Sign up

with our newsletter & social media. 

Inspire Friends & Family

using stories, videos, sharing your new discoveries, passion, ideas …

Share & Spread

using links and our digital resources

Take swift High Impact Starter Actions

to make quick impact, feel your agency, gain media presence, develop supportive community. 

Take the personal Crash Course

and learn the essentials of youth leadership. 

Establish Presence in Town

Use poster exhibits,flyers, media packs, do LemonAId stands … at libraries, markets, cafes …

Organize LEVEL UP! Crash Courses

in your class and others, with the aim to spark a student club. 

Form a Changemaker Student Club

uniting fired up peers across classes and grades. 1 per class already makes a formidable force!

Vividly document activities, share with YL, social, news media

in positive news style.

Collaborate with Teachers

Use stories and videos in class, organize activities for fests, project and UN Days, connect with parents.

Meet Hero*ines 'live' online

Get inspired, Q&A, celebrate achievements, plan what’s next.

Join Meet-ups

with other youth teams in town and adult allies.

Use Occasions

like town and school fests, UN Days, project days and weeks, volunteer fairs … to take action and connect with teachers, media, organizations, the public. 

Take monthly actions, year-round

picking your fav’s from 400+ actions in the Change Generation Rising program. 

Coach younger peers

also at other schools.

Go visit Hero*ines

on your holidays, as guest, volunteer and partner.

Join YL Camps

Epic summer camp trainings in majestic nature setting for youth teams and hero*ines. 

As you can tell, each measure grows a team’s  presence in schools, public and media, allies, impact, community, opportunities …

Imagine activating the entire “tree” above.

First steps are simple. The next might feel vague, because you havent done that yet, but it’s pretty clear that this is down to earth stuff. The fact that kids and teens are doing that, having lots of fun, should give you confidence that one will learn by doing. One sets a goal, checks how other youth have done it, follow the steps, freestyle the rest. You can call us for coaching. More allies will pop up – among citzens, trusted teachers, mentors, environmental organizations …

and of course, youth … friends and new friends.

Here is what it looks like at school. And more.

The trick is to get to know many different hero*ines, their causes and activities … and to do like them.

You can support their campaigns, or start them locally

You can even meet many of them ‘live’ online, giving you the precious feeling of being part of a community

As you act, you will also develop local community

So, don’t sit idle, find out how it works!

Your success makes our hearts soar!

Because we love to see you reach your dreams, and your success means great value for people and planet, too! Plus, it’s super fun to watch, and will enable others in your part of the world to live their dreams. It cannot get any better. 

That is our world at YL. And we are driven by the vision to open it up to millions of caring youth!

Are you ready to get a taste of this path?

Your personal Crash Course

guides you through each step to get a taste of it.

It’s a rich, eye-opening experience and powerful training!

  • it upgrades your view of youth, the world, y/our future
  • it teaches you many practical steps with huge impact
  • it activates your Harry Potter-like hero feelings for real 
  • it shows you how people experience the LEVEL UP! Crash Course 

You will be ready to awaken, join ranks and make friends with the Gryffindores, elves, angel warriors and beautiful beasts in your region.

If you want, you can earn a Badge / Certificate

as YL Coach, equipped with stories, methods, resources to inspire others!

Here’s your ticket to a life of awesome!





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