is to show how, unnoticed by large parts of humanity, teens today already change lives, land, learning, laws and industries at record pace and scale, with thousands of individual initiatives and as student clubs at thousands of schools, not through protest but projects, and how youth and adults everywhere can take part. This session is designed as a highly vivid and participatory group experience of shared priorities and passion for people and planet, sparking lasting positive worldview change, solid empowerment and immediate follow-up action.

This Phase is a must for everybody that cares in any form for youth, perople and planet.
It can be taken online or onsite, as an individual, group, or school class, self-guided or guided by a YL Coach.


Resources : Introduction to the Crash Course participant list (for groups seeking Course Phase Badges and YL Coach Certificates), Guide Cards for Phases 1 to 6 (with texts to read to the group, and tips for YL Coaches); ambience posters to distribute in the room; hero*ine story posters with flip cards; video and music cards; feedback posters; feedback forms.

Hero*ine Story Posters (half-page A5 size) with flip cards (1 sentence summary) and short stories, world map location, Qr code to online profile with videos, interview, social links and more, and with action guides on backpage showing 4 proposed actions to boost, join, replicate the initiative, easy to advanced for greater impact.

Story Posters

with flip card, QR code to online profiles, and action guide on backpages

Story Posters


Action Guides

4 actions each



Ambience Posters


Students study (optional as a homework for preparation) and present their hero*ine to the group. YL Coaches decide on occasion whether students follow their motivation to present, by color category etc. 24 amazing stories make a very vivid worldview changing group experience on youth power. 

After presenting their hero*ine, youth add the poster to the wall display. The combination of ambience posters, hero*ine posters, video and music cards conveys an idea of how to create a rich, interactive exhibit in public space to reach the entire school community / the citizenry; and of a alternating Hero*ine of the Month micro exhibit aligned with current UN Days (to sustain year-round presence in class / canteen / cafe etc).

Music and Video cards. We mix in multi-media to bring the spirit to life. We have must-view videos of featured hero*ines and recommended pep and music clips to use depending on session length. This *new* Change Generation music is dealth with extensively in Phase 3. Hence one can give appetizers for what else is available. 

Harvest feedback. This is a very important moment. do not let energy dissipate and students run away. We have very smart consciousness boosting questions that lead to decisions for immediate follow-up. 

90+% of Students

agree strongly on YES! to “youth leadership is new to me + is highly inspirational + important for the young generation + everybody should know + it should be present at (their) school/s.

That all one’s peers, also the silent ones and bullies, agree that doing massive good for people and planet is universal priority, is an entirely new awareness for youth (and adults); because the question is (a) never raised (b) in an ambience of pertaining spirit.

This state of mind is attained in an immersion that opens everybody’s heart for what they truly care for, ignites courage to feel and show one’s noble self and voice one’s love for people and planet, in short, that awakens everybody’s Inner Hero*ine. This changes everything.

This result is achieved by the wide scope of world class high impact role models with authentic, vivid multimedia resources on doers. Plus, to enable follow-up, more is needed.

Decide to walk your talk – who wants to take action? What? Should everybody at school know? Shall we reach into all classes and public space? Shall we activate parents? And media? Who wants a Changemaker Student Club at school? Let’s take steps to make it happen …

“I never knew youth could do this. This gives me so much hope.”

“The most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen. I feel adrenalin run through my entire body. I feel like getting up and doing something, too.”

“This is what school should always be like.”


Positive Worldview Change

on youth, the power of one, school, the future

Shared Passion for Positive Change

among 90+% of students

Alliance between Students and Teacher

to make youth leadership present at school, and part of learning culture

Changemaker Student Club

destined to unite fired up youth across classes and grades

Immediate Actions

in support of featured young hero*ines’ initiatives

Immediate Outreach

at school : a public poster exhibit, crash course Ph.1 in classes, Ph.2-6 in club, project week … to make youth leadership omni-present

At this point, students are on fire to take action, and ask “how can we be part?”

The next step is to bridge the gap from inspiration to action.
The best way is to learn from those who are successful, by walking alongside them in

Phase 2 > The Hero*ine’s Journey and YL For You