is to introduce to highly inspiring resources and tools but more so comprehend what makes stories and videos so inspiring (and how to create them), what makes “inspirational” hero*ines so inspiring (and how to activate the same spirit in oneself), what makes today’s *new* singers and Change Generation music so inspiring – and how to sing and produce it oneself!

Since you are here, now, nominate

1. outstanding young hero*ines to get featured in YL media ! (especially from outside North America, which are hard to find)
2. outstanding positive news platforms, magazines, columns, radio / tv shows from all corners of the Earth !
3. outstanding Change Generation Music expressing “it’s our people, our planet, our future, and we’re gonna save them, no matter what!” and uplifting our spirit to rise and to truly take action !


Resources : Phase 3 guide cards; video and music cards; online resources; feedback sheet

We reflect on solution-oriented “positive news”, learn on its effects on mental health and active citizenship; we compare different columns, platforms, and how to do better – much better – and practice writing positive news stories on outstanding hero*ines and model solutions for publication in YL Magazine. Yay!

What exactly makes hero*ines so inspirational? How can we activate this energy in ourselves? How can we better cultivate it, and live our values in daily life?

What makes today’s teen activist singers and the *new* Change Generation Music  so inspirational? Can we sing and compose such songs ourselves? After all, we should,  – since everybody learn and sings pop songs – since no 60s event without pertaining music : other music would spoil the spirit! – since today’s *new* singers strongly raise events’ energy – since we should not be dependent on them. This is GEM for music class!

“I am positively shocked. I have never seen teenagers express themselves this way.”

“I am speechless about this beautiful music. OMG, the stuff on MTV is braindead dirt in comparison.”

Viewing Xiuhtezcatl’s Who Am I at Unity Concert, at night. “Play it again” __ “Again” __ “Again” tears streaming, in  silence.

“Until we met you for this interview, we weren’t sure you truly exist. You appear like from another world.”


“I have served in war, and I have seen too many bad things. Her music has rekindled a sense of wonder in me.”


Access to Positive Change Media

online platforms, magazines, books and more for use online, at home, at school, in professions and public

Ability to create inspirational Articles

to boost one’s own reach, audience response and impact

Awareness of one's Inner Hero*ine

and how to nurture him/her, and awaken him/her in others

Knowledge of *new* spectacular Change Generation Music

what makes it, the artists’ background, where to find it, how to create it, how to use it at school and at events

Better understanding how to live one's values in daily life

to improve mental health, be the change and inspire others

Ability to create inspirational videos

using simple tech and the hero*ine stories, plots and protagonists one creates with one’s own team and activities

By this time, your group’s minds, hearts and hands
overflow with high impact solutions, stories, vision, ideas, tactics, tricks, partners and support.

They are likely to have taken action, already.

What’s really precious now is to learn to to activate Adult Allies
by taking a bird’s eye view of town and region to localize solutions in town, detect friendly locations, team up with key professionals (like journalists), also using occasions like UN Days, and combine all of it for popular campaigns. That is what we do in

Phase 4 > Activate Paradise City