is to turn inspiration into action – with flying banners – using a set of swift, simple, highly popular, impactful actions using solid basic resources – making a practical experience of youth leadership essentials – and forming a team, activating relations, generating presence at school*, in public*, in media and remarkable impact.

* in case of a youth group at school
Individuals taking the online Crash Course will practice the same steps, just at small scale. It still generates the experience that lays a foundation for work as YL Coach, knowing what one speaks of, and what activated youth will experience.


Resources : Guide cards; links to online resources; access to coaching on demand; feedback sheets 

You practice donations / FUNdraisers and book etc. drives for favorite hero*ines, you study options for in-kind support, activate your social / media relations, guide a Phase 1 session for a friendly group, make a small exhibit, harvest feedback, and document activities to report to YL, create posts on social media, newsletters*, articles* and inform news media.

* groups for sure, individuals as they see fit  


Experience of social media push and people's response

using your new digital resources, posts, action calls, milestones

Experience of doing a FUNdraiser

for favorite hero*ines and causes, using their inspiring stories, photos, videos, milestones, seeing impact unfold online, involving people, exploring options for in-kind support and teaming up as partners

Experience of guiding a Crash Course

casually with family, friends, or non-/formally with groups or school class 

Experience of a Poster Exhibit

location, set up, interactions, involvement, documentation

Experience of vividly Documenting Activities

photos, film, testimonials, group, conversations, close-ups, ambience

Experience of Interaction with Changemakers

contributions, shares, meetings

At this point,

 … as individual, you will have heard wows about the inspiring stories and activities you bring;

… your Crash Course group will already have been called local hero*ines.

With this joy, appreciation, trust, experience, confidence, supportive community on many sides, equipped with 400+ activities and direct coaching and cooperation with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis, you and your team are ready to inspire others and rapidly launch many activities, projects, join campaigns and YL programs, like local YL Magazines, Global SDG School Challenges, Project Partnerships shaping the future of entire regions, youth exchanges, West-East European School Cooperation, as well as launch own campaigns in response to local issues, as part of a global tribe.

Individuals and highly active group members that have walked through all 5 Phases have the skills, spirit, know-how, stories and relations to guide #bemoreawesome Crash Courses for youth and adults, which deserves recognition, so the world knows and finds you on the YL Learn Planet Map. That’s what we do in

Phase 6 : Report & Interview for YL Coach Certification