is to complete your training as YL Coach, your welcoming and introduction to the YL Community. 

Ordinary kids and adults can be YL Coach. That is the idea. It does not require prior experience, only honestly good intentions.


A report with the complete documentation of Phase 1-5 activities and a reflection on the experience.

This is highly useful for deeper learning, memorization, contextual understanding, empathy for others, proof of skill (to us and) to oneself on this remarkable journey and rapid upgrade of knowledge and competences, a booster of confidence. 

An interview. This helps us get to know you, your location, setting, background, skills, passion and plans … anything from “just in case” to “full time”. This help us better help you, connect you with support and partners, and connect people towards you. Or not. As you please. We will help you refine your skills. Or not. Also, it is a human filter. Scammers, egos, don’t even try. Lol.

An article. We make a brief article post on you that you can use to share on social and with news media, your school etc. This can be your first officiual step of outreach and connecting to first partners and bookings for Crash Courses, project days, project weeks etc.


Solid Knowledge

of your experience and newly gained skills, resources and relations

Solid Confidence

of your newly gained competences and powers to inspire, educate and empower others – for action – and to self-organize considerable action for people and planet and to ACTIVATE YOUR CITY 

Certified YL Coach Status and Marker

A signed and stamped certificate, with YL’s UNESCO and RCE / UNITED NATIONS University Status, and a marker on the YL LearnPlanet Map, as reference and to get found

A Bond with YL Staff

You know you are recognized part of the tribe, with real human support

Access to YL Coaches Community

via Patreon, YL Staff and social media

Access to YL Tribe Partners

via YL Staff and Office

By this time, you know

that there exist very few if any youth leadership coaches
of your level of knowledge, expertise, resources and relations in your town, region or country.

Experienced veterans in youth empowerment call YL
“The Epitome of Youth Leadership”
and as you start living it, you begin to embody it.

We have a Planet to save, and we have not come here to fail.

Time to Wield your Magic Wands.