Here is what students say after Phase 1 organized by volunteer YL Coaches at schools.

  • This scope of youth power is new to us 98% 98%
  • This is super inspirational 95% 95%
  • This is important for our generation 95% 95%
  • This should be part of life at school 92% 92%
  • I am willing to contribute on occasion 75% 75%
  • I am ready to join a Changemaker Student Club 15% 15%

5-15% is 1-4 per class. At a school of 10 to 50 classes, that’s 10 to 200 youth on fire. That’s mighty.

You have seen what individual youth can do.
A Changemaker Student Club is well equipped, backed by a majority of students, teachers and a global tribe.

Here’s what teachers and students say¬†about the WE Schools program,which combines classroom teaching with club-powered service-learning activities for local and global causes.

  • TEACHERS feel more professionally fulfilled 78% 78%
  • TEACHERS see leadership qualities in students 82% 82%
  • STUDENTS feel more self-confident 89% 89%
  • STUDENTS volunteer for favorite causes 91% 91%
Nice, huh? That’s why we’re so excited about getting youth leadership into all schools, and now you can do that, too.