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You care for people and planet and really want to see change happen – for people’s lives, laws, industries,m learning culture (life at school).

You wish that youth and adults get inspired, active, and that whatever you do makes a difference. Also, you don’t want to be alone, and you know that presence in news media is part of a success story. You also know that change means that money flows for people and projects.

So … if we just told you to pick up trash and give a talk on climate change … dude, this does NOT live up to your dreams, does NOT reach your goals, and is NOT what people and planet need.

Hence, dear young friend/s, we offer you something way bigger … and way more FUN! I guarantee that right now you have no idea what’s coming, and you have no idea how magic and fun it can be. How people love it. And how SIMPLE it is. 

This (photo) is what crews of changemakers look like – and that’s how we design this CRASH COURSE. With fun and  flair of adventure! 

So, in case you scroll down this page to PREVIEW what’s ahead … don’t freak out about “how much” it is, or “how big”.

Every epic like Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings begins with getting to know that “world”, and then it gets AWESOME.

You are about to discover the wonderful world of YOUTH LEADERSHIP – full of real-world hero*ines, mages, the real Hogwarts and lessons in magic! Seriously.

So get serious about your real dreams for life, Harry & Hermione, and decide where you put your priorities. Is your current performance as changemaker enough for people and planet, for your future. NO. But – #tellthetruth – it has to be. 

Besides many other things, completing this course (at your own pace), you can

  • score a Badge for your CV
  • a Certificate as YL Coach
  • to run LEVEL UP! Crash Courses for GROUPS
    the unique group experience for activating school classes, forming changemaker student clubs and rocking entire cities! 

So get ready to learn to think, dream and DO like the world’s most successful teenage changemakers. 

Take time, get a snack pack, shut the door, rev up the computer (phones are too small), turn up the volume, lights out, and enter the world of awesome.


CONNECT – and share with friends and potential allies

DETECT ADULT ALLIES – relations, key allies, and professions


With your new knowledge and first positive responses, get rolling




Based on this experience n reference, print flyers, and activate the community

ACTIVATE SCHOOLS : give presenttions



GENERATE SUPPORT – connect with funders

SCALE UP! BOOSTING HERO*INES – something solid or long-term

We all wish to see Youth Leadership florish in our cities, schools, regions, all over Earth. And we are millions.

Since teens succeed, and 1,000’s of schools integrate high impact student clubs in learning culture, it is evident that it can happen in your region, too. What an exciting outlook!

We guide you step by step, you can tick off the basics, change lives right away, and you’ll know that you know what you’re doing, that you are able, equipped, supported, ready to rock, and that your message and offers will be well received by many like-hearted folks. Yay!

Browse the steps. You’ll see, they are simple, intriguing, common sense. Anyone can do this.

Do you have a sense of sportswo/man or adventure?
That’s a great casual way to approach it!

Take the steps. It coaches you to be a precious, multi-skilled changemaker in the community

Walk through it once. After that, you are skilled and equipped to freestyle and recognize opportunities.

The Crash Course

From newbie to pro in record time!

Wait - can an online course do as much as a a real face to face workshop? YES!

Yes, we know, people want to attend a face to face meeting. But look, we cannot be everywhere right now and there’s no time to waste. Hence, for practical reasons, here’s an online crash course for you to take in the comfort of your home, your garden, on the beach.

We have designed this course and are absolutely satisfied with it! It even has advantages, so let’s use them! For instance, you can fully immerse yourself in the music, stories, latest news from hero*ines you love. See, this kick off phase is all about you, not us or others. It is about your feelings, your vision, your reflections, your dreams, ideas, skills, relations and opportunities to get active.

Get to now changemakers, their initiatives, our tools and start swiftly, with flying banners. You can change lives already today. This week, you will begin to meet other people and start sharing views and ideas. You will create community this month. Easy.

You will notice by the end, how your worldview has changed. That’s nothing spooky. You will have a different view of young people power. Of what life at school can be like. That growing up doesn’t mean to become boring. That solutions for all problems exist. And – how the merry changemakers you see think and feel. And since we respect or mire them for what they achieve, how they rock, shine, speak and inspire, we have good reason to unlock the same feel and skills in ourselves, huh?

This doesn’t mean we have to all become grand speakers. No. Remember that we say we unite all sorts of beings in our tribe – warriors, healers, planters, wonders, weirdos, secret agents… some loud, others soft, silent, serious. Some taking centre stage, others working in the background, others almost invisible. 

What unites them, is the virtuous feelings inside. Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Gryffindore, they share an appreciation for the tender miracles of life. The Heart. And this is what makes the changemakers so … special. They dare feel it, the love for beauty of life, the suffering of the less fortunate, and the ardent desire to change this. This degree of fortitude, hope, conviction, vision, can be awakened, kindled and solidifed. It’s not only precious for helping others. It’s also precious for oneself in the 70+ years ahead. To protect oneself, one’s dreams, and one’s loved ones.

So, we invite you to walk along the hero*ines and breathe, feel, toil and laugh with them. This may appear easier by meeting for a week-long camp. Sure, but – your feelings are awakened when reading books, watching movies and listening to audiobooks, right? Our videos will have the same effect. That’s why we ask you to commit to this experience, and not get distracted.

Imagine entering a room, a tent, or a gathering spot in a valley, for a workshop with us. Trust me, we are with you in spirit, via feedback forms, social media, and soon also “live”. You may actually be the one to deliver face to face workshops in your community soon, and activate little ones, peers and grown-ups. 

So, take your heart in both hands, and dive in by yourself. This course is meant to upgrade your life, and those of many others. It is simple, yet very powerful. Commit, like you commit to watching your favorite movie. Sound on, anyone else on, do disturbance! Follow the guidelines, respond to questions (just as you would in a face 2 face workshop). No cheating, or you spoil your learning. You get as much out of it as you put into it, and the world deserves your best!

I look forward to hearing of your experience, and seeing you on the other side.

Greetings from a bright new world, Eric

Welcome to the Crash Course.

This crash course guides you to spark youth leadership, make impact, mobilize community, and gain presence at school, in public and media, in a matter of hours, days, weeks.

You go through a 3-phase process

Learn : discover Youth Leadership in its essential facets

Activities 1 : simple, swift actions, experience the essentials 

Activities 2 : building on your experience, inspire others

By this time, you will have knowledge and know-how. You will have crew and community. That’s quite something! You may even have acquired Local Hero status, you legend!

From then on, you choose your favorite causes and activities, begin to freestyle, brin forg in own campaigns, and gain backing of our global tribe. You will know your preferences, and whether you want to make changemaking a casual, constant or full-time part of your life. You can either sign up officially with us, or act completely independent using our tools and resources. Do what works best for you.

For now, let’s start with discovering the world of youth leadership. Imagine a discovery tour like a first visit to Hogwarts or Middle Earth – since what young people are rocking today is no less astonishing and spectacular.

Hey, thank you so much for choosing to open this page. It tells me that you are very close to evoking really big change in the world, and I’ll be your #1 fan when this happens.

Are you unsure whether you can evoke changes, inspire others, activate your school, get on the news?

Well, I know you can. Consider this.

Kind teachers love positive role models of youth doing good. Imagine giving a presentation or workshop on 24 teenage hero*ines in class. Do you think that some of your peers will love it? Our experience is that almost all do, and they agree that youth leadership should exist at their school. Some are willing to join a team, right away! Imagine organizing such presentation in other classes, and hero*ines poster exhibit at school. This will reach the entire school, and build quite a group of students caring for people and planet!

Then, it’s about doing something relevant, changing lives, land, laws, industries, learning culture at school. 

Not sure how? Well, how about starting like hero*ine peers?

Do a book drive for children in poverty. If each student at your school donates 1 good book, it’s 500-1,000 books, worth up to $10,000€ – done in a matter of days! And you know that such a story with nice photos, smiles, facts and anecdotes will make it into your local news/papers! Add a call for contributions, and the ball keeps rolling! It also opens your door to present at other schools, spark a team, grow your movement … hey … so fast!

Then, how about FUNdraising for Raabia and rangers protecting elephants, or for Pooja who gets 20,000 kids into schools per year, or for the Red Brigade who train thousands of girls to protect themselves from sexual violence? $1,000€ have enormous value in their country! But why not aim higher? Namaste Nepal student club scores $35,000€ in 48 hours, with a special trick, and why wouldn’t you be able to do like them? 

See, these are just two examples with which any caring youth can evoke swift, enormous impact … and the Crash Course will show you many more. Altogether, YL offers you  more than 400 activities, and without having started, you can probably feel that they come with a lot of fun, magic and adventure!

Do you like stats? Whether you do or not, you’ll like these, because they show how others respond to our materials and programs. Chance is, that this is how people will respond to you.

Nice, huh?

One more. Music. You know that the 20s, 60s, 70s had their own music which defined the spirit and action of the days. So … in this era of the Change Generation … do youth at #FridaysForFuture strikes sing their own, powerful songs? In 99.9% of cases, they don’t. So, what if you and your Siren friends learn songs of your badass hero*ine peers? This will add even more epicness to your crew’s performance, reach and impact.

We have the finest gold of the global changemaking movements for you, and once you know and wield it, you will be #AlwaysWinning. You just have to decide to #BeMoreAwesome. 

For starters.

Let’s boost your confidence.

Here is how young people make considerable changes to lives, laws, industries and learning culture.


bought a book for her daughters


uses stories in class
“Most energized lesson ever”

Volunteer & Students

organize interactive hero exhibit on action day
“Best of the whole day”


gives Crash Course at 3 schools, all say “This is what school should always be like”

Work Colleagues

donate to their fav hero*ine


nominates The Red Brigade Lucknow for an award.
They win, receive $7,500


raises money for Books With No Bounds. “Our goal: 500. We made 1,300!”


donate children’s books to Books With No Bounds

Student Campus

books YL to run programs.
“Best week of my life”


uses story in English text book, reaches millions of students


takes photos of Babar’s school, grants fair use for use in YL publications


tells stories of changemakers to millions of listeners, adds interviews
Can you & your caring friends do this?
We say yes.

How long will it take you?
Not long. A month?

What is the combined impact?
How many people inspired, dollars raised, lives impacted, new members won? That’s mighty.

And there are many more, bigger options ahead.

People team up

at work, with friends, fellow citizens to plan, organize, act, celebrate, have FUN!


1 student per class joins a changemaker student club. It makes how many members at a school? 20, 50? What if 3 per class join in?

1 changemaker club at each school in town. How many does that make in your town? In your region? 

You know they these caring people exist. Your mission is to reach them.


The most beautiful and spectacular novelty … maybe in history. Definitely in our lifetime!

I’ve seen a few young activists. But I’ve never heard of “youth leadership”. Is it an official concept or movement? Can you tell me more?

This is a longer session. Have a bite, get a drink, get comfy.

You love young changemakers, action clubs at school, and positive stories in media.

There is so much more to it. You’ve seen nothing yet, least of your powers to amplify it.

So, get ready to be surprised, tear up, and feel your heart shine.

1. The amazing phenomenon of teenage changemakers aka YOUTH LEADERSHIP

2. YOUTH-LEADER tools, tricks and services for you

We’ll see you return with your hands full of tools, and with many stories to share. Enjoy!

Visit the Online Exhibit.

If you’ve only been following normal news media, you know as much of youth leadership and changemaking as you know of Gothic or African Heavy Metal music. One, two, a handful of impressions, nothing, really.

The real, and spectacular innovation of our century is not a new car lacquer, hairspray or electronic gadget. It’s individual and groups of ordinary caring people evoking considerable changes, with ripple effects in the community, changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture. That is what you want, so take some time to learn how to kick this off among youth.

The Exhibit is designed to give newbies a profound, wide scope introduction to youth leadership, its potentials for humanity, one’s own role in it. The mutimedia mix of stories, photos, videos and music makes it a fun, vivid and memorable experience.

Observe our tips and get started!

If you’re super on fire to know everything and awaken your inner Hero*ine, take the Tutorial now (step 6), and come back here to follow up with first activities.
The Exhibit and the Tutorial are the two long stages of the Crash Course. They are designed to take you deep into the world of changemaking. This is not a quickie. You re entering new world, seriously, like Middle Earth in Lord Of The Rings, like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School Of Magic – with veritable hero*ines, beautiful beasts and mermaids, for real. It can become your world, rewarding you with powers to bring about good, far-reaching changes you wish to see for people and planet.

Commit fully,

  • and you will have a woldview-changing experience about youth, your own power and our common chance to upgrade to able, active, caring citizenship and create an awesome, beautiful future, fast!
  • use the feedback and input forms, the action options, to gain awareness how others can best experience this exhibit and turn their newly found passion into action – at libraries, schools, the workplace, public space, at events…
  • and you learn to wield a powerful tool to create long-term presence to large groups, brought to life with an info stand, your presence, and amplified with music, videos, FUNdraisers for favorite hero*ines, local projects and more

so that you do not just browse information, but experience a life-changing, empowering training.

You’ll get out of it, what you give into it.

So, prepare like for your favorite movie. Get a drink, some snacks, lock the door, lights out, sound on, dive in and enjoy!

Feedback Form - Let us know of your thoughts, feelings and ideas!
(If you have given feedback on the exhibit or tutorial page, you need not do so here again)

In Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings, our hero*ines become aware to unpleasant things in the world that others ignore and deny, for lack of knowledge, solutions and fear. The same is true for the young people that rise to make magnificent positive changes for people and planet. All of them.

It doesn’t mean that you have to suffer. No, on the contrary. But you empathise with those who do, and get your butt up to help them. Not because it is a duty imposed on you from the outside (guilt trip), but because you care (love), and you know you’re strong enough (badass) and you love seeing people experience bliss (giver).

Many adults want to hide from children that there exists suffering in the world. But children know that not everything is alright. And they wish to help. What young people need is knowledge on what works and some guidance and tools. 

Craig Kielburger, Free The Children, WE Movement
from Eric’s memory; exact quote follows.

Many broken parts of the world are out of sight. Some nearby, some far away, and still we can help dissolve this unnecessary suffering. So why continue to put up with it? Do you dare having a look?

Can you tell me more about YOUTH-LEADER?

These unpleasant facts are the reasons why I have set up YOUTH-LEADER. No one wants these horrible things to happen, and we have humans showing us how to solve them. People respect changemakers for what they do, but do not help them, and completely forget to boost such teenage hero*ism in their own community and schools. Worse, schools may even forbid youth-powered projects, because they fear to lose control, that youth bring up unpleasant topics. Also, many young people lack the knowhow, confidence and partners to get things started. 

What we need is opportunity for all young people to grow up with the time, tools and opportunity to bring about the big changes we need to take our societies to the next GOOD level. The best, and only, place and time to learn this for our entire young generation is school. And, in fact, it is school’s official purpose to make it possible. Many people are not aware of this, n once we re-awaken teachers, students and parents to it, things begin to get moving.

That is why we not only offer activities and tools but the arguments, methods and support for making youth leadership omni-present in our daily lives at school, in media and public. You’ll read and hear this from us repeated over and over again, because until that is done, nothing can get better. Let this repetition help you memorize these “magic spells”, as to amplify the reach and impact of your “magic wands”, your projects.

So, here’s what YL does and what makes it so special, so that you may achieve your dreams for people and planet.



Here’s what’s ahead for you, if you connect with us.

Come have a look what daily life in the YL community looks and feels like, online and locally.

You have plenty of options. Choose your favorites!

Have a look at what school and life can be like > Dragonheart School


Agreed that this should be at all school? We’re not the only ones who want it! Then let’s get this started in your home region. It’s not complicated. But first strengthen yourself, build your knowledge and tools so you can start smoothly, have a lot of gems to share with people, and can respond to many common questions.


We can now all do what we always wanted to do. Change everything for the better!

Swift, simple steps.

Where can I learn more? And how can I connect with other people who feel like me?

for a source of constant upliftment and learning on-the-go

  • sign up
    it inspires us, helps us know you exist, is a good reference
  • newsletter via email
    for updates, announcements, resources etc
  • social media, what’s going on, share wildly!
    help us make the most of it; with texts, images, videos
  • magazine
    for deeper info, discover, share online and in print

That was easy 🙂

Your content goes here.
Your content goes here.

Okay, I am connected. that feels good. I look forward to discovering more. What is the first step to be part?

with the world of youth leadership, and its protagonists – young hero*ines and famous YL.

Walk your talk. It’s fresh, special, exciting.

  1. you create a true energetic bond with fine young changemakers making big impact in the world
  2. you experience a swift, enjoyable activity to share anytime with friends, at family fests, school and work
  3. you have an additional story to tell, as you follow what happens with your donation

Make your choice:

  • donate to teen and twen hero*ines – and enjoy seeing impact unfold, even meet “live”
  • support in-kind – also in fresh, unexpected ways, even bring in own ideas
  • inspire others – multiply your impact, enjoy their enthusiasm, and celebrate achievements
  • spark local youth leadership – seed media, spread the word

Be it $1€ (a ball of ice cream’s worth) on more, this personal connecttion makes all the difference in today’s fast paced digital world.

Select your hero*nes at 

  • Donate to your favorite hero*ine/s, selected from the Boost! Club line-up
  • Share on social, news and NGO media
  • Observe in-kind options listed on hero profiles

You can also invest in local youth leadership.

Thanks for boosting young changemakers we love!

We have set up the Boost! Club to make this most fun, rewarding and interesting for you also, since you are part of the changemaker family.

You give, make an impact, see success unfold, get to meet live online, for Q&A, celebration, planning what’s next. You can bring in own ideas to help, form a partnership and even go visit!

Donate to your favorite hero*ine/s, selected from the Boost! Club line-up.

Can you scale up your input? Will you activate your school, workplace, citizenry to join in? Will you throw a Philanthro-Party? Will you do Lemonaid and bakesales at markets? Lulu shows you how to make FUNdraising fun, adventurous, and more impactful.

Share on social, news and NGO media.

Will you tell their story to thousands of readers, viewers, listeners, activate your organization’s newsletter? It’s quickly done! Make sure to include our vivid photos!

Observe in-kind options. 

You could even provide spaces for workshops, travel, prizes, health and holiday treats. Will you join their charitable action, a book, games, LEGO drive, create greeting cards for kids in hospital? Will you even go visit and volunteer – later? Let’s start with something quick today! View more options to support YL and local youth leadership here. (LINK)

Got a lot of resources and reach, but don’t know what is of use to us? If you, your friends, company or celebrity relations have “probably something” to share, just drop us a line on what you have, and ideas. We’ll respond with our ideas and then talk details. Saves you time.


Your content goes here.

That’s great. I love the idea of being part and making a relevant contributions to these initiatives. I understand that my pocket money alone is not going to solve everything. I know youth are fundraising big amounts. Can you help me do the same?

YES, now before we take steps. you can raise more contributions. Obviously, more people can generate more funds, bigger reach etc let’s see what people you can involve, inspire and how.

Feedback Form -


You can unfold many untapped potentials. Let’s use them all!

The good thing about you not having activated your workplace and city yet is … that you have a lot to discover, to experiment on, and to enjoy.

Let’s look at your “spheres of influence”.

I’m sure there’s many people that care in my city. But how can I find them? And how will they listen to me?



cafe, office, parks, waiting rooms, organic stores, farmers markets, community centres, public libraries, … each is good for flyers, posters and magazines.

Here are two major allies that you need to know more about:

I see. There are so many different people. There’s also my parents, my teachers, and my uncle works at the local radio station. But how exactly can they help? And are they interested? How can I gain their attention, and inspire them to help me.

Feedback Form -


Everybody is precious, but some adults are in highly influential positions, and you want to activate those with priority.

The cool thing is that what you are doing actually benefits to achieve their aspirations and add meaning and purpose to their profession. Since all this is new to them, you have to explain it to them. So, pay good attention.


love hero and solution stories.

They do not know what’s going on in the world of innovation and changemaking, just like you didn’t. There’s good people looking for this! Help them! Tell them what we have for them. Inspired youth groups are their dream come true! You may make new allies and soon team up!


ARE NOT CLOSED as they used to be when you were at school.

1. Educational guidelines have developed big time, it’s just that you have no clue what the good professional and ministers and UNESCO are doing. What your many local caring teachers need are the genius tools, tricks and partners to make it real and to awaken to the miraculous powers of Youth Leadership already activated at 16,000 schools. Help their live their dream and discover them as wonderful friends!

2. State schools can do what they want, they just have to justify it. In Germany, headmasters have added the subject “joy”, others spend each friday in the school forest, run an interdisciplinary program “school as state”, have dropped the blackboard, torn down walls and turned classrooms into learnscapes, dropped the bell and teaching altogther. Forget all prejudice, and just install changmaker student clubs, and, next, the YL Curriculum. Informal, by student clubs and a handful of caring teachers.

3. There’s three good teachers at every school. The social one, the green one, the wild one, often a Phys Ed teacher. They love having a young Gryffindore crew at their school to uplift their days. It’s their ideal of education come true. Find one, the others will be found.

2. Good teachers are priority #1! They are the most important ally of our young generation, because they decide if they can grow up with it daily, or not. In comparison, journalists, politicians, rich people and celebrities are irrelevant. Youth leadership has thrived at schools without celebs and riches. But never without caring teachers.

Hence, #BeWise #BeGenerous and seed Media Packs to schools, and #BeMoreAwesome : take the Tutorial to learn to give Level Up! kick off sessions for the Crash Course (that students can self-organize). Together, we can ACTIVATE YOUR CITY.


love hero and solution stories.

They do not know what’s going on in the world of innovation and changemaking, just like you didn’t. There’s good people looking for this! Help them! Tell them what we have for them. Inspired youth groups are their dream come true! You may make new allies and soon team up!

The media
are not bad people. They are just inhabitants of the Unsustainable Civilization, like everybody else.

They have boring habits programmed to reporting on who, what, where, when, and staying detached and impartial.

But, for years, pioneers in solutions / constructive / positive news journalism and restorative narratives have been changing this.

There exist caring journalists everywhere. If you have paid attention, you have noticed positive-spirited articles on young changemakers recently. We can build on this, big time.

love hero role models. They need… stories, images, involvement.

Here’s an example. UN Day of Water

Public Libraries

love our resources

Public servants
have a social mission.


City Councillors

love our resources

Public servants
have a social mission.



That’s great news! There is an incredible lot that you can do, and it works fast.

Feedback Form -



  • empower global and local youth
  • having more fun at work
  • add meaning & purpose to your profession


AS CITIZEN (anyone)

Study all roles

That will give you ideas how to contact, inspire and involve others.

Feedback Form - Roles
Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.


You can unfold many untapped potentials. Let’s use them all!

That’s super inspiring. I no longer feel alone, empty-handed or limited. In fact, there’s like endless opportunities, and soe many will pop up in the future, at the right time. I feel excited and confident inside. Okay, now, step by step, how do I begin to activate all my relations?


  • of your digital and print tools
  • of various spaces to reach out to

This will reach your friends first. Local and online friends. It will also build new friendly relations, and take some to a new practical level, folks that team up with you!

  • Share what has inspired you most

… rocking videos, vision, hard facts, amazing achievements, the vision of making life at school awesome, specific causes, kids, regions, … music, stories, actions … use it to the fullest, in vivid visual form so people get a feel (they yet haven’t see all that you have seen, and they’ll be positively surprised of amazing photos, visions, hero*ines, actions, heart-touching stories… and that you are affiliated with that tribe!) Make it adventure, – because it is! You also have some “promo videos, posters, texts”

  • Add personal comments

being authentic like when sharing funny videos, great music, fun moments.

  • Call for action! Set goals!

If you already have concrete action plans, add them, so you don’t share information and opinions, but also get the ball rolling! This makes people understands “what to do, what to join, and feel the fun and adventure”.

  • Form community

Observe how people react. Focus on those that love it. Respond to questions and ideas. Start conversations with them. Can you team up, unite forces, also combine different skills, talent, passion? If you have different people on fire but not sure how to start, … have everybody take the tutorial and crash course … contact eric, he’s good at combining and getting things rolling!

Attention : protect your Heart.

This is super important!

  1. Not all your friends will also share your passion for “changemaking”. That’s evident! It’s like a new sport, music band or … lover (most awesome being in the Universe right now)
  2. Do not let their lack of taste, or negative comments limit or destroy your love for your new favorite “sport, music, lover”. Be strongly anchored in yourself, and know that you are one of the few – like the companions in Lord Of The Rings, and Dumbledore’s Army in Harry Potter. Yep, it is exactly like that!
  3. This need not end your friendly relationship! After all, you also have different favorite sports, music bands and lovers. You may now spend more time with your changemaker friends, but your … “normal” friends are still good people, and they may indeed play relevant rols in your unfolding adventures … through spontaneous contributions, counsel, connecting to allies, or simply as a space to briefly “take time off” the hero*ine trail, and simply play footie, go hiking, have a yummy cake, and simply keep some friendly relation with the “other people”, and get some reality checks. Believe us, this is vital. Repeat : this is vital.
  4. Do not get sucked in / down to their level of energy – because it’s not hero*ine energy. And you are to live and fly on high hero*ine energy, bright hot and cold, never lukewarm! that’s zombie and #fail
  5. Do not listen to non-hero*ines doubts. That will destroy you. Just like it is toxic towards your lover. Their whining doubts, irony, sarcasm, critique are a sign of non-respect, non-understanding, even obviously bringing you down. this destroys your purpose, impact, love and powers to do good for people and planet. It is like demonic poison for your sacred heart – and it kills all those parts of people and planet that you can bring alive again. It’s massive! Never permit this. See, Sam, the helper, could go back, but Frodo, Harry and Hermione have leveled up, and hang out with their friends. Hence – if needed, end the relationship! Do no spend time with people that bring you down, plus the world. That’s serious stuff.
  6. As you walk the path of the warrior, new family and friends will appear.

Your content goes here.

My parents are not activists. How can I inspire them? I want them to understand my new passion and support me.

No more “out of sight out of mind”. Tangible media

  • connect in real life
  • are experienced more deeply
  • also together
  • spark conversations,
  • long-term, for years

What can we say. We have compiled the biggest set of high impact changemakers, with action guides galore. Get our book – it’s like a Bible and training course in itself, an artefact radiating positive energy. We also promote publications by our badass hero*ine friends. It’s true pieces of magic! There’s even a children’s musical. Pick what inspires you, and get it for those whose lives can benefit from this enlighteneing, empowering content that cannot be found elsewhere.


coloring book





Make it a GIFT

  • to children on bdays, xmas, holiday travel, anytime
  • inspire caring adults with fresh hope, vision, options
  • have inspired conversations
  • use for bed- and couchtime reading
  • dream up activities, follow up on them

If you can, invest in seeding media bundles to

  • schools, public libraries and orphanages
  • your company canteen, reading rooms, family cafes
  • Take it serious
  • Have conversations
  • Follow up with action – our book and Lulu’s book on Philanthro-Parties offer tons of instant action ideas

Okay, so there’s all those people in my community, with different business, talent, resources … where do I start, and how do I proceed to make good use of my time and achieve results? Do you have tools for me, like posters or brochures?


  • social media – activate your friends, share the gems you have found, get them involved, discuss, make decisions, act on them
  • news media – reach many, using our stories, photos, add your passionate call for action
  • conversations – with friends, workmates, professionals like teachers, journalists, your boss, who can benefit
  • poster exhibit – at work, school or public library, add a stand to bring it alive with your presence and FUNdraiser
  • group presentation – LEVEL UP! crash course session #1 with family, friends, workmates or a school class
  • market stand – with FUNdraiser and flyers

Whoupla! We may have a team together all of a sudden!

We are available to help.

Frankly said, while our media and magic wands, it needs cearing people to wield them.

To really activate people, it needs conversations.

Many people get inspired by media, but they do not yet follow up on it and understand how they can be part, that they are needed, and how it enriches their lives. This combination makes things happen:

  • knowledge transfer
  • spirit transfer

YOU are the ultimate medium. 

This is why it’s so important that you know youth leadership, your favorite hero*ines, y/our tools, and simple instant actions to offer; from the poster exhibit. And, that your Inner Hero*ine is activated; through the tutorial.

Let the stories, images and videos speak for you. We use the book, and the cardgame. It’s a micro book and perfect pocket companion.

If you are the talkative type, or a teacher, you can also run our Crash Course sessions; like our Volunteers; to prepare, take the Tutorial.

Your content goes here.

At this stage, with first experiences, it is time to introduce yourself to potential allies in the community.

You tell them that

  • you intend to make youth leadership a bigger part of life in the community
  • it is aligned with their values and can benefit their goals
  • they are invited to team up and help
  • there’s a few tools and offers that they can use right away

and you send along a brochure, and some news on what you’ve done and what you’re up to next.

These steps take only a few minutes each. It’s for making contact. Let’s see what follows.

Your content goes here.

Just steps that take a few minutes. They serve as an introduction. Let’s see what follows.

Just steps that take a few minutes. They serve as an introduction. Let’s see what follows.

Feedback Form - Phase 1
Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

By this time, your worldview on young people, citizen power, school, your options to make relevant contributions has profoundly changed. Your knowledge of youth leadership, spiced up with own feelings and anecdotes is far beyond … anyone else’s in town.

You know that youth leadership at every school is a game changer for our societies, people and planet. Craig has crews at 16,000 schools. This means it works. That conviction is rock solid. It guarantees a positive future. Now, the only thing to do is to make that happen in your region.

Okay, … then we can take on greater goals now, right. Let’s get started.



Bolstered and emboldened by your first positive experiences, let’s start moving things!

I am excited. It’s been interesting already, and I like how positively people respond. They even ask how they can help me. Okay, people are inspired. Now, what can we do. It’s time for something tangible.

Handpicked selection of popular causes and activities generating quick results, visibility and friendly community.

However, to make things easy, we want to quickly inspire and involve hundreds of people to make a small contribution. And their many small contributions will make a big pile that makes a big difference. So, this is the great moment to begin to activate your school. Do you feel your body tingle?

Choose from hand picked

Feedback Form -

I am so eager to get my school involved, but I also feel so nervous!! I want to do this right. What do you suggest how to start? Who is likely to help? How will people’s attention best be focussed to feel empathy, passionate and speak their heart and get involved with fun and courage, not because they have to but because they like to? how can I motivate teachers to come aboard, and give me and fired up students space and time to do this?

Frankly, you have two options.

One for the quick activuity, with an impact. Nothing speaks against that.

Thsi works if you already have a good ambience in class and some awareness on social issues. 

Use a high impact starter action – a FUNdraiser, book drive or other… in class, OR on school grounds, OR inform the school via speakers and posters or at the friday forum OR and also include a school fest.

Special Wisdom

Jesus. the prophet is not understood in his home town. they’ll just think it’s Lizzie again. What can she do anyway? But when you do this at other schools, kids connotate no memories with you, they haven’t labelled you, put you in a box. They don’t know what you have achieved or not. Hence, when you appear in front of them with determination and conviction, you’ll appear like a badass experienced changemakers, a leader whose guidelines they willingly follow, especially when they are just slightly younger.

Now there’s two options: you start at another school. You’ll do this later anyway. Or you school is positive, and you can do it anyway. Or, you use a trick, … you don’t put yourself in the centre of attention, but you put youth leadership in the focus aof attention, and have a yl speaker, your teacher or a group of students run the show. That’s what we have developed the LEVEL UP! Crash Course for. Yes, another crash course – that one’s for groups. Exactly what you need. It begins with one single double session in class. And it is optional to follow up with more, in class or as a club.  This is a mega magic tool! Find out more below.

If it’s not normal and in full swing to do charitable activities at school, you should begin with a LEVEL UP! Crash Course session #1 – to have your peers and teachers experience what you have already learned in the poster exhibit. “Discover Youth Leadership”. Your experience has well prepared you to give this session. It’s quite simple. It’s a breeze if you do with with a couple of inspired friends.

Our experience is that 90+% of students are inspired and want youth leadership at their school. This moment is perfect for shaking out the first action – you can even offer a choice of actions : a FUNdraiser, a book drive and more. 

Also, this moment is perfect for founding a student club, for deciding on follow-up actions: a) to inform other classes, and b) to train your inspired class how to get active and launch projects by doing session #2. Once again, you are already prepared by what you have done so far.

To sum it up, the LEVEL UP! Crash Course kicks off more than a single action call. This is why you want to organize a LEVEL UP! session anyway. 

It is up to you to decide whether you begin with a quick specific action OR with a LEVEL UP! session.

At this point, it makes sense to learn a little more about YL. Have a quick look behind the scenes. This knowledge will encourage you, and may serve well, if teachers and students have questions. They may come up with all sorts of silly, and smart, questions. Don’t worry if you cannot answer all of them right away. What you are offering is the coolest thing that ever happened, so there is no reason to be shy about it. 

Feedback Form -

If you’re the talkative type (we understand it’s not for everybody, but most ordinary kind, joyful, caring citizens can do this)

  • give crash course sessions at school
  • spark a changemaker student club
  • support on demand

This establishes year-round high impact actions for people and planet, that cascades into society and media, and also influences their hundreds of peers at school on a daily basis for ten+ years. This is the real thing. Everything else serves to bring THIS to fruition.

People love it.

You cannot fail. The Tutorial and your activities have prepared you well. Follow our guidelines. You cannot fail.




Feedback Form - Tutorial
If you have given feedback on the tutorial page, you need not do so here again.

You legend. You have basically learned everything, all the basics. Now, like at a training session’s or season’s end – it’s playtime. Time for a tournament, a sequence of matches. Even though much still feels fresh, you are well prepared. Better than anyone in town. You have a team, supportive community to involve, you know how to inspire crowds. This is also opportunity to try out new moves, combos and ultis.

Before we get to the final phase, let’s unwind a little. After so much time with people, activating school etc., you have deserved it. It’s also necessary. Professional athletes take days off training, for better effect, and avoiding burn-out. True thing. You shall, too. But just 1 day!



Optional, selected questions from the tutorial that we use for training our volunteers.


1 Hero*ine of each category – visit, explore, follow social links. Also one you don’t care about or find horrible. There’s is usually a precious gem to be found in such ones that can greatly enhance your power.

At School, what about your experiences

Magic Lesson 101 : Role Models

Magic Lesson : Purpose of Schooling, the magic spells

Magic Lesson 701 : The Great Grief and healing it

Civilizational Shift

Concerns, suffering, fears

Harmonizing love for people and planet with life at school, the family and all the other buzz going on

The Tutorial is like a multimedia Exhibit enhanced with guided questions, tasks, feedback forms to reflect, digest, integrate, understand how other people get inspired, how other people can use this for their profession, and to think ahead. This is deep, personal, powerful and transformative.

We use this IMMERSION for training our Volunteers. 

As you can imagine, our volunteers who present to newbies in class and at events can not be the boring type.

  • Now, we really want to awaken your Inner Hero*ine
  • you’ll be learning practical stuff, magic tricks
  • you’ll have a very good understanding of how and where to make moves at schools, workplaces and more in your region
  • helping you #bemorewesome, hehe

This is more thn a training. It is an INITIATION. A quest to meet your Inner Hero*ine, to awaken together and team up to live your dreams for the world you were born in at this crucial time. This may well be the most important quest of your life. As with lovers, give your most precious : your lifetime.

It takes 2-3 hours. View the Tips

The Exhibit and the Tutorial are the two long stages of the Crash Course. They are designed to take you deep into the world of changemaking.

If you carelessly, superficially browse text, pics and clips, you do retain a little info on “who and what”, but you do not learn anything relevant. You still won’t really know what we do, what youth feel, how teachers and journalists benefit, and what is possible for your city’s and country’s future. You will get only 2% of the experience.

You see … what differs teen and adult hero*ines from the many idle citizens, is that they are so immensely inspirational. And this SPIRIT is a FEELING. Hence the secret is their inner alchemy, how they think, how they feel. Obviously, they feel strongly, they feel love and pain, they see  solution and they have determination to see it implemented. Because not doing so would be stupid, heartless, shameful and petty. These hero*ines obviously see “what is broken”, know “what needs doing”, know “what works” and experience “what success in healing the world feels like”.

This mind- and feelset exists in each of us. Even adventure novels, mere TEXT, a mere PAINTING unlocks noble, virtuous feelings in you, right? Hence, spending time in the company of hero*ines, even via media, will dust off your noble changemaker feelings, to live what you truly care for.

Commit, and “walk alongside these hero*ines” in the tutorial, and you get to

  • feel the spirit
  • know the hero*ines’ stories
  • memorize most touching moments, to tell others, amplified by your tears, love and laughter
  • feel new music that conveys feelings of the Change Generation
  • find your own focus passion, causes and mission
  • spark ideas and vision who and how to activate people and stakeholders around you

You will also understand, based on your own profound experience

  • how diverse teens and adults experience the videos
    what feelings and dynamics it sparks in them
    what questions in sparks, and what to respond
    how to serve, amplify, activate their experience
    so they can turn passion into action and follow up

You will understand good teachers, journalists and city councillors

  • how they think, their good aspirations
  • how they benefit
  • how you can activate them
  • directing them to concrete activities, projects and partnerships
  • to upgrade the most important yet idling, failing spaces of your society : schools and media!

You will employees and entrepreneurs

  • how they benefit
  • how you can activate them
  • directing them to instant opportunities and tools
  • to upgrade the workplace and public space, where all adults meet daily

This means you will

  • experience worldview shift on youth, citizen and your personal power
  • become aware of your own new unlimited opportunities
  • have your hands full of tools
  • know there is more to discover

This is plenty, and precisely what the world needs.

But it takes FEELING it. “To be the change, you have to feel the change.” – Earth Guardians

This is why a few minutes like browsing social media don’t cut it. You have to take time off, switch off the boring broken world around you and enter ours, the world of hero*ines, who achieve! Because it’s like diving into the Lord of the Rings or Hogwarts universe. And then, magic will work its way, as it has in thousands of others.

Does your Heart hurt, thinking of the suffering in the world?

Well then, level up your skills to bring your people alive. And as you heal the world, your heart will heal. How’s that for a genius law of nature?

You’ll get out of it, what you give into it.

So, once again, prepare like for your favorite movie. Get a drink, some snacks, lock the door, lights out, sound on, dive in and enjoy!

If you’re the adventurous type, walk into it ike into a sacred initiation in AVATAR, not knowing what to expect, but know that your elder siblings went in and returned a badass WO/MAN, a Guardian of Life on Earth endowed with magical powers, with a piercing gaze and no longer spending time with the silly ones gossiping about bullshit.

Got questions?

Talk to us
Feedback Form -



Establish youth leadership at school and beyond

You can earn a YOUTH-LEADER Badge for this

Okay, like in a real match, you’ll be wielding all your magic and be doing several things at the same time. You have the experience, and the team. Mount your horses, let us see lightning battles.

Here’s the mission objective, like YL Warriors do!

1 FUNdraiser


1 Lifestyle Challenge


1 Project

mix in all of this


Build on your know-how and relations

  • express your passion on social media
  • invite people to get involved
  • activate newsletters of your workplace, organization
  • activate media (family, food, organic magazines) with our article package





to boost local youth.

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Accomplish the 3 Missions, document vividly, and share with us to achieve your seal of mastery, and to gain a Badge.

You’ll know that this is truly something, and that others that have walked through this badge have great skills and stories to tell!

They also make great fellow warriors and partners for projects. Can you imagine meeting 20, 50, 100 of them at camp? That’s what we’re up to in the future. And that’s what the Warriro Badges, Credits and Levels are for. Not for ego, but to be able to spot real badass changemakers, see their special skills, know who to team up with, whose help to call, … and to better understand your own awesomeness. Because this pitiful failing society is not giving credit to those with noble hearts. On the contrary. We are changing this, and the badges, news reports and Warrior Chronicles also make a fantastic CV to open golden doors on your professional path. Because we want caring folks to move freely and take positions of influence in society. Who else but noble hearts are qualified to take those positions.

Hence, here is the perfect accompaniement for your efforts and activities at season’s end. It naturally amplifies your impact, community and helps achieve your goals, right now and for the exciting years ahead.

Feedback Form -



Establish youth leadership at school and beyond

Ok, to establish youth leadership at school. Here’s a guideline to make it happen. There’s a few cornerstones also.

Can you make 1 action every day? It can be small ones. You can have task forces on your team to take on their favorites. Here are a few examples how this could look like. Please do in no way feel constrained by them. There’s a million options, and they largely depend on your school and your passion. So, be creative, feel free to contact us.

Got ideas, need help?

Talk to us









Whatever you achieve at your school now, you have my highest respect. This step is so big, that it’s not even required for the Warrior Badge. This is an additional quest, with special honors. In fact, this is MY DREAM for humanity, that youth leadership become normal part of life at school. So, I am greatly thankful for what you do, I am flashed and surprised by your achievements and super proud – like every trainer is by his rocking players.

Even though what we’re aiming to do together is common sense and fantastic, it is not evident that people properly respond to your luminous aspirations, efforts and offers. Unfortunately, that’s normal with “innovation”. You share the company of Einstein, Mozart, Gandhi, … they are all nodding, smiling at you, and giving you a thumbs up, because they know, eventually things get moving. Hence, know that you have my full respct and that you are well prepared and that you are doing and achieving the very best that is possible in your place right now. As you keep going and doing, at school or not, you will bring about considerable change. Like oppressive monarchy was gradually washed away by the little steps of seeding the spirit of joyful democracy.


Feedback Form -

IMAGINE this. It’s realistic.

  • that 100 Adults activate their spaces in your city 
  • LEVEL UP! sessions at 20 schools in town
  • FUNdraising stands at the prime week-end farmers market/s
  • Vibrant actions by adults and by youth making headlines, monthly. Because positive deeds + happy faces + special story + lively photo = article. Easy
  • … Radio and TV interviews naturally follow
  • … Teachers will demand speakers
  • … Donors contribute
  • … Citizens join.

It’s how it works for kids. It’s how it’ll work for you.

Let’s rev’ up the engines and just do it.

Got questions?

Talk to us





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