Phase 1

Discover Youth Leadership

Phase 2

The Hero*ine’s Path + YL For You

Phase 3

Change Generation Music + Media

Phase 4

Activate Paradise City

Phase 5

High Impact Starter Actions

In one day, a week, a month, a week-end, a project week … guided or self-organized,
online or as group, in class … even tuned to local causes. You choose.

We all love teen hero*ines and wish out entire young generation to do like them. High Impact Youth Leadership turns out to be simple and common sense, but like any sport, one first has to feel the spirit and master basic moves before one can freestyle, score goals and involve the public.

The #BeMoreAwesome Crash Course is the ultimate rapid initiation into high impact youth leadership, characterized by

  • making tangible impact on lives, land, learning, laws and industries
  • with swift, robust steps, wielding model solutions of teen and adult changemakers
  • easily integrated into daily life, school, workplace and public space
  • in collaboration with local and global allies in all sectors of society

and the entry card to collaborate with

  • a global community of peers, practitioners, badass hero*ines and global experts

The course can be taken as online or locally, individual, guided for groups, e.g. a school class, a group of educators, company staff … or guided at several schools at once as an Activate Your City campaign. Pick the option that fits you.

Each phase is complete and valuable in itself. The sequence builds up from 1 to 5.

Phase 1 enables you to take dozens of actions and to guide Phase 1 for other people, also for groups, e.g. your friends, crew, class, peers … that’s huge!

Phases 2 to 5 unlock advanced skills for high impact action using 100s of simple magic tricks; each is stunning, fascinating for everybody and unlocks very strong, rather necessary views, skills and how to unfold them, tools and how to wield them, what partners you have in YL and what local allies to find.

Phase 1 earns a Digital Certificate “Introduction to Youth Leadership”  and status as YL Messenger.

Phases 1-5 + Phase 6 report and interview earn a YL Coach Certificate with membership in the global coaches and partners community

This page gives you impressions of what’s inside.



How can I take the Crash Course? And how can I offer it to others?

We want to activate Youth Leadership fast in every part of the planet. This is why  we offer straightforward options for anyone anywhere.

We all love face to face group meetings, and it is the best option, because of the surprising co-creative force of everyone adding their ideas, talent, resources and relations + the playfulness using the cards, maps, icons etc. + the immediate tangible outcome in roadmaps and poster exhibit with immediate vision of “wow we can do this all over town” + “let’s do this!” planning immediate follow-up actions + forming a team + discovering new allies in peers and people you had not perceived as “family” before – but we cannot be with all of you this week or this yearso let’s not wait! WE HAVE A PLANET TO SAVE, so grab an online crash course to get most of the experience and equip yourself to organize magical face to face meetings in your regions without waiting for us to come in! Or – use quasi Star Trek beam tech and fly us into your place for a rocksolid 2 day youth or teacher training or even a multi-week Activate Your City campaign. Don’t doubt your idealist Heart but GO FOR IT! WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Short, #bemoreawesome!

Here’s how to swiftly upgrade your worldview, skills, toolset and allies. Pick your favorite, best practical way.


Doing the online crash course at one’s own pace from the comfort of one’s home or garden, immersing in films and music



Guided by a YL Coach

or self-guided using printed Crash Course materials


As personal training or to gain YL Coach qualification and get certified



To activate a school class, to train a group of educators, company staff or caring citizens

guided by a YL Coach

Participants can gain YL Coach Certificates


Self-guided online, with friends …

… as school action day, project week …

… during town fest, green festival …

… at a LearnSpace



For students, educators, staff …

guided by YL Coach

over 1/2 day, 1 day, 2 days, longer

depending on group and goals

without or with certification 

For one group

One’s class, colleagues …

or for

several groups

Activate Your City Campaign

Crash Courses at several schools, forming Changemaker Student Clubs, involving activated youth in guiding Crash Courses at other schools, taking actions, generating presence in schools, public and media 

International Partner School Programs

Crash Courses at both schools, leading to action on projects on both sides, inspired by model solutions, supporting one another, synchronous actions, collaborating on wildlife migration trails … with eventual in/formal family or work vists, youth exchange …

in town or other countries

The Origin of this Program 

The status of affairs : People hardly know of youth leadership, only know a handful of advocates from media. When school classes are inspired by learning of dozens of teen hero*ines, they still face a chasm of “not knowing how to step into action”. Also, how do we help youth open their hearts, hopes, vision, passion in a suboptimal group setting of school, for example? 

Our feelings : We need something that really activates the passion and vision of enormous impact potentials, the enormous fun and enthusiasm in rocking big projects and changing thousands of lives. Because this is the spirit of teenage hero*ines and what makes them different from less impactful youth. 

Like in every sport or music, one can ignite this fire and this key on one’s inner piano, in one’s own way, whether intro-or extrovert. What’s needed is that peple immerse themselves in this spirit to the point that a worldview change takes place and one finds own favorite causes, hero*ines, activities and vision – since everybody is different and one, two, three role models in text form are not enough. One needs to show dozens and enable experience of their various emotional powers from funny to bold and badass through their authentic films, their music – this is how one awakens to a new world (like watching an entire Harry Potter movie initiates to the Hogwarts universe, and no less, and then one shares this with all movie viewers) and sees shared passion in all one’s peers in class and beyond. And there must be ample immediate action opportunities to feel the action, to manifest and carry this on. And there must be self-organized follow-up, fomring a team / student club and joining year-round fireworks of action so that momentum, fun, learning and impact and growth are sustained. 

Our decision : We package all of this into one swift Crash Course, of group phases of 90 or 180 min’s, fit for use at school, Phase 1 being the wildest, most eclectic, because FIRST TIMES ARE MAGIC and spark inner motivation in students to take immediate action and self-organize follow-up. This is why we finish this Phase with direct action, forming a team and joining YL. 

Our goal : After Phase 1, all (90+%) of participants shall experience positive worldview change on youth, the power of one, powers of youth at school, know their options in the YL Tribe uniting newbies and hero*ines, take action and form a team to create long-term presence. Participants shall also be able to guide Phase 1 for other groups and to self-organize actions, but also learning advanced skills in Phase 2 to 5; as a group or individually at home, in complete liberty.

Also, we want that these hyper skilled people get recognized for their new competencies, for their own confidence, but also by teachers and allies on their future path, so that they can spread Youth Leadership in town. Hence, we add a strong certification with a top level “brand” and add “promotion materials” like an article on new coaches to share with news / social media and a YL LearnPlanet Map Marker so they can get found. To equip these YL Coaches with materials and partners, they gain access to our global Tribe of coaches and changemakers. Because only the combo of all the above truly empowers people to evoke the big wonderful changes that their society needs. And all this with a lot of fun – because that’s essential, too.

You : You will gain a robust positive worldview shift on youth, your powers, humanity and our future – if we activate our young generation at school to learn from today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores and wield their solutions at local level, so that as a generation they can make the system upgrade like we did from minions of monarchy and morons of fascism to informed voters. But now from incompetent, impotent voter to Able, Active Caring Citizen implementing humanity’s finest solutions for the next level GOOD society of peace, bliss and abundance for all. The solutions exist, the support networks are in place, what teens can do in one place, teens can do everywhere. All you need to do is see + feel THESE NEW TEENS in ACTION + get a few FAQ answered + practice. #bemoreawesome


Discover Youth Leadership

What’s needed.

People need to know of the wide scope of youth leadership that changes lives, land, learning, laws and industries to find their own place in it as youth and as adult, whose role is to support. This requires that they feel the love, grit, enthusiasm and fascination in doing good with bold aims and fun. And this fresh flame of inspiration needs to immediately get turned into action to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling, self-organized by fired up youth, backed on demand by adult allies (most often teachers).

What we are going to do.

We create an intense 90 to 180 minute experience in which participants take turns giving flashlight presentations on outstanding teen hero*ines using story posters (preferably they received this for preparation as homework with time to view their video etc), pepped up with a handful of short authentic film and music clips to bring it to life and energize the session. At the end of the session, we harvest visible feedback which strengthens the experience of shared passion and priorities in the group, and guide towards swift, simple actions based on their favorite hero*ines’ initiatives, also for and even with them. We aim to form a Changemaker Student Club that knows that they can collaborate with the teacher/s, can self-train and access YL Tribe resources, community, coaches and partners for free.

Get to know 24 Hero*ines

with diverse initiatives, settings, character, favorite causes + activities for everybody !

Short Films + their Music

bring stories to life with genuine changemaker spirit

Brief info on YL + Community

Brief outlook on opportunity to meet and work with these and other hero*ines with a lot of tools, support and partners


used in this phase.

Story Posters

with story, QR links to online profiles with videos, latest news, action guides

They will help …

guide crash courses for others

create long-term presence

  • a micro-exhibit in class
  • a bigger sized exhibit in corridors or hall

combined with FUNdraiser stands to grow team, involve peers in activities and more


The MAGIC Inside

that many ignore, and which makes all the difference for activating youth and achieving positive changes.

Worldview change + new shared passion among the group for doing good

The masse of hero*ines, the scope of causes, the enormous numbers of funds raised, lives changed, the highly energized videos profoundly change one’s image of youth – as if of a different planet or a Dark 50s inhabitant seeing the early 1960s. This comes with a change of perception of self, one’s powers and of school where youth self-organize as Changemaker Student Clubs at already more than 20,000 schools, in friendly cooperation with teachers and rich benefits for learning culture.

Further, participants experience shared passion for doing good for people and planet, enthusiasm about youth leadership, sense of collective power (especially at school), common sense of priority purpose as a generation and verve to take action.

This experience of noble virtues in oneself + shared with peers, even the bold, the boring, the bullies and of teachers is NEW for young people, especially at school, where youth are fenced together with peers they don’t like, in suboptimal setting and banned from expressing emotions.

This shared backing of youth leadership lays the foundation for

  • forming a student club
  • backed by 90% of their peers
  • backed by enough caring teachers

No student calls them eco-sluts anymore. Even if they take small steps, all students know that they are part of the one grand phenomenon that promises to save a good future for them all. Instead, students will buy best brownies and lemonAID, ask what’s new from hero*ines they remember from the Crash Course, take part in projects on occasion, and join FUNdraisers on farmers markets because that’s the best fun thing to do on a week-end morning!

Teachers recognize changemakers as Our New Highly Gifted, as trusted, qualified “assistant teachers” to involve in subjects, extracurricular activities, international project partnerships and youth exchanges. Less teachers will tell fired up students to focus on their C in chemistry.


Results upon Completion

Participants have

Knowledge of Youth Leadership


24 hero*ine stories

96 solutions to wield

Shared passion for doing good

Team formed

Immediate action opportunity

Curtain up! Ready for Action!

Already after these first 90 minutes!


The Hero*ine’s Path

What’s needed.

Inspired youth often don’t know how to get started and do more than a $30 cookie sale. It’s like their mind is blank.

What we are going to do.

We are going to bridge the gap from inspiration to multi-level action by walking alongside hero*ines from tender beginnings to national fame and global impact and look at what activities they use.

We follow hero*ines' steps

using 190 visual cards, participants lay action cards when they see ithemused

Groups sketch fav hero*ine's roadmap, then present to all

using their online profile’s films and action guides

Groups sketch roadmaps on favorite or local causes

on blank roadmap using the 100s of pics, activities, impressions they have in mind

After a short break …

We discuss what's needed to activate Youth Leadership

in society. We address 35 aspects, share ideas, view what YL offers for each


used in this phase.

190 steps + 150 activities + action guides + roadmaps + 35 YL Program posters

They will help … 

gain overview and can get used anytime in the future to dream up activities, add on to one’s projects and guide this Phase for others

The MAGIC Inside

that many ignore, and which makes all the difference for activating youth and achieving positive changes.

Solid confidence to develop multiplex campaigns and year-round activities

It sounds like a fairy tale, but this is the typical participant testimonial

“2 hours ago, I had no clue of nothing, and now I feel super confident to develop big campaigns. And it’s all simple, common sense. Amazing.”


Results upon Completion

Participants have

100s of action pics in mind

They know they can

150 simple tricks

10+ roadmaps in mind

5+ teams sharing a passion

Curtain up! Ready for Action!

They are ready to turn these sketched campaigns into reality.


Positive Change Media & Music

What’s needed.

Hero*ines inspire! But what makes them inspirational? How design article, films, music to inspire others in a way that they get up and join in? Young people need to know, in order to be able to do knowledge- and spirit-transfer.

What we are going to do.

We explore hero*ines’ inner alchemy, look for this Spirit in ourselves and practice how to express it.

Positive News Culture

We explore “positive news columns and media” to check their quality + create articles

Films + Music

We view Change Generation Music clips, explore what makes it different, better, and practice our skills

Our personal source of Spirit

We explore where it is located in our bodies and how to nurture it


used in this phase.

Video cards, online sources

They will help …

as posters with QR links, they bring exhibits to life

The MAGIC Inside

that many ignore, and which makes all the difference for activating youth and achieving positive changes.

Maximum spirit for oneself and others

This is GOLD.

The films and music are beyond awesome.

The realization of inexistence of useful + usable “positive news” … and ability to create them together with YL Magazine.

Understanding the sources of virtuous hero*ine spirit in ourselves. Getting a grasp on it, so we can cultivate it in ourselves, in newbies, in children … and can detect when people do not have it.

This is STELLAR.

Results upon Completion

Participants have


Positive news media skills

News platform + crew

Ace music + videos

Boost kids to live Inner Hero*ines

Ace tools for music class and events

Curtain up! Ready for Action!

Participants can learn from positive news media, contribute to YL Magazine, create a local edition, also as school project, can use this Change Era’s amazing music in music class as it happens, can use it to up ambience at HQs, stands and workshops, can learn to sing and compose and upload it to YL to share with the tribe, they can have profound conversations with peers and parents on values, virtues, feelings, passion and create spaces where to nurture and unleash them!


Activate Paradise City

What’s needed.

So, we have a fired up team, even the whole school participates. But that’s not enough. We need all schools in town to get activet, and not just youth but also the enormous citizenry and many key professionals and wealth holders with enormous resources and relations that help amplify and accelerate youth-led projects and positive change. Also, where can youth meet after school hours, on week-ends and summer holidays to plan and realize projects? In fact, we need an ambience and culture of merry changemaking all over town and in public.

What we are going to do.

We apply everything we’ve learned to the local Map, tuend to your local unique setting – using 100s of icons, identifying friendly spaces, places, people, allies … and what to do with them … with local potentials and problems.

We use an XL map with 12 months with 50 UN Theme Action Days

In its centre, we place a map of district, town or region, depending on our setting and intention

We place icons on the map

… by our own experience of who we know + what we wish to happen where

We localize campaigns

on the map on a few big common topics


used in this phase.

A map and 100s of visual icons. Yes, 100s !!

They will help …

  • in gaining an overview
  • in visualizing plenty of invisible allies and potentials

that us standing around the Map 

  • our friends
  • folks with us in the room


  • all our relations
  • many people we haven’t met yet

have loads and loads of knowhow, skills, resources, relations … 

View the scope of icons, topics and content

Each set is used by itself. After all we need to see the map, right?

The MAGIC Inside

that many ignore, and which makes all the difference for activating youth and achieving positive changes.

Eagle Eye Overview, plenty of allies, plans and 10x more opportunities than you can handle 🙂

All youth – ALL YOUTH and CHILDREN – feel they are just one, just a few … and short in body, short in knowledge … short in relations, short in influence and on a short leash, they cannot get around in town. It’s true for most grown-up citizens.

This means they lack friendly relations, support, trust and power. 

This changes with this exercise and it’s huge.

Results upon Completion

Participants have


Trust in many good people

Confidence to find allies

A map to make plans with others

Priority power spots, HQs

Curtain up! Ready for Action!

Wow, 100+ people and places to connect with and check for activation, starting with friends of all of us around the Map (a group, clan, tribe that we can grow at schools, public libraries, farmers markets, conferences …). Get going!


High Impact Starter Actions

What’s needed.

Time for action. It’s likely we’ve already taken quick actions after Phase 1, but now it’s about first high impact actions that really change lives and land, here and faraway. Despite everything we’ve learned, this is still new and a challenge, so let’s make it super easy, swift and fun, and let’s do all the essential actions to kick off youth leadership!

What we are going to do.

We provide a set of activities that are simple, common sense and popular – which means we can easily get many people involved that understand, agree and contribute. We know these initiatives from hero*ines we’ve already met, admire and love. We’ve seen these actions in their Action Guides. We already thought “hey, we can do that!” and our YL Coach said “right on, let’s just wait a little, because after Phase 3, we better know how to inspire, after Phase 4 we have a much bigger list of allies and potentials.” Now, we go at these actions! Plus, we do essentials of kickstarting youth leadership, which means to activate groups + create visual presence in public spaces + vividly document it in positive news style for social, news and YL media!


Crash Courses

Poster Exhibit

and always …

Vivid Documentation

in simple style

This reaches 1,000s of people … which boosts reach, fun, impact … and leads to more supporters and follow-up


used in this phase.

Action Guides

and quick calls to YL Coaches for tips and tricks, if needed

They will help …

get straight to work

with relevant impact on society

a rewarding experience that lays the emotional foundation of deciding to go on

… because life without it is BORING, dull and void of meaning.


The MAGIC Inside

that many ignore, and which makes all the difference for activating youth and achieving positive changes.

Changing lives and land at rapid pace FOR REAL

Newbies experience

… positive response and contributions by many youth and adult allies

… raising $10,000€ value in a couple of weeks 

… very quick impact on many lives through focused action for young hero*ines in developing countries

… the power of many youth at school; each contributes a tiny bit and it adds up to an enormous lot 

… their power to inspire groups of youth and adults by guiding casual or formal crash courses for friends, school classes or staff

… their power to create public presence through poster exhibits in friendly spaces

… optional additional activities following their passion and current opportunities

… using current occasions such as UN Theme Days

… taking quick photos of themselves in action for social media

… flooding social media with their own positive news and observing response in their communities

… creating media presence in YL and news media, school, company and civil society newsletters

Results upon Completion

Participants have

changed lives

acted as team

activated adult allies

created presence at schools


created presence in media

Curtain up! Ready for Action!

Your actions and documentation have created enormous presence.


and your enthusiastic crew, with already remarkable skills, experience and confidence, more plans at hand, tons of YL relatons, resources, programs, partners, opportunities, adventures to live … you are ready to self-organize year-round fireworks of action all over your region.

as you meet grand mages and join the grand quests of our era

and that happens really soon.


Get Certified as YL Coach

What’s needed.

Newbies, even after first actions, impact and experience of their new skills feel insecure and are not recognized in society. Crash Course trainees deserve that their competence get affirmed in a way that is understood by society – by youth, by citizens, by parents, by Key Professionals sharing our core purpose “to enable Able Active Caring Citizens” such as teachers, librarians, journalists, councillors and civil society, as well as in the field of culture (youth leadership is a cultural asset) and by philanthrophs and funders.

What we are going to do

We certify their new competence with a signed YL Coach Certificate, competence partner of RCE-Ruhr, United Nations University

YL Coach status gives access to the YL Coaches Community and global Project Partners to weave encounters, conversations, activities, partnerships and do projects together using YL platforms and programs.

YL Coaches get marked on the YL LearnPlanet map (as membership reference and so they can get found and find partners) and get a YL article post celebrating their fresh certification, membership and locality to share with their networks and news media.

YL Coaches can also gain roles as international Project Partners for schools – to converse, collaborate, organize visits and youth exchanges. Obvious examples can be African Community Organizers and LearnSpace hosts.

Report on the Crash Course Experience


Personalized Membership


used in this phase.

Certificate, YL LearnPlanet Map

They will help …

… gain recognition

… find allies and get found

The MAGIC Inside

that many ignore, and which makes all the difference for activating youth and achieving positive changes.

Solid affirmed competence

Caring youth and caring citizens gain

  • a high level certificate
  • a member profile
  • long-term visible presence on the YL LearnPlanet Map
  • access to global expert community

with a global top quality community of coaches, changemakers and practitioners in ESD Education for Sustainable Development and SDGs UNITED NATIONS Sustainable Development Goals.

Results upon Completion

Participants have


Map Marker



Community Member-ship

Free Coaching

Curtain up! Ready for Action!


This has been a rapid upgrade to fresh competence of outstanding value for people and planet near and far,
equipped with rich scope of resources, partners and supporters to unfold your skills.

You will still feel fresh like a newbie but you have experienced your skills, positive feedback and impact. This will only get better.

You have acquired the foundation and you have everything you need to strengthen it, and continue learning from YL social media, YL Academy, online meetings – and through casual conversations with like-hearted YL Coaches community – and of course through practice as you do what you love doing, as YOUNG PEOPLE’S BEST FRIEND.

From now on, it’s easy to reach out to schools etc to Activate Your City, spark and accompany ever greater projects.

You choose as you please – harmoniously aligned with your lifestyle and priority passion!