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A few Welcome Words.

Hiyah, great to see you on this page!

This means, you are ready to your part to empower the Change Generation.

All of us, all caring youth and all caring adults can evoke enormous changes for people and planet by using our resources, tools, tricks, support and community – in the home, at work, at school, online, in the community.

The steps are super simple. You have seen some of it before. For example,

It is all common sense.

Often, it is very simple and swift, like

  • passing on info to teachers and citizens
  • raising XZ dollars for a hero*ine, to reach a milestone
  • sending a toolkit to a journalist
  • sharing a text on a newsletter, on social media
  • using hero*ine stories, videos, music in class
  • setting up a poster exhibit

It takes only minutes, reaches hundreds, and can evoke a lot of impact!

Many people lack understanding of youth leadership essentials, and unsure how to start, insecure of themselves, lack tools and community.

We provide all of it, and people love it! View the feedback below and in our feedback section.

We recommend looking at youth leadership like a new sport! So, don’t expect to know it all by having seen a couple of youth on mainstream media. You have to see more, in action, learn some tricks, some moves, and wield them.

That is why we have put together a Crash Course that guides you through the essentials of youth leadership. All you need is a computer screen, sound, your fav drinks and a sense of humor.

And in short time, it all becomes super easy, fun and rewarding!


For your confidence, motivation and reward. Proof that you have the knowledge to coach others on youth leadership. For your CV, by international education standards.

Your swift, entertaining experience

also shows you amazing info, hero*ines, the spirit, music, also tools and action options

enabling you to inspire and empower others, even to run LEVEL UP! Crash Courses for groups

Here’s what students say after presentations organized by newbie YL Volunteers at schools.
  • This scope of youth power is new to us 98% 98%
  • This is super inspirational 95% 95%
  • This is important for our generation 95% 95%
  • This should be part of life at school 92% 92%
  • I am willing to contribute on occasion 75% 75%
  • I am ready to join a Changemaker Student Club 15% 15%

This is fantastic

When do you ever get to hear such feedback?
Here’s what teachers and students say about the WE Schools program, similar to ours. 
  • TEACHERS feel more professionally fulfilled 78% 78%
  • TEACHERS see leadership qualities in students 82% 82%
  • STUDENTS feel more self-confident 89% 89%
  • STUDENTS volunteer for favorite causes 91% 91%
Nice, huh? That’s why we’re so excited about getting youth leadership into all schools, and now you can do that, too.

Expect surprise and new skills – superfast.

The Crash Course is free and designed to be entertaining, inspiring and to make a difference.

A spirit of fun, adventure and magic adds to the experience and to one’s impact.

It simply doesn’t work to be dull and boring. So, enjoy yourself. We do!

Since youth and adults have different superpowers, relations and fields of operation, each walk a different path of discovery, Q&A and activities.

We encourage you to view both versions, because it teaches you about the others’ powers, roles and tasks, which will help you activate youth, adults and better collaborate.