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do you remember stories on hero*ines that inspired you? that you even remember,? this means they were memorable. others that empowrred you to really do something? to do that what s shown as lauded model solution? did you? why not?

do you remember an award laureate a prize for a teen hero*ine, and for what, and can you do that? did you? why not? 

MAKE A SCALE OF 1-10 on wach of these.


maybe a survey. 

link to pos news uk list f articles, youth? empowering? relevance? youth? usable at school?

huff post, what works, empowering, ? nspiring? memorable? usable? youth?

ny times what works? inspiring, empowering, relevant? usable? youth?

teen vogue? section?

inspiring? relevant? usable? youth?
inspiring, usable, empowering? useful? youth?

one in your country we dont know of? 
inspiring? youth? etc

inspiring, relevant? youth? empowering? useful?


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nominate,m other music that fits

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Media have different roles. Information, investigative, education, edutainment, entertainment, … what’s definitely missing is media that empower citizens to do relevant good for people and planet. That’s the main focus we want to take here. It begins by finding a different bottom line, not just on form and style, but on priority content, purpose, on heart, on feeling and inspiration – on spirit. This is not the terms, thinking and things that common journalists do, which means that our approach has to be different and new. So let’s take a quick flight to some lookouts in the media landscape that offer new views and angles to take into consideration. You will sure find some guiding stars and new notes to compose meaningful media that help enable audiences evoke positive changes. We do not aim to provide a fixed method or model for journalist schools, but to nurture a feeling for what makes uplifting and empowering media. With such a feeling one has complete liberty in creating media, tuned to different topics and settings, and add that special spark of magic that makes a difference by igniting hearts and action.


Read these out loud to the group. Take turns for each article. Discuss briefly if you agree on the general view.


Opening with Eric’s view on the matter.

Communication. There exist neat guidelines: Is it necessary? Is it kind? We can also ask this about tv programs, adverts. Positive news pioneer Shau-na Crockett-Burroughs also asked “is it relevant” (for people to spend precious lifetime reading it)? To help us inhabitants of unsustainable societies upgrade our media, we go back to the roots to add more dimensions – purpose and responsibility – and ask What is the purpose of communication? From mother to baby? Upliftment. Father to child climbing a tree? Upliftment. Playground friends? Upliftment. Teacher and stu-dent? Upliftment. Teammates? Upliftment. Lovers? Upliftment! Do you love people? Animals? Nature? So, what about our society’s mega communication tool: big media? TV, magazines, do they intend our Upliftment? Do they intend to get our money, to distract, drug (entertain), frighten, mislead, spy, influence us to fear and do things we would not fear or do, to buy stuff we’d not care to buy? Is there difference between public and private media? As a society with a shared aim to achieve a life of peace, joy and abundance, it is our right that our mass media intend our Upliftment through inspiration, education and empowerment. And in time of crisis? Like a mom or dad that see their child threatened, the 100% priority is to solve crisis, to give all of us solutions to restore peace, joy and abundance for all of us. Fast! Discuss. Agree?


The prime role of journalism is to show the world how it is. Well, if you look around in town, do you see murder, war, porn, to a degree as on tv and in newspapers? Is that your world? There is a mass phenomenon of teenage changemakers and adult social entrepreneurs, yet we see nothing of them. Some say, bad news sell, but is this actually true? Let’s take a quick look at


The news is stressful


1st link or better the TEXT of arianna huffington article with link to original (just to make sure it doesnt get lost)


then also have a look at whether their positive news product lives up to the urgency of the matter as she presents it.




Useless! Obviously, these people are not the right kind of solutions journalist.


10 Reasons why we need SOLUTIONS JOURNALISM


There’s a whole website with courses and more. Have a quick look, so you remember it, if it becomes important for you.


Let’s look at the headlines of their recent stories. Do they feel relevant to you? Or not so much?


Let’s look at another mentioned publication that has a priority mission of positive news Look at their frontpage. How many articles are relevant and empower you to do good for people and planet?


We say, not so many. We think it’s not enough. In fact, they used to be better under their founding editor Shauna, and have become diluted since the younger team took over, even ignoring Shauna’s Positive News Philosophy – strictly no politics, no religion, they are too dirty a business to produce truly positive news.


How many news do you see that are relevant to young people? Browse their menu SECTIONS to find articles on youth and for youth.


We don’t know their current website, but we’re sure there’s at best a couple of youth articles, often there’s not even portraits of changemakers. And we say in bold letters – that’s not nearly good enough.


Here, The Better India.

Read out the headlines to others. Feel inspired? Better? What’s missing?




So, it’s up to us. To you and us. So, next, let’s have a look at what we have to offer and how you can be part. Your creative ideas are welcome!