A thought for preparation.

When it comes to feeling passion for something in our heart, there is no right or wrong. We are all different, and that is exactly what we need to evoke grand multiplex positive change on everything. Whether silent or loud, elf, nerd, beautiful beast or other, we all have specific superpowers for positive change. This also means, that we all experience this crash course different. Listen to Sandra for a bit on how to make the best of your inner journey, and why the grand hero*ines have a good dose of silly in them.

Key message of the video

Human nature tends to compare yourself with other people, like – that person is having a better experence than I have.

It’s really important to drop that thought.

You are in a group setting, but your experience needs to be personal to be rich! 

Imagine yourself at a ballroom dance. You’re having this really intimate dance with your partner. If you are looking into their eyes, there is a magic that happens. But if you look around you and behind you and watch everybody else dancing, the magic is broken.

During this workshop, you are in an intimate dance with your Inner Hero*ine, so don’t worry about what everyone else in the room is doing. We will share, but it is about trusting and honoring your own experience.

This crash course is an immersion, an initiation. This is only about YOU. It is direct revelation. No coach or “priest” can translate or explain your experience. Whatever your experience is is correct.

And laugh. The more you can open up to a place of humor, the more the spirit can come in. What stops us from evoking positive change is that we get so serious, so rational, that the spirit cannot get to us, because the only place spirit can connect with us is through the Heart.

If you have ever been around high impact successful changemakers, you have seen that – they are in good spirits, and some are very silly and shine and laugh all the time.

Pay good attention to the young people you meet in the Crash Course. And to the adults.

Every generation has its sound that expresses its spirit in music. No 60s event is even imaginable without pertaining music. But the longing music of the 60s, 70s disco or ecstatic 90s techno do not help us at all today. It would be grossly unfit for teen hero*ines at workshops to sing profane gutter rap or idiot mainstream songs. Where is the music that expresses “it is our people, our planet, our future, and we are going to save them, no matter what?” that we can sing together deeply connected in our hearts, that fills and fires us up to expand our love and go even bigger? This music has appeared. And no high energy gathering is imaginable without it. 

Good Vibes

are the first obvious energy that youth bring to adult events, which are often too serious, too boring, too mental, too angry.

Holley is a brilliant example of a 9-year-old siren whose song became the celebrated anthem of the Bentley Blockade, to protect the beautiful land from criminal invasion by frackers and corrupt politicians. And yes, the Battle of Bentley was won!

Listen well. Feel well.


Earth Guardians are the first, and still prime example of Change Generation Music, created by unique people : highly successful activists with incredible artistic talent and grown up in sacred traditions. They composed their album Generation Ryse at age 12 in 2012. It radiates pure spirit of universal youth leadership.

Xiuhtezcatl's music since ...

… focus on telling his personal experience as a young activist, on resistence against growing oppression in the USA, and on reclaiming indigenous cultural identity and heritage. He is a very important figure for the youth movements of North America, as he now focusses less on campaigns but on empowering other youth to unfold their leadership skills, besides organizing indigenous leadership summer camps, unlocking funds for Earth restoration and  reforestation through music festival ticketing and networking behind the scenes. His music is new, magical and healing as always, but its specific focus and the context of oppression and resistent relates more to energies of protest and campaigning. It is not the energy suited for projects and the YL focus group : all global youth age 8 to 18, and especially age 10 to 16 with the strongest passion and time to do massive projects.

We are yet to see more music coming from teenage changemakers. We have a teaching tool for use in music class, by passionate musicians and changemakers, calling youth to learn, sing, translate, compose, perform, upload and share with us. Exciting!

Another angle of Change Generation Music is inspired by adult magical coaches.

Desert Pea Media are a group of extraordinary hip hop coaches that visit rural aboriginal communities suffering from various challenges. Using an immersive theatre approach, they involve youth and the entire community to dig out focus issues and weave a storyline from problem to solution with fitting beats. The results are astonishing, with raw, fresh voices, positive spirit, meaningful message and inspiring visuals unheard and unseen in the self-obsessed music landscape.

Pay good attention to the topics and the importance of the Land. 

Pay attention to courageously showing oneself, heart and values. 

Pay attention to humor. 

It’s reeaaaly good news for you to see ordinary youth with no experience in activism come up with such. 

It means that kids and teens around you can do it, too.


This clip is not about the award. If awards had any value, the world would long have been saved. But it shows you two things: that the songs got played on radio across Australia, and you get to see the youth, unplugged behind the scenes, which is always a special treat <3 such lovely people to be around, aye? Teenage youth are the most wonderful beings. Don’t you think, it is time to show such teen vibes are all over media and in our streets, for children to grow up with?

And then, there is someone else, who grew up in a small red house in the forest on a Norwegian fjord. Straight from a fairy tale she stormed the hearts and stages of the world with songs she had composed as early as age six. Her name : the soft morning light after a long, dark, cold night. And that she is. Sit back, feel, experience.

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