Further … after all this work on the outer world … we want to prepare our next page with … the inner world … where half a billion teenagers today do not feel at peace. 

As usual, we have someone and a song as a magical tool for you to add to your collection of magic wands.

This is an even stronger fateful tool, since a surprising lot of listeners say “this was one of my favorite books in childhood” and “it is so amazing that it appears here now” and others say that this song brings them back to life and others have saved their life, literally.

We don’t know whether your youtube shows the same comments that we see … but among the first fifteen comments we see 3 that speak of phases of severe falls into darkness, self-denial, destruction and actual suicide attempts … fading away when these young people discovered AURORA’s music. Have a calm look through comments. 

And now we go look at how young people restore peace … face to face … in groups … in their communities.