Before we take action, let’s strike out. 

Let’s check whether you have actually gained something practical during the Discovery Tour.

Multiple choice usually is a very poor testing format, but here it actually serves us well. 

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The Essential Question

Sustain the Suffering, or live the New and enable a new generation at record pace?

Hardboiled Uncle Tubulls said 3 words. * Walk your talk *. They make all the difference to the non-doers. They make us BEST FRIEND of young people, all species and generations to come.

Positive change will only happen, if we want it to happen. If we love it. Loving means uplifting the other – be it children, a lover, the Land or the Future. It is not a word or a feeling. It means giving one’s lifetime and actually doing it on the material plane. With your hands, with your body, in touch with the other. It means doing what needs doing. Being selfless, acting out of Love for those that need our doing, to realize the common Great Dream in the Hearts of all of us.

We want that you make this experience with ease.