You are here, because you want to learn on what amazing things teenage hero*ines achieve today.

You are here to learn how young people in your country can get activated to do like them.

You are here to learn how you can make that happen.

This is not a small thing.

And you want something solid.

So let’s not hurry.

This is a workshop.

If you attended it in person you would expect it to last a full day. And you’d be fine with that. You would expect nothing less, since anything less cannot really provide you something solid. Anything less would not provide time and opportunity for reflection and questions and really good answers. Guidance on what steps to take.

So, don’t get distracted or think this can get done in 2 hours just because it’s online. Also, don’t think that it will get boring. NO WAY. A 2 or 3 hour Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings movie doesn’t get boring. Even watching an amazing 10 part series doesn’t get boring. It may get exhausting because you’re looking a long time at a screen. But it’s also exhausting to be with 10 people in a room for 1 or 2 days. 

So, just accept that you are working. You are climbing a ladder to a new level. And I assure you, this IS an upgrade.  

Already by the end of PAGE 1 your worldview will have changed, and you will have a strong IDEA of the powers of youth and of you to evoke remarkable changes, also in your town and region. And 20 pages later, by the end of Phase 1 … wow, beyond words.

Further, through Phases 2, 3, 4, you will have so many ideas that your mental body no longer doubts but it feels real. Finally, in Phase 5, through practical exercises your emotional and physical bodies will integrate the experience. 

You can be a total newbie, and it will work. It’s simple, you will be doing what KIDS ARE DOING, with tremendous impact, but you have to walk through the process of discovery, the reflection and the experience.

This experience – including your doubts and insecurities, maybe even fears, that will appear in the process are *important part*. You can only feel insecure, because it is NEW so you cannot feel sure. A few minutes later, you will find that many doubts and fears are absolutely ridiculous … often at the end of a page when reading COMMENTS on particular issues discovered on the page, for example “activities at school”, your doubts will *pooff* disappear because our explanations make you realize that it is all common sense … that you’ve seen it work in the stories, you’ve seen it work in the world, you know there exist kind people that will love this. 

This process is experienced as remarkably intense and enlightening and invigorating for many people !!

Some decide to take time to bathe in the feeling, and digest it. And to do only one page per day, because the hero*ines are so lovely, so awesome, that it would be a shame to hurry through stories.


these stories are your #1 instrument. Each represents a solution. Each represents inspiration. Each comes with vivid imagery, videos, actions. In so many forms that you have favorites for everybody. Gentle, flamboyant, short- and long-term, FUNdraising, hands in the dirt, with animals, with kids, making uplifting music or positive news media that reach many. You’ll have favorites for everybody. But only if you know them all.

To know them all, you need to experience them in memorable form. Not in text like a phone book. But in real photos and story, or better – in videos – so you can see the hero*ines, hear the hero*ines, their power, their love, their passion … because it is these that MAKE hero*ines different from others, that make them so inspirational … it makes that THEY HAVE THE HEART to DO something.

They love children and nature so much that they act. 

They have the courage to act.

They know solutions, they have vision, so they act.

They feeeel strongly, which is the spark that makes them jump up, and that fuels them to keep going.

It is a matter of SPIRIT.

And this SPIRIT is what makes them in-spirat-ional. This Spirit is transferred to audiences and what makes kids join them. In Craig’s case, kids at 20,000 schools. This Spirit is what will awaken in you as you see, listen to and FEEL these hero*ines. It will make their energy activate keys on your inner piano. It will awaken your Inner Hero*ine, in your own way, intro- or extrovert, gentle or savage. This Spirit will dance in you as you meet other people and groups of students. This Spirit you will raise in the room through their stories, by showing their videos and music, by sharing some personal anecdotes and news on hero*ines you love best and follow online. This Spirit transfer is what YOU will make happen. 

This is no small thing. 

This is what no one but a handful of hero*ines achieves.

This is what makes YL special. This is what makes us achieve.

This is what makes YL Coaches and YL Warriors. SPECIAL.

Unique. Well equipped. Backed by a global tribe of hero*ines.

And in DEMAND. Because this is precisely what society yearns for.

Not protests but projects. Not voting and waiting, but implementing solutions that change lives and land. Not revolution but evolution. Changing from incompetent, impotent voters hiding behind experts to Able Active Caring Citizens implementing humanity’s finest solutions at local level. This is what YL makes possible. It’s difficult for adults. It’s what YOUTH are made for, by growing up with it from age 8 to 18 in their forming years, with macro community of 100s at school and the liberty to move around freely. 

This is what the Crash Course enables you to do. 

IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. If you know the stories, the music, the action options. You need not remember them ALL. everybody will remember some. And that’s fine. And you’ll know where to find more.

Like with a new sport where new balls and bats feel awkward in your hand, you are to follow your coach’s guidance and practice the moves. You watch the superstars. You won’t do like them, but that’s not required. You can still play the sport, have fun, assist and score goals, win and teach others. You won’t score 500,000 books but 1,000 and that’s a new children’s library in a desolate place changing the lives of kids. You won’t found a school at age 9 and have 6,000 students by age 21, but you can teach peers what you have learned. And that is awesome. And youth joining YL will have over 400 actions to choose from. And you as YL COACH show them this new world of opportunities. They shall become able to self-organize with their friends and our global Tribe. If you are there to help on demand, the better.  

This said, Phases 1-5 can take you a week. Or 2. Or a month. And that’s okay. You do it at YOUR PACE. Because it’s all about SPIRIT.

PHASE 1 is a MUST for all humans on the planet today, really. So make sure you definitely complete this one. The rest is bonus for going big. You can decide whether you continue rightaway or not. But do PHASE 1 to the fullest. You will emerge a different person with incredible options for actions that shape the future of entire regions. And THAT, my friend, is exactly what the world needs, what your heart sings for and what no one has. And you will.


This is a big and beautiful step for you, and it will truly be as enjoyable as a Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings novel or movie. So celebrate it. Give it your full attention. First times are magic.

YL stands for amazing hero*ines and geniuses. 

We give humanity’s finest to young people. They deserve nothing less.

Anything less will make them underperform and FAIL to save Life on Earth. 

Hence, we want YL Coaches to be well qualified in stories, tools and guidance. Dont you agree?

The Crash Course delivers all the Essentials of Youth Leadership and YL.

They form a foundation of common knowledge, instrumentarium, stories and Spirit among YL Coaches, Warriors, LearnSpace hosts and Project Partners.

When you meet a YL Coach on the world map you know you share this amazing foundation of spirit, tools, skills and vision … it is as beautiful as meeting Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings fans … it transports you into a shared parallel plane of existence … except for that the YL plane of existence is for real right here. You SEE it in shining teen hero*ines doing awesome stuff with crazy fun. It’s a GOOD LIFE!

You will have many aha and oho moments. Some aspects may not click with you. For example, the hip hop music doesn’t ring a bell with many Indian youth and adults. That’s okay. But still Indian YL Coaches must KNOW the music pieces in YL. And together we may create something attuned to the Indian Spirit. And you … you are to have experienced all these videos, all the music, all the comments. And you are to do all the Reflections, write down your answers because

– it helps you remember

– it helps you compare and align with your own experiences at school, in town, in life, with friends

– it helps us at YL learn from how you experience these stories and methods, how they work for different people in different parts of the world.

WE ARE WORKING TOGETHER, alright? You do this online, but we DO have a bond with you. And you can talk to us. But to make things easier, faster, efficient, solid, let’s only *talk* about the most important and tick off other things with your reflection and report documents. IT WORKS!

It will give you CONFIDENCE that you are on track and gaining all the information that we consider important for you to be well equipped. So that you will minimize awkward moments when you speak to others, to youth groups, or network with allies, schools, mayors … 

So, as YL Coach you are to meticulously follow the steps. You’ll read a few academic comments on the big picture of our mission… You need not remember these by heart. The most important ones will be repeated, that’s how you’ll notice and remember. Once you get bored of it, you know you have understood. 🙂 

And you’ll be certified as YL Coach, with United Nations University status. 


As YL Coach, you will only be among truly caring people.

Because lukewarm people or those hunting diploma for their CV do NOT HELP YOUNG PEOPLE and POSITIVE CHANGE. The more there are the more USELESS the community becomes. Then, we might as wenn NOT DO IT.

Hence, in your interest, and your heart’s aspirations for kids and Life on Earth,

We will not certify people that are too lazy, too lofty or too ambitious to meticulously follow the steps into the magnificent world of Youth Leadership and YL that is beyond awesome than anything what’s happening in your schools and towns.

This page is an introduction.

Like you get a bla bla welcome introduction at workshops.

It’s important though. We will get a few FAQ out of the way, so that they do not disturb you during the Course. We will address the issue of FEELINGS. We have explained how feeling hero*ines, passion and expressing it are essential to getting up and doing good for people and planet. Feeling the  suffering in the world. Shedding warm tears. These are sacred. Rattled by a sacred urgency. Sometimes outrage. About cruelty. About incompetence. Resulting in determination to do it, since no one else does. This is what many child and adult hero*ines felt in the decision-moment that got them started. 

FEELING is not exactly what young people are used to feel, show, express and converse about in a classroom setting. It’s not exactly what grown-ups show, talk and act about at the workplace. But it’s essential. 

Hence, as YL Coach, depending on the setting, we create an ambience that leads to and encourages that one permits to FEEL FEELINGS, observes the process, and dares gently express them in the group setting. 

This is why Crash Courses don’t deal with 3 hero*ines in 10 minutes but with 20+ hero*ines, with films and music in 90+ minutes. A movie’s length. This makes feelings rise and rise. This makes an IMMERSION in hero*ine Spirit. this is why youth give such rockstar feedback to our Crash Course.

Hence, in this Introduction, we mix in a few thoughts – and experiences – oif warming up for the Crash Course. Here, it’s for yourself. But you’ll remember some of it for when you interact with individuals or groups, casually or in a course.

So, take this first page like a morning breakfast meeting in preparation of a hike and Discover Tour. We prepare you mentally, so we can enjoy the scenery together and don’t get interrupted by silly questions or people drowned in fears of steep walls and vultures, or too timid to express their joy in howls. You are encouraged to cry, cheer, growl and howl!


Cookies? Tea?

Kids love young hero*ine stories. You bring the world’s finest to them and open the doors to become part of those adventures. 

How could you possibly fail?

You can’t fail.

If you know your hero*ine stories, tools and spirit well.

We want to make you the best YL Coach for youth, so that inspiration leads to swift, impactful action and self-organization by youth, as student club or other.

And we want to make it as easy and awesome for you as it is for us experienced YL Coaches.

When YL Master Coaches like Eric give a speech, do a workshop, guide a Crash Course or a week-long program, youth say

“The best session of the week. The best week of my life. The teamers were awesome. Eric’s a legend. You just changed my life.”

The reason is that Eric knows what kids can do … and he radiates this TRUST towards them.



Yes, with a little practice.

That’s why you’re here.



10 and 11 year olds win America’s Got Talent after learning music or ventriloquism on youtube. 

Kids growing up with skateboarding or rockclimbing outperform adult professionals by age 9.

and today, you’ll see ordinary


in doing good for people and planet.

And the best is:

it doesn’t take years of experience.

{ you as adult can’t do that. that’s okay. the new kids are like a new species. and that’s great. celebrate them! it’s a miracle. what they need is to get awakened to the scope of their powers. and you help make it happen! and they’ll love you for it. and we will celebrate you, too } 



And you’ll know that the steps are ridiculously simple. 

{ we’ll show you – and practice them in Phase 5 }

You will have absolute confidence that the kids in front of you have superpowers in them and can speedrun to hero*ine in a whiffy

like their hero*ine peers – and with them.

{ many hero*nes are available as speakers and project partners, yes – what yould be more exciting? – and you bring these adventures in classrooms! What a legend you’ll be for the kids! What an ally you’ll be for teachers! And for parents, for citizens all over town and region… }



You don’t have to do much talking.
The “talking” is done by the hero*ine role models in stories and videos.

And you have a crowd of in-spirat-ional hero*ine friends with you – in forms of films, stories, posters and their music. And this has effect.

Here’s typical feedback to Crash Course Phase 1 in a school class, guided by newbie YL Coaches in unexpecting newbie school classes age 10 to 14:

“The most energized lesson of my career. Even the most quiet students had something to say. Students are inspired and want to get involved. This is what school should always be like,”

say teachers. 90% of students say

“This is brandnew to me, highly inspiring, important for our generation, everybody should know, it should be present at our school,” and 10+% are willing to form a team, 70+% are willing to contribute and participate on occasion.

That’s spectacular.

We’ll show you more testimonials later.

Fact is – that’s the joyful life of a YL Coach.



* 80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously, copy-paste. * 

All of us use it – in music, sports, gaming, parenting, new enterprises.

Reading on nursing a baby is one thing. Sitting with other new moms is entirely different. You can read on basketball, but when you watch NBA games it’s different! You can read on music, but when you watch your dearest bands and singers, it’s entirely different and it doesn’t take long for you to hum along, wiggle long and if you put a little effort into it, you’ sing that in a really pleasant way that makes others smile, and feel uplifted by you.

It’s the same with changemaking. You don’t just read about it. You gotta experience it with all your senses. Don’t panic. It needn’t be you, and you need not fly in hero*ines. Role Models also function via video, and we have plenty of videos for you, posters and more.

You take it in with many intuitive senses, not just your analytical Brain. This mental body is a small one, and if you can switch it off, the better!, but in these brainy societies, we need to help our mental body understand what’s going on in the heart and belly (your passion volcano with the fuel for action).

Let me explain.

People “know” and even “understand” that there is crisis, problems and suffering people, animals etc. – still they do not act in any relevant way. The mass still buys ugly “copies” of real food, even for their loved ones and babies.

Because they don’t have the HEART to do better.

See, heart is feeling, caring, a sense of the sacred. But also courage.

French coeur (heart) is linked to courage.

Souffrir is linked to s’ouvrir.
Suffering is linked to opening oneself.
Feel the Earth’s pain – open your Heart.
See Voldemort. And respond.

You’ll hear teen hero*ines speak truth and wisdom how they succeed, and why 100,000s of kids have joined them, and why and when seeing suffering in the world is okay. And important.

It’s fine when it is combined with solutions. And opportunity to heal the broken world.

“And as they heal the world, also their hearts heal.”

This is the combination that few have for the kids. And for school students.

We have PLENTY. And now you have, too.

It’s why spending time with us is perceived as awesome.

Spending time with you will be experienced as awesome.

As YL Coach.



Equipped with high quality hero*ine role model solution stories, tools, action opportunities, real hero*ines as project partners, fun programs, global like-hearted community flying on inspiration of changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries at record pace and scale – like today’s young and adult hero*ines – and with them!

(You’ll read this combination of words many times, but that’s part of training to remember it, since so far no one gets it and no one does it, so we keep singing this song to your mind so you’ll never forget it and will start doing it, since it is precisely what you want to see, what the world needs and no one achieved to-date. So, your Upgrade needs to code this as goal and benchmark of your performance as a changemaker.)

The term Hero*ine is no self-definition. It is used for people that did a superhuman service to The People. That’s why certain awards are rightfully called YXZ Hero Award and children hug you breathlessly saying “you are my hero” without a sense of doubt or shame.

This kind of people you will meet on this tour, and be among in the YL Tribe, and connect to the children at school, so they can unfold the same in them.

We shamelessly use the term Hero*ine, since they are in our novels, our myths, in children and early teens, for good reason, and the term makes changemakers smile with grit.

The more you enjoy this, the more you are like it, and on the yellow road to success with kids and fellow changemakers and caring citizens in town. 

And once you dare open your HEART to the horrendous suffering of innocent animals, plants, chilren and humans, and affirm your ALLIANCE with them, and know of solutions you begin to turn LOVE into ANGER into SACRED RAGE at the utter incompetence, indifference and cruelty of people all over society, you decide you WANT those solutions be applied. 

At this point mind + Heart + Belly are combined.

In your Belly is weight that sets the wheel in motion, emotions are the fuel that sets the engine in motion. It only needs a spark of inspiration to kick it off. It took the Bear Mom Roars of rose McGowan to boost the #metoo rocket, to boost the #MarchForOurLives rocket, and one darn pissed off silent Greta to step up and sit down in front of parliament.

This fuel of passion – of anger over injustice, over people in positions of responsibility, and all adult generations failing across the board – is what shoots the LOVE in Changemakers’ Hearts to the mind for VISION, to the bum to get up, to the Feet to get going and to the Hands to DO and shape the world.

It is a CREATIVE FORCE. Creative like Creator in religion, you get it?

All aspects of being, all chakras, all body party combined.

This is the FORCE in all changemakers.

And which others don’t have.

{ only knowledge and understanding do nothing }

{ and oh are adults afraid of kids perceiving suffering, or being ANGRY }

But it’s all part of being human.

Change happens when we do both with wham bam determination:

YES! to what we LOVE!

NO! to that which destroys what we love.




“You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Bucky Fuller said this in 1980.

Everybody quotes him. Very few get it.

The MAGIC TRICK is not to direct this NO! to the rotten old (which has all the guns) but to put the force into creating the YES! that you want to see – by implementing solutions – yourself – doing projects with tangible impact, with countable results – like lives, land, laws, industries changed.

You will see all of that in the young hero*ines’ stories.



All that’s needed is that kids get to see their HERO*INE peers. And to FEEL their energy, their way of speaking, to FEEL how they FEEL. To activate that feeling on their Inner Piano.

> To awaken their Inner Hero*ine.

Plus – to give them magic wands and weapons right in that moment, with immediate opportunity to wield them and to feel the results of bringing light into the lives of children in poverty, in abusive environments, to heal the Land … like Noble Knights and beautiful beasts in their favorite stories, films and adventure games – FOR REAL.

They know the feeling. Only so far it was switched off when the show was over. Now they can live it full-time, FOR REAL, onsite, and you bet the cosmic clock has prepared them for this moment.

You are riding in at the perfect time.

All over the world kids yearn for it, activated to mass destruction and fear of the future through #fridaysforfuture (and seeing zero change from adults) and corona virus epidemic (being caged in for 1 year without *ever* being heard, asked, listened to, talked to by decision-makers, or teachers to hear of their suffering, their detail needs, their detail solutions as learners used to new ways of co-creative communication).

They’re shattered and pissed off. And alone and empty-handed. No adult has any clue how to change it. They are yearning for someone that speaks truth, on pain and love and power and someone that BELIEVES in their inborn powers. They yearn for real tangible solutions that truly change something. They yearn for people that will guide them change things for the better.

They look for REAL HERO*INE stuff,
and have zero clue what it might even look like.



There is no need to be boombastic like Eric. That’s even detrimental in Crash Courses for newbies, since his presence sucks up the kids’ attention. Their attention shall not be on this Adult in shining armor, but on their hero*ine peers – and themselves. 

So you as YL Coach just hand out stories, shuffle in videos and music

and guide through the steps, in your utter confidence, dropping a few anecdotes on your favorite hero*ines, latest news and what comes up.


Then, you show them cool partners, programs, actions and stuff they find in YL. And complete Phase 1 with feedback – 90% love it and want it at school. Finally, you guide them to decide to form a Changemaker Student Club, agree on a few follow-up steps, and make the teacher declare s/he loves it and will support by all means necessary and possible.

And now they’re able to find their way, learn more, self-organize actions. They’ll love you to come back for Phase 2. And then 3 and 4 and 5. You can. Or they self-organize them. You can also meet beyond school. But that’s details.

Again, taking an example from basketball. 

LeBron James is some relevant galeone figure.

But you can be Dennis Schroeder

half the size, twice as fast and just as much an ultimate coach for newbie and advanced young basketball players. Not for a few, for ALL of them, also LeBron fans, because you’ll be the one’s who’s THERE.


you will play and freestyle with ease



play the same ball on the same court,
by basic rules like two steps, 3-pointers, blah blah.

So, now will show you the YL court, basic rules and give you balls.

Balls in all sizes and colors, favorites for all kids and age groups.



This is a general orientation. You’ll find your groove in it.

1st of all : ENJOY the Discovery of true Youth Power!!!

like a Safari Tour

or rather like watching Harry Potter

like watching Lord Of The Rings


to see youth rock enormous projects you never considered possible

and it’s been happening on this planet for many years already

how awesome is that?

Dare to Dream

Such amazing hero*ine stories

and why haven’t you heard of it? 

isn’t it awesome that you do, now?

it’s in thousands of schools already

and what if this happens everywhere?

what will the world be like – NOW and in the FUTURE?

what will your daily life be like with such changemaker crews all over town?

what if you become part in spreading the message, see such youth crews grow up and support them?

what will they be like as adult citizens?

What not to worry about

These thoughts happen : 

  • what amazing young hero*ines
  • how shall I ever be able to do that? *
  • youth in my sleepy town … how could they ever pull this off? **
  • my own kids don’t give a damn, omg ***

Don’t let these disturb your experience. Don’t push them away. They are part of your process.

  1. watch the thoughts appears
  2. think, weigh them, look at them from different angles
  3. put your phantom fantasies in their place
  4. trust that most doubts = assumptions based on lack of insight and experience will dissolve as you NEWBIE get to understand what hero*ines world is really like
  5. we add reflection questions

Here’s what you realize

* you are not supposed to. you are a coach. you show the stories to inspire others to discover the power of youth, their own, and follow their own passion; sports, music and arts teachers don’t need to be world class athletes

** they don’t have to, they can start small, and we propose 4 actions, easy to advanced, based on each hero*ine’s initiative to start on that path, with immediate considerable impact. look, showing you “shy, tiny kids doing an x-mas cookie sale” would be useless. that’s not hero*ines, not changemaking, no role models. we show you the epic badasses – LIKE YOU DO in music and sports. it’s not like watching sports and music stars *frightened kids* from doing sport and music. on the contrary! by watching NBA basketball, european kids found their passion, their benchmarks and goals and today play in the NBA. that wouldn’t have happened, if they had only seen some drunkards at the local football turf. there’s no SPIRIT, no in-SPIRAT-ion. meanwhile, some of the youth hanging out in your town sweat and perform incredible stunts in sports halls – when you don’t see them. also, how could they be awesome, since no adult around them is awesome, and no one gave them relevant action opportunities, moves to try? we’ll show you stories of sleepy town students that got their whole town running and move mountains. and your role will be to show sleepy city youth what their peers are rocking, with a badass grin challenging them wannabe coolios to #bemoreawesome BEST AGE is 10 to 14 when kids are still idealistic + shamelessly passionate + can move around in town; we focus on age 8 to 18

*** your kids are not all kids. as you can tell from the hero*ine stories … often they just act alone or in small groups and move mountains! it’s just like any sport or music – not everybody is into making changemaking their sport, but most respect the athletes that do, and they’ll cheer them on and buy lemonAID for donations, join activities and more on occasion; and they’ll elect them into decision-making positions, because they know they are awesome, honorable able, active, caring folks; and that’s what we want

You see, your annoying doubts are part of the learning process and your own realization and conviction that it’s all common sense. And the doubts were really stupid questions. But it’s good you asked them. You shift perspective from being small, insecure, insignificant, incompetent … to being on top of it.

Simply observe them. do NOT start discussions. We don’t permit discussion in Group Crash Course (or in sports and music class and on outdoor hikes), but we tell them TRUST THE PROCESS, DO THE ACTIVITIES and you’ll see, by the end it’s fun and you score goals and the mountain view is AWESOME.

We’ll bust your phantom worries and cleanse your mind of cobweb fears by the end of page 1 and throughout the course. Others have testified how their mental storm took on abusive proportions and – puff – went off in smoke at the end of the page and their heart and vision shone with a big wide smile, LOVING IT. Trust the process. #bemoreawesome

Doubts don't matter

If questions and doubts attack you real bad, simply imagine you are in a group setting where you cannot get up and bellow out all your thoughts and emotions, such as

  • in a Group Crash Course
  • watching a Harry Potter movie
  • on a safari tour

You can’t and don’t want to ask all sorts of stupid questions, fears, analysis, assumptions on hunting techniques, evil poachers, past colonialism, future planetary catastrophe, what your neighbors think about you. 

What you want is to keep watching and enjoy the magnificent SCENERY, watch for colorful beasts and marvel! Trust your Driver. 

DURING GROUP CRASH COURSE PHASE 1, what matters most is the NEW SPIRIT. 

Phase s 2-5 show you steps,. tricks, tactics, allies, secrets of success, in theory and practice. 

RIGHT NOW, ENJOY THE JOURNEY and get to know the landscapes and characters of our real world Hogwarts school of Magic and Middle Earth. 

A Guide at a Festival or Olympic Games

As YL Coach, think of yourself as a guide at a super creative Music Festival.

Metalheads, families, hippies appear. You receive them at the welcome desk, and ask they check in you show them the map and point out …

“There’s the stages for heavy metal, techno dancefloors, the medieval folk area with bow shooting, fire show and kids tournament. Yea, you all wanna check that out. There’s a lake for swimming, from 7 to 8 in the morning you get free pancake breakfast at Alice’s Restaurant on the hill over there, free drinks if you wear face paint, and tomorrow evening play the loudest band in the world, Motörhead, if you dare …”

Easy. AND

You can go to a school and give a presentation on this fascinating multi-faceted festival using photos, film clips and music. And tell them of special options for youth to volunteer, to get creative, to play on stages etc. We use this trick to make it even better: teachers give a homework : each students gets one band or location to study at home, and present to the group in the next lesson with comments on what’s magic about it. And you are there to respond to students’ questions. You might even be the teacher, or one of the students. Or a parent. We also join school classes via video. And might bring a band member (hero*ine) along. 

“One of the most energized lessons of my career. Even the most silent ones had something to say. students are inspired and want to get involved. This is what school should always be like,” is what teachers say … and you experience it, too.

SIMPLE. You just gotta know your festival ground, stories and videos. You must have heard the music, too. And enjoy it.

You could do the same for Olympic Games. Or a Gaming World Cup. Or a Maker Fest. Or Hogwarts School of Magic (that’s what YL is, FOR REAL), right? Even if you don’t know Harry Potter, yet, you know you can acquire that knowledge. That’s basically what YL Coaches do.

The Role of YL Coaches

As a YL Coach, you know plenty of

  • hero*ine stories
  • action opportunities
  • tools + tricks
  • partners + coaches
  • roles + benefits
  • support

and where to find them. Like at a year-round Changemaker Festival.

That’s why in Phase 1 all you do is get to know STORIES of HERO*INES.

You are not expected to DO anything with it now. Unless we tell you to. And yes, we’ll wield some quick magic tricks together along the way. And at the end.

“No worries, Ron, you cannot fail. As your sports coaches, we know, because we are your sports coach and we see you got arms, legs, a mouth and a Heart.”

Ok, now that your mental body is prepared to understand what’s ahead, and willing to let things happen with the flow,

we’ll set our goal.

Every river needs a goal, and we know it’s big, shining, beautiful, full of fish and spans the Earth.

The Purpose of this Youth Leadership "Discovery Tour"
  • is to open your eyes to the phenomenon of Youth Leadership
  • to comprehend essentials of Youth Leadership and secrets of success
  • to open your VISION to boosting youth leadership, globally and locally
  • to become aware of your many options and helpers to do so in the YL Tribe and beyond

We ask you questions for reflection to internalize what you see, compare it what you know from your life. This helps you detect potentials and allies. 

We finish with swift practical acitivities that take only seconds or minutes, and we list Phase 5 Actions that you might feel inspired to do right away, and you can, depending on your environment. 

The Goal

is for you to be able to

  • spread the news and amazing stories,
  • in chats, on media,
  • guide Phase 1 at schools
  • support hero*ines and local youth teams
  • learn more on-the go via YL social media 
  • make swift contributions

You can do this already after Phase 1.

You learn advanced skills in Phases 2-5.

As YL Coach, you are not meant to do projects. That’s what YOUTH do. It’s Youth Leadership 🙂

Your role is simply to open people’s eyes and show the tools, partners and actions available to create a world of awesome. This role is urgently needed and highly welcomed in many spheres of society. We make it super simple, so everybody can do it, with quick results.

  • As Adult, you can organize activities as member of the YL Boost Club
  • As Youth, you can organize plenty of actions, also at school, with the #BeMoreAwesome program for youth age 8-18

You’ll find out more at the end of Phase 1.

6 hours nonstop ... or hop in and out?

The power of Group Crash Courses IS this complete IMMERSION. It makes people’s hero*ines come out and interact and form a bond an alliance in the group with grand epic vision and determination to rock great stuff without further ado. 

Hence, also for Online Crash Courses we first recommended to shut the door and FULLY IMMERSE YOURSELF for up to half a day. Because like Harry Potter movies, it gets you into an ambience, a new worldview, you feel the SPIRIT, and this is precisely what this upgrade is about.


We then found that “enlightenment” also happens to people who view page 1, sleep, go to work, get home, view page 2, and stretch the whole experience over 1 or even 2 weeks. 

IT’S DIFFERENT FOR EVERYBODY, depending on people’s attention span and love & hate relationship with computer screens, so … follow your flow.

YOU CAN RETURN ANY TIME, since your Reflections are kept in your WORD DOCs. We don’t use forms, nothing gets lost.

Just one tiny Note : We have a Planet to save and 1 billion youth suffer from idiot pandemic management, so there’s many people that would very much appreciate that you turn up with your magic wands tomorrow. Or last year. Or 10 years ago.


  • for youth off their hyper busy schedules, to do their YL Warrior upgrade
  • to reach via media, schools, libraries etc
  • to reach into families
  • everybody’s on pause, idling and re-thinking and in need of GOOD stuff

Seize the opportunity! #bemoreawesome

The MAGIC in Your Tools

Hero*ine Stories

are your most important tool to inspire + empower + involve

since each represents a model solution and initiative that others can support, join or replicate / copy-paste in their home region. You’ve seen Greta’s “Action Guide” – “on fridays, make a colorful placard, walk out of school and sit down at parliament” – and millions applied it. If she had only spoken at a mic, no one would have known what to do and sat at home, like in the past. Imagine this for hero*ines with HIGH IMPACT PROJECTS without need for national government. That is what YL Stories truly represent, since they come with Action Guides, speakers and more 

  • Stories come to life with videos, music, anecdotes and latest news
  • Plus action opportunities
  • YL’s core line-up of 100 hero*ines comes with 400 proposed actions
  • and there’s many additional teaching tools and action programs

In this course, we show you a hand-picked selection of HIGH IMPACT HERO*INES

  • to change your worldview of youth power, of your power, of school power, of our future

{ that is the most important thing !! It ignites vision and will in youth to do like them }

  • the scope of hero*ines provides you with causes + activities for everybody

{ this makes all the difference !! It appeals to all character types of students and adults }

  • immediate action opportunities, YL Tribe and programs enable self-organized follow-up

{ this is what you and people need; there’s no awkward “great, you want to take action, but I gotta go now” }

THIS IS THE UNIQUE YL SIGNATURE and your amazing Holy Grail to enjoy and share with the people

On this tour you get a taste what it’s like to LIVE IT.

Gathering Your Tools

The Hero*ine Stories are your most important tool

  • hence you want to know them
  • to understand what makes them special
  • to memorize them

and the best way is > to experience them to the max

in story, big picture, video + music. That’s what the tour is about.

Further, to deepen your read, knowledge and memorization of hero*ines, we’ll give you a helpful tool at the end of each page to look at the hero*ine from different angles and notice their particularities, which will sharpen your sense for who needs to hear this story, and how they can benefit of it. Remember your role as Festival Guide 🙂

Beyond Your Tools. A TRIBE

“All honorable people belong to the same Tribe.” – Tubulls, Nupa Tatanka

YL unites changemakers, coaches, newbies, youth team, teachers, citizens form all walks of life on Earth under one banner to work together. Towards the end of Phase 1, we give you impression of

  • who’s on board
  • how we organize it
  • how it enriches life 

You shall know this already now as you explore the stories and dream of activating youth, schools and shape the future of entire regions. Because it’s what our hero*ine friends do, and we do it together.

You were alone, you are no longer. DREAM BIG. You and all the folks you activate have access to today’s Gandhis and Einsteins, for real-time meetings and year-round action.

 You’ll see what kids rock and you’ll learn that they can run with the grand changemakers of our time and implement their solutions everywhere. It’s awesome, and that’s why you see people beaming in all those photos 🙂


Youth, teachers, parents, organizations, councillors etc are not alone. We provide plenty of resources, activities, partners, support and benefits – and this is MIGHTY important to get started with flying banners, join rolling projects, surf on the inspiration of video meets and more. 

+ YOU CAN PROVIDE ALL THIS BLISS to inspired youth, teachers etc.

That is an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience.

YL programs, partners, tribe, tools, resources

are shown in brief, for an overview and feeling of “wow, we can do all that stuff together!” and more deeply explored, in practice in Phases 2, 3, 4 and 5. 

Our goal with Phase 1 is to open your vision, knowing there’s easy awesomeness available and where to find it, so that you – and all youth and adults you meet can decide whether they want to create a GOOD world or not. In the end, it’s their CHOICE.

We have made OUR CHOICE.

You’ll get out of it what you put into it.


Here’s the terrain that we’ll cover in Phase 1

























H Boutique + Ext


After each page, we'll reflect on the new discoveries

These reflections are very important.

Eric could talk talk talk the whole thing as a film, but you would only be sitting, receiving the information, viewing amazing hero*ines, remember some. And do nothing.

You would have been entirely passive and the whole stuff would pearl off.

You would not be THINKING. You would not be IN IT.

You would not reflect on your own experience of school and media, not imagine where to get started in town next week, and how people would react, who to first involve, and send them your favorite stories and film clips. And this is what we will do in Reflections.

We are taking you into the experience as much as we can with this ONLINE thingy. And it works.

We are here to help

The broad knowledge of tools, YL programs and Tribe members + creates common ground for you and us to quickly help you in coming days and years when new ideas, occasions, opportunities, challenges appear.

  • just like advanced Hogwarts students of magic will still run into questions
  • just like Hogwarts teachers will have questions for Dumbledore

For guiding perfect Crash Courses,

  • The Course gives you 70% knowledge
  • We can give you tips for another 20%
  • The final 10% is your freestyle

Now go HAVE FUN!


Do I have to know all Harry Potter books?

No. Neither the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

It won’t take long until you notice that many young changemakers relate to the Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings experience. If you enjoy that FEELING, you have a clear advantage. If not, well, then your magic will be elsewhere.


Do I have to like all the music?

No. People have different tastes for music and sports. Still, as visitor guide at the Olympics we shall know the sports, and as presenter we should know what makes the *magic* of each sport.

The music IS relevant to many in the Change Generation, hence YL Coaches shall know it and get an understanding of its specific *magic*, since some youth in your environment will certainly resonate with it, and their powers of healing and warrior spirit.

Why are there so many Americans?

Americans AND CANADIANS. Youth Leadership has been part of civic education in North America for fifty years. In the rest of the world, this “sport” is practically unknown. We explained this longer in the introduction.

How many high impact hero*ines can you name from city, country, continent and beyond? 

We’ll soon ask you to nominate some :), so start making your list.

This is a moment for very hard truth and forming your view of the world, your country, your culture, your civil society, your media, your schools, your youth and yourself. And finding decisions for your next ten years in life. #bemoreawesome

Why are there so many girls?

70 to 80% of high impact changemakers are female. It’s a fact for youth, and in many places, also for adults.

That’s why. We go by impact. #bemoreawesome 

Why are there some "old" videos?

Changemaker stories are timeless. There’s no need to re-film Gandhi’s march and Martin Luther King’s speech. 

Most videos are from 2013 to 2020, from when pre- and early teen hero*ines started popping up all over North America.

The question is – why haven’t you and your teachers and all youth in your country still not seen them, especially the most powerful clip dating from 1995? (we do not refer to Severn’s speech at the UN Earth Summit in Rio 1992) #bemoreawesome

These clips will be “old” once all kids on Earth do like them. And then, they’ll be legends! Today’s Gandhis in their early Gryffindore days. 


Where is Babar's video?

“I was so curious to see it!”

We left it out because his story is already visual enough.

We use a MIX of story, photos, videos for a rich, multi-facated experience. If we gave you all of it for each hero*ine you’d be spending 50+ hours and that’s not the idea 🙂

It’s good that you’re curious for more. That’s the kind of stuff you find on Hero*ine Profile Pages with videos, interviews, social links, action guides … 

The Crash Course serves to inspire – so that people grow up, connect and acquire detail knowledge, follow their passion, take actions and develop advanced skills. 

* okay, we have added Babar’s video

Why are some videos of "suboptimal" quality?

Did you get the message anyway?

Did you feel the spirit anyway?

That’s the point. That’s the lesson. And lucky you and “your kids”, 70% quality is enough!

The world doesn’t even know these young hero*ines exist. Hollywood doesn’t either. We take what’s available, and that’s much better for youth to see than Hollywood clips. The videos show a wide spectrum of formats, such as self-made kid clip, teen-made, local news report, national news report, national talkshow, street interview, clips made for awards … and our aim as YL Coaches is

  • to convey authentic changemaker spiritundiluted by non-changemaker adult journalists
  • to show that you can just do your own clips and it’s good enough … don’t wait for millionaires, experts, film school
  • to liberate from ideas of fashion mag video perfection … which keep you from moving. WE HAVE WORK TO DO
  • to be different from the hi-tech soft washed formats that never made anyone do something, anyway
  • to show that the spirit comes across also in shaky cell phone clips
  • to affirm the king of youtube : “you need no big camera, gear or crane, but STORY” and you got that



This is highly subjective like the weather. Depending on your skin, scales and fur, you’ll have a very individual experience. What’s important is that we drop our armor and shields. There’s nothing to fear here. In fact, it may have been the most beautiful things in this world you’ve seen in a long time. Enjoy! 

Feeling suffering in the world, standing up and taking action to end it takes


The HEART feels tender feelings.

Sadly, in today’s societal situation, people have closed their hearts and retracted their heart’s gentle antenna

for many reasons.

Trust your very own experience of hero*ism, passion ... yea, it's CRAZY

Here comes something that’s mighty important in group crash courses.

You will be guiding group courses, so you need to know this.

In groups, or school classes, young people or adults are not used to express their passion, heartfelt feelings, tears, passion, fierce determination. They control them, discipline is the word. The setting at school usually is authoritarian. There may be reasons, but they don’t help us with activating youth leadership. Authority and lack of feeling has failed to spark hero*ism for the past 70 years. And if we now want to spark active youth / citizens, it will not be from reason … appeals to reason have been failing for 40 years. It is from love, feelings of injustice, outrage and passion. Those are feelings that made youth get up take action and soon they got called hero*ines.

Hence, in the Crash Course, our GOAL is to permit participants to feel their own Inner Hero*ine awaken.  For this we need time, patience and diversity of feelings, causes and activities, because all youth and adults are different. Some are calm, some are bold, some eloquent speakers, others tireless planters, others nerdy builders or filmmakers. We need them all. We need to appeal to them all. Each shall be able to FEEL their vibe and be respected and follow their own intuition to find their cause, passion and entryway to taking action.

They are not used to this. Hence, we want to warm them up to permit their own feelings to happen. We want to encourage them to TRUST !!!!! their own passion, vision, ideas, decisions.

They are not used ot DREAM BIG. They are told to stop daydreaming and focus on real things. But then, nothing ever gets better. Because the idea for a better neighborhood full of community trees for everyone to feed on starts with a vision, with a dream. So, we want to encourage them to dream wildly. To aim for the stars and then their arrow will land somewhere in between. Aim to feed 1 million people, end up feeding 500,000, or 10,000. that 10,000x more than the non-dreamers.

Many young and adult hero*ines have been called CRAZY by their peers. Well, to us hero*ines, the others are BORING. Because they are. You’ll hear it from someone during the Crash Course, and it will make you laugh and it will make you entirely agree – “Stop being boring, start being awesome!”. Our name is our program #bemoreawesome

You will hear kids relate to HARRY POTTER. And that’s for goooood reason. sorry for the people that cannot relate to finding HP magical… it is for many and it speaks to important hero*ine archetypes that are in many youth and adults. Hence, we use them in YL. We also refer to Lord Of The Rings, which has other important archetypes that many relate to in their feelings. And now we will introduce you to a real Dumbledore, a real Galadriel, a shaman … and while inhabitants of empire cities will call that hocuspocus, we respond “yo, your super smart unsustainable empire with 30% mental health problems, people don’t even know how to feed themselves without getting sick, how to live lovely companionships, to enjoy sex, to know sensuality, to love children … you know super well how the Living Universe functions…” Hahaha. At YL, we are planetarian and omni-cultural, we know the treasures and realms of all.

Anyway, from these ‘crazy’ realms we have a messenger here who perfectly tells how to approach a shamanic journey “workshop” … and what she says perfectly relates to approaching the YL Crash Course. Translate what she says about the shamanic drumming journey to your field of youth leadership:

in this visible culture, people think they must see things when they journey
= in this smartass culture, people think they must be eloquent speakers to make positive changes

YOU GET IT, RIGHT? So many advocates, protesters and nothing happens. But you’ll see hero*ines that don’t speak, they DO, they raise tons of money, plant tons of trees, change lives and land …

if I had given up just because I didn’t see things on my journeys …
= if I had given up, just because I’m not an eloquent speaker like Xiuhtezcatl or Greta or MLK …

we are told not to daydream, to stay real
= … you know what this means

am I making this up?, we do not trust our senses and feelings 
= am I crazy, can this ever work, why and how should simple me be meant to do great things?

when my left brain says “you are making this up”, I say “you’re right”, and I keep going
= when doubt comes, let it pass like a cloud, laugh and keep doing

Shamanism is not about dogma and belief systems, that someone else tells you what’s right or wrong. Shamanism is about “direct revelation” – you yourself get to know what’s right or wrong. And you get what’s perfect for this morning. Tomorrow, you’ll know what’s perfect tomorrow, because weather and situations change. You get it? This is the confidence in themselves that young changemakers HAVE and that non-changemakers lack. But they can awaken it, since 

you are not learning anything new. You are remembering what you already had as children
= on the Crash Course you will hear “the world’s smartest kid” explain to you that childishness is about being boundlessly creative, imaginative, that the idea of hopelessness doesn’t exist and more

this practice is proven over 100,000 years and it is assessed by “does it work and help?”

= you see this mind-, feel- and do-set in young hero*ines. This may yet be unknown to you, and this is precisely why we show you / give you personal encounters with many different young hero*ines because this is how you experience how they *tick*, you get to feel their Operating System, and as you feel it, this Operating System awakens in you.

you need to have a little patience, because you need to find your own senses
= you need to have a little patience, because you are used to keep your dreaming, aspirations, passions, tears and roar shut

shaman being asked how he like the movie at the cinema, responded “my movies are so much better”
= watching Kardassians, football, Netflix murder BS, my own adventures are so much better and they are FOR REAL

I have healed so much and helped so many others; if I had given up so many years ago, just because I didn’t see stuff
= if I had given up decades ago, just because people (idiot losers) told me not to dream big and feel my love and cry …

these antenna used to be shut down, because I had experienced a lot of trauma in my life and so have many others
= one’s feelings of inner No!, my outrage, my love, enthusiasm, grandeur got shut down, also violently by biological family members and … “teachers”

You see (see or feel or know … 😉 … these are profound truths and matters, and one doesn’t hear this from any “normal world expert” changemaker. Sandra just rolls it out one after the other with memorable anecdotes for you to empathise, feel it and remember it … and it perfectly translates to youth leadership.

You can tell that this is a very strong reminder for both students and teachers that in order to make positive change and achieve their dreams for their own lives, for people and planet, the future, they need to be different, they need to dare, to be sovereign, to be free, they need to FEEL, they need to HEAL and SHED chains that got put onto them.

They can return to SWITCH to be silent in ordinary subjects as they are used to , but now in the Crash Course they shall NOT be as they are used to in classroom setting. You can tell how this HELPS students and teachers lighten up and agree to be wild and play circus during this Course, even if they sit in class. You may actually encourage or ORDER to change the conventional setting of chairs and desks, to break their habit, you can make them sit in a circle, also on the floor, or on the lawn as they take turns presenting hero*ines to the group, and stand up and sit on desks to watch films, in order to energize the session.

These are extremely important aspects of LIBERATION for your young or adult audience. Hence, your success is boosted by creating an ambience, a safe space and a flair of adventure and dreaming and daring in your Crash Course space. You will later learn of YL posters and music that help awaken this feeling and silence unnecessary brain clatter thinking.

So, for you to memorize this, meet Sandra. This is 9 minutes and 2 seconds from 6min58 to 16min00 of her introduction.

Sit back, listen, feel her confidence. She has zero doubt, because she has experienced it.

You as YL Coach shall have such confidence and pass on a similar message to your newbie Gryffindore students of magic … based on your confidence that you have experienced it. It’s what this course guides you to.



Please write her final words from 15min54 to 16min00 on a piece of paper and lay it on your computer as a guiding star for the rest of this course. Please take a photo of it and attach it to your Reflection document. Thank you. #bemoreawesome

You will only be able to feel the grandeur and enthusiasm of the Hero*ines’ Stories and feel the significance of their deeds for real people’s Lives and the Land, if you can relate to how they FEEL.

Watch Her. 

What do you feel? – – – What does she feel like?

Today’s Noble Knights have BIG HEART and a strong sense of


That’s the CORE of their Spirit. 

Most have risen when become aware of enormous suffering around them, and saying “I will no longer let this happen.”

 The Kids LOVE when we LIVE it.

You get the most of the Crash Course if you take a quick look at Earth from Space … feel the turbulences, fears and suffering among Humanity, the suffering of animals, plants, soils, minerals, the water and the air

and feel what you wish to happen.

It’s ok to feel powerless, lost, angry … whatever is in you …

Crying sacred waters cleanses our hearts from wounds, filth and rot. All the frustrations, fears, anger, addictions, shame and guilt must go out – so we can once again SEE THE WORLD THAT WE LOVE and FEEL HOW WE LOVE TO FEEL once again. Then we are our true selves, and we shine.


Because of


 It is the Source of your Tears


Isn’t that what you always sarched for?

Meet a Teacher of this Young Generation.

Warrior Lyrics + origins of this scene

I fall asleep in my own tears
I cry for the world, for everyone
And I build a boat to float in
I’m floating away

I can’t recall last time I opened my eyes to see the world as beautiful
And I built a cage to hide in
I’m hiding, I’m trying to battle the night

Let love conquer your mind
Warrior, warrior
Just reach out for the light
Warrior, warrior
I am a warrior-yeah-yeah
Warrior, warrior
I am a warrior-yeah-yeah
Warrior, warrior of love

I stand behind the wall of people and thoughts, mind controlling
And I hold a sword to guide me
I’m fighting my way

I can’t recall last time I opened my eyes to see the world as beautiful
And I built a cage to hide in
I’m hiding, I’m trying to battle the night

Let love conquer your mind
Warrior, warrior
Just reach out for the light
Warrior, warrior
I am a warrior-yeah-yeah
Warrior, warrior
I am a warrior-yeah-yeah
Warrior, warrior of love!

Underneath darkened sky
There’s a light kept alive

Let love conquer your mind
Warrior, warrior
Just reach out for the light
Warrior, warrior
I am a warrior-yeah-yeah
Warrior, warrior
I am a warrior-yeah-yeah
Warrior, warrior of love
Warrior of love!
Warrior of love!

– – – 

The two fans on the road to a concert in AURORA’s home town of Bergen got invited for an interview.

They knew nothing of this surprise concert for them. 

It was followed by many heartfelt hugs and words.

“Your music helped my through very dark times.” 

“Yes, this is why I make it – for you, my dear ones.”

View the comments under the youtube video 

Your feelings are like an Ocean inside you.

You cannot feel only a few selected parts of it.

You feel it All or you feel nothing at all.

What is left of Being Alive when we forbid ourselves to feel?

When you feel it all, you are Fully Alive!

Follow this Little Fairy into your Inner Ocean.

This time a little deeper – to the emotions around your Belly Button.

The River Lyrics + a Note from AURORA

Hold your hands up
To your chest and tell me what you find
Out of you a sparrow comes
And sees without its eyes

Don’t forget who you are
Even though you are hurt
You are caught in a wire and soon it will burst

You can cry, drinking your eyes
Do you miss the sadness when it’s gone?
And you let the river run wild
And you let the river run wild

I’m a shadow, I am cold and
Now I seek for warmth
Stitch your skin on to my skin and
We won’t be alone

Don’t forget who you are even though you’re in need
Like a bird in the night, your emotions deserves to be free

You can cry, drinking your eyes
Do you miss the sadness when it’s gone?
And you let the river run wild
And you let the river run wild

You can cry, drinking your eyes
I don’t miss the sadness when it’s gone
And the feeling of it makes me smile
As I let the river run wild

You can cry… you can cry… you can cry…
To where the ocean is bigger
Become a part of the river.
You can cry… you can cry… you can cry…
Can you let the river run wild?

You can cry, you can cry
You can cry, drinking your eyes
Do you miss the sadness when it’s gone?
And you let the river run wild
And you let the river run wild

You can cry, you can cry
You can cry, drinking your eyes
I don’t miss the sadness when it’s gone
And the feeling of it makes me smile
As I let the river run wild

You can cry drinking your eyes
Do you miss the sadness when it’s gone?
And you let the river run wild
And you let the river run wild

– – –

“It’s quite a happy song… it’s been a while since I’ve had a joyful song so it feels very nice. It was inspired by something quite sad as I looked at the suicide rates on this planet and apparently 73% of them were men and then I thought, why is that the case? Then I realized, obviously, it must be because of the feeling that you can’t talk about your emotions and show that you’re in pain because pain is often associated with weakness but you know, here in my world it’s not, so the song is inspired by something quite sad but it is also happy because crying can be such a positive experience, especially afterwards when you actually feel a bit lighter. It’s about that feeling to let off some steam as they say here in England.” – AURORA 


Should you suffer greatly

AURORA will come pick you up from the most desolate places.

Aurora wrote this song during the blood moon in 2014 (at age 18). 

“I just imagined the moon turning all the people around the world into wild animals, running away from all the rules, all the materialism and technology. Just being a part of nature again, running free.”

She added:

The song is about having the animal instinct inside you come to life. Running with them, joining them – the instinct taking over, giving you freedom and making you forget about your human self and all things we humans keep around us in the modern society.

I think humans need to let go a bit more, shake their bodies more often, like the animals do … It’s a beautiful thing really.

Sometimes when you look at the world, and you see what we’ve done to it, the way many of us hurt the world we live in, innocent animals, even our own kind! And that kind of makes you want to follow the wolves instead. At least for one night.

Pay attention to what she does in the final second.

As you connect with your Inner Nature, you connect with Outer Nature, with the innocent animals and children, you will love them. It is when we come FULLY ALIVE. And you will protect what you love, FOR REAL. 

Enjoy your FEELINGS and the Tour’s emotional rollercoaster.

You can let fears and tears, rage and joy appear.

They will be the waves and volcanos that lift you up.

Trust Your Guide.

S/He loves you.

And shows you the

Wonders in the Waters.

There’s no monsters. 

Only Paradise.

Observe feelings of insecurity appear.

And let them dissolve.

Observe turbulent memories appear.

And let them heal.

Observe feelings of virtue and awesomeness appear.

And let them fill all your body

and become your companion

on the Great Adventure

of your Life


Your QUESTIONS will get answered.

In a group workshop we can answer questions. In an Online Course, we can’t. But to reach 1,000s of YL Coaches to activate youth leadership globally, we have to use online courses.

Hence, to answer your questions and help you overcome insecurities and detect local potentials we will ask you questions and give you tasks in REFLECTION FORMS.

We know that’s a bit annoying, but we cannot do without it. They also serve to make sure that YL Coaches are well qualified people to help youth and hero*ines.

Backpacks ready.

Drinks, cookies. Let’s go!