IN 2021

The count this year is dismal.

At iconic monarch wintering sites in the city of Pacific Grove, volunteers didn’t see a single butterfly this winter. Other well-known locations, such as Pismo State Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove and Natural Bridges State Park, only hosted a few hundred butterflies, researchers said.

“These sites normally host thousands of butterflies, and their absence this year was heartbreaking for volunteers and visitors flocking to these locales hoping to catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring clusters of monarch butterflies,” said Sarina Jepsen, director of endangered species at the Xerces Society.

Scientists say the butterflies are at critically low levels in western states because of destruction to their milkweed habitat along their migratory route as housing expands into their territory and [industrial agricultural] use of pesticides and herbicides increases“.

NBC News

[despite decades of oh so clever qualified elite university lab researchers, and mythical claims that oh so genius new varieties needed less poisons; this is an extreme Crime Against Humanity and 1,000s of super import ant people and their PR departments deserve lifetime prison, but as long as the Unsustainable Society and its incompetent inhabitants are stuck in a worldview that destroying life is okay, because you know “making money”. The real reason why species are disappearing and leaving Earth is because we don’t truly love them. We say so, but … we don’t truly. Because LOVING is not a word or sentiment. LOVING IS GIVING ONE’S LIFETIME FOR THE UPLIFTMENT OF THE OTHER, OF THOSE WE LOVE. On this page you meet young people that LOVE animals, plants and Life on Earth.]

You have met Rachel before. She has experienced that even the strongest activism and media presence fail to make today’s national government and industry act responsibly.

Zero change will come from government and industry. 

Our #1 priority is to strengthen the Land and save as many Species as possible, while the people learn to say No to obsolete industry models dissolving the web of life. 

Now, Rachel lays hand on the Land and creates

Monarch Butterfly Nurseries

and encourages youth and citizens to create

Sanctuaries along Monarch Migration Paths,

like pearls on a collier along several thousand miles. Schools are the perfect hosts and stewards – also those in the “slow, backward, boring” countryside, which now becomes mighty exciting. This is needed for animals on every continent. And its beautiful elven work that comes with magical moments, bliss and blessings. ACT NOW.

Duncan creates Butterfly Gardens, nurseries and educates the public

in order to re-Paradise the city and countryside. A KID can do this. There’s help, spaces and people who’ll marvel all around. 

Bees – especially WILD BEES!!! – not “farmed, domesticated” honeybees – are under extinction pressure by dirty industrial farming, forestry and zoning.

Elizabeth activated the NY State government to pass bee-friendly legislation, unlocked funding for bee research, buzzed up dozens of volunBees to inform the population and organize Pollinator Weeks in rural villages.

This was her Girl Scout GOLD Badge project, a honey shining example for all children, youth, adults and teachers that say they care for bees. But now it’s time to prove it and ACT big.

Feel the sting and get up to make also your region and state a great place to BEE again.

Cash puts up fishing line waste containers along the river

which appears simple, but the river is full of quasi eternal fishing lines, entangling and killing wildlife – and no one put up functional waste containers for millenia … so you learn from Cash and get doing, alright?! 

He’re’s Cash speaking to the mayor, and putting up pipes. Look, how complicated does that look?

10 year olds can protect the land like a champ.

It’s got magical Huck Finn moments you bet!


Xerxes organized guided tours of his family farm to attract visitors and customers + added an educational path in the forest to protect natural and cultural heritage.

Great idea. Now you do it YL style: Co-create with schools, to boost awareness and appreciation in the greater community from day one. How about middle and high school students create a ‘guided tour’ APP – spoken by kids and youth? That’ll be so much more fun for visitors and tourists of all agesThat’s in Xerxes’ YL Action Guide.

Do it, document, share with us! 

We wish we had done such cool things at school …


Robbie raises awareness among children and youth for our many great National Parks

and calls us to protect and expand them. He visits parks, reports from a child’s view, and we think that’s something that’s super groovy and teachers, students, families and media will love it. That’s in Robbie’s YL Action Guide. Get out there!

There’s no need for expensive boots. Those are for mountaineering. Sneakers are enough. That’s how Aussies do it.

Frogs are an indicator species for wetland health. It is time we listen to them and help them do their job.

Read AVALON's story

Let’s make this memorable. 

That’s your next YL project right here. With vivid documentation. It’ll make everyone’s day on YL social media AND builds up an  educational video collection for primary schools. #stopbeingboring #bemoreawesome

Elephants get their face hacked off,

only so we can look at silly figurines.

If the massacres continue at this rate,

no wild elephants will be left in 10 years.

Read NELLIE's story

Every 15 minutes, a wild elephant is murdered, the face cut off, the tusks stolen and smuggled across the ocean, while the babies are left to die. At this rate of 30,000 per year, wild elephants will be extinct in a 5-10 years!

As Nellie presented these facts at her school, her peers were shocked. The same day, they told their parents never to buy ivory, and convinced the school principal to return the school’s ivory exhibit to the ministry.

Since their home city of Hong Kong is the centre of illegal trade to China, the big ivory market, they started street demonstrations. Shocked by the gory photos, 17,000 people signed their petition to burn confiscated ivory, and the government agreed!

NELLIE's actions ...

… broke the media silence on illegal ivory in China. A feature in National Geographic followed.

Big stores took ivory off the shelves, sport and film stars joined in, the Hong Kong government started to burn confiscated smuggled ivory (after refusing to do so for 30 years).

Later that year, mainland China issued a moratorium on ivory import and one year later happened what organizations had considered “impossible” – China ordered closing of traditional ivory carving factories.

There is no trusting dictatorial, genocidal and ecocidal China, so one must not sit back with a sigh of relief, but take Nellie’s example as a blueprint to ban ivory trade in your country forever and harshly criminalize poaching and trafficking in Africa. Join in! Forever. For the Ellies!

Do your part.

Make your country ivory trade free.

Adult generations are killing off grand wildlife so fast that our children will not be able to experience them any more!

We are determined to save at least One More Generation for our children to experience in the wild!

Read CARTER & OLIVIA'S story


Big or small, we love them all.

Read ALEX & LUCY's story

Alex and Lucy’s lives changed when super-storm Sandy turned their dear coastline into a disaster zone. As people around them were struggling to recover destroyed livelihoods and rebuild broken homes, Alex and Lucy discovered lost, frightened pets, suffering in the midst of debris, having been literally swept away from their homes and now having no one to care for them. The two friends and animal-lovers did not hesitate for a moment.

They have been taking care of the lost pets, delivering them to animal shelters and raising funds for food ever since! Adults love to help, kids are joining the team! The duo continues to organize fundraising events, make animal friends, speak on the radio, manage a vibrant facebook stream, join animal rights rallies and change the lives of many.

Whenever a hurricane strikes, they raise their voice to think of the animals and provide support. As true animal lovers, they also run campaigns against animal cruelty, factory farming, and support a sanctuary for chimpanzees saved from laboratories and the entertainment industry. The chimps love their new blankets! Lucy knows that she’s come to Earth to do this, and Alex plans to become an animal cop! Uh, legends!

Do you love animals? Are there shelters, sanctuaries or farms with a nice team nearby? With this kind of initiative you can considerably grow your animal family!

OUR CITIES ARE ENVIRONMENT, TOO – and all of them need much improvement

Chander builds school gardens and gifts micro gardens to citizens.

You’ve met Sophie who created 27 edible gardens at pre-schools in food deserts.

You’ve met Alicia, shaping our urban environment – not with greenery shrubs but edible sidewalk food forests.

The environment has many treasures that go spoiled in private yards unless you do like Zach and ring your friends to have fun, climb some trees and pick tons of surplus fruits – for food banks.

+ make jam + fruit cakes + avocado smoothies + lemonAID *galore* for sale at school, fests and markets.

YOUR RAW materials are FREE!

Distribute Fruit For All flyers in pertaining neighborhoods and you can be SURE that generous + grateful people call you when their trees are ready for harvest. Each tree means 100s or even 1000s of fruit. It’s an amazing experience and it blisses people 😀


Essential Insight #8

Children and teens can easily create a bond with The Land

  • that makes considerable impact
  • on land and lives of ecosystems, animals, humans
  • of relevance for society
  • that solves problems that public institutions in charge cannot afford or achieve


  • beauty and economy
  • active citizenship
  • mental health
  • involvement of youth, families and seniors
  • involvement of schools
  • a sense of community   
  • positive news
  • relations and friendships 


  • we will understand what we experience
  • we will love what enriches our life
  • we will protect what we love
  • we can protect, restore and evolve what we understand
  • we understand what The Commons mean
  • we understand what Ecocide Law means 
  • that makes them LOVERS and GUARDIANS of the LAND they LOVE
  • with a sound sense of the SACRED. 
Make it Awesome


it is required that inter/actions with nature

  • are fun, magical, adventurous (remember Philanthro-Party Philosophy)
  • sensual, deep, surprising, memorable
  • meaningful, with purpose

which means NOT just walks = visual consumption / an outside observer

but immersion with PURPOSE, such as

  • rare species discovery and accounting on
  • springwatch of birds and babies, like the BBC’s Hannah Stitfall does
  • meet your farmers
  • clean-ups
  • micro adventures
  • canoeing and kayaking expeditions
  • bushcraft
  • animal walks (with horses, donkeys, lamas, dogs …)
  • fairy trails
  • plantings of all sorts
  • edible landscaping
  • wildlife migration paths
  • educational trails – with artsy touch
  • tourism guide APPs, spoken by kids and teens, co-created with schools, parks …

and all this casually vividly documented for

  • more activities
  • more reach
  • more impact
  • more follow-up
  • more fun

YL Actions Guides and Programs offer

  • many quick missions
  • big, challenging exciting ventures
  • also in collaboration with inter/national partner schools etc
  • such as : wildlife migration paths across continents! hosted by schools (birds, Monarch butterflies, …) 
  • such as : eco-cultural tourism trails between schools, with APP and local youth guides and youth hosts; also in disconnected rural regions = social entrepreneurship with a good income 

that will for sure make welcome wows and waves in your region’s schools and public!

Speaking of waves … let’s look at the oceans.