So, here’s you in all your beauty enlightened like after an adventure holiday … and you return home. Do you look forward to seeing your friends and share exciting stories? Do you also sense the dull, low energy people that are still in the old muck … and that may soon drag you back down? At work, in the streets, even friends stuck watching crap on tv instead of … going out there, doing memorable stuff, being alive! Oh dear this can feel really hurtful … to be alone and to not know how to live one’s new Himalayan Machu Picchu wisdom. And that’s what we do not want to happen to fired up youth and adults. That’s why we provide two essential things.

1. immediate actions

2. a global Tribe

The actions are #1, because the global Tribe helps nothing if you are empty-handed to take local action. Hence, we’ll equip you for immediate local action through rapid steps NOW, so that you can weave your new found action wisdom into your local valley reality, and it’ll fit right in, even if people have zero clue of the mountains you have climbed on your XY-hour journey. To get there,

1. We will look back at your experience … in the spheres relevant to our quest … youth, schools, media, civil society, public spaces, public libraries, councillors …

2. We guide your attention to places and people you know. People you know of. People you don’t know, but who must exist, because such people exist in every town 🙂 and region … such as caring teachers or journalists. All of this helps you detect where YL fits in. They are like pots of colors, threads and looms that you can connect with to weave your new Einstein, Gandhi and Gryffindore dreams into reality and spark youth leadership spirit, allies and action.  

Don’t worry if you don’t feel ready. We will look at that in rich detail in Phase 4 Activate Paradise City, using icons and tools like a board game … on the big gaming map of your town and region. That’ll be profound training for local action. So, trust … that your antenna and skills will get much refined as you walk on.

For now, let’s make sure that your outlook to take this WISDOM back home into the valley is filled with ideas, optimism and confidence.

3. We will show you your YL tools, tricks and partners.

We are going to ask you what we would ask you if we got called in to your city to spark Youth Leadership.

It means we need to know how people tick and things work.

And what people and places you know that might fit in.

Are you worried you’re the only one that cares… and that no one will understand you … that you’re not ready to meet students and teachers … that you might embarass yourself and get ridiculed? That you might be overly idealistic, naive and crazy?