Our Programs for Adults

You have seen our offers for youth and thy are full of ACTION.

thsi is not what we expect of adults in your busy life, and your different inner alchemy. Also, you have other superpowers, such as overview of the adult society jungle, money, resources, driver’s licence, relations, access to professional spaces and talents … hence, in our unlimited wisdom and desire for efficiency, we lay out simple swift steps and opportunities for YOU to

– with ease

– with many personal and professional benefits

boost youth leadership and hero*ines high impact initiatives.

You can view more on this in TAKE PART / ADULTS and in our platform specifically designed for caring adults to UNITE and enjoy a fluid stream of activities, find allies and ENJOY SEEING SUCCESS UNFOLD for the joy of our hearts and for surprising cascading effects.

That’s a long list of praises and aims, but if we did not TRY to achieve them, we might as well GIVE UP on life on Earth, since performance as usual means doom and gloom. And if we could not help achieve them, we would not mention it. 

So, with our shared goal of evoking GRAND CONSIDERABLE impact on lives, land etc, let’s see what we have put together for you here. 


by yourself

learn, contribute

in the home, with family

stories, calendars, profound conversations, family fests, christmas gifts, theme parties, explore the region, co-produce media, act in the community, activate school

with friends

activate for FUNdraisers

adopt a school, a district


share like a superfan 

stories, videos, art, 

donate, set milestones 

+ add your feelings, your comment, it is ANSTECKEND

in media

send stories, tell them of yl, tell them of activitis that you have taken, the exciting results, of having met hero*ines etc, tell them of you having completed the crash course and offering courses and exhibits, tell them of isnpired youth teams and what they do and offer, plan and call on youth and adults to join

at school

… and you do have access to schools … because WE have. Here#s the rough steps. common sense enough. 

you can imagine: teachers appreciate heroine role models, quality stories, solutions, activities and access to community

you can serve them as 

story set

poster exhibit

crash course presentation

at work




calls for action

philanthro-parties, galas


in public

stands, exhibits, youth actions (boost them by taking photos, informing media, helping with required materials, transport, permissions etc) … remember what ALICIA does with her siblings, backed by her mom, think of jen, micah, lulu, namaste nepal, (simply add their FACES here from BEMOREAWESOME) 




most only take minutes

many are networking activities. knowledge transfer

the upper ones are your personal sphere, you dont even need to meet people for doing something tangible together

the latter ones are slightly advanced, be patient, but you will see and can tell that the steps are short and swift. they depend entirely on your environment. for example,

at work, you might be able to instantly win colleagues to

– set up a donation box + poster at the counter

– fundraise; you might select a milestone you all agree on, such as $2,000 for Pooja to bring 10,000+ children from extreme poverty into school

– task staff, trainees to … rock something, a project goal, campaign

– place articles in your news medium; maybe with focus on the next exciting UN Theme Day; will you seek tangible results? will you define a milestone?

– decide to activate your kids and teens … and conspire to activate their schools, … you together bringing your bundle of crash course (Phase 1 is plenty!), poster exhibit, immediate actions… backed by YL’s banner of light, with UNESCO and RCE status … with knowledge of options to book speakers via video …


YL Coach

training, certification

group trainings

online trainings VIEW PAGE




what activities to boost youth, actions have you taken in the PAST?

how do you remember them? fast, long, easy, hard, uplifitng, draining, seen impact? remember what you enjoyed best? unexpected? where there things you would have loved to see, felt disappointed about (no matter what reason or whose “fault”) 

the actions proposed above,

are they common sense?

feels feasible?

spehres of life?

which ones can you take immediate actions?

which ones?

what do you estimate how long it takes to take them?

enjoyable? strictly.,… youth actons are more “fun”, but these can still be gently enjoyable, because they generate beautiful encounters, teaming up, doing what one loves, enrich conversations at work, across the counter, for charity techno parties and more. ideas?

what do you think you … lack?

tools, contacts, … or simply experience for confidecence and being convincing? (this, by the way, is what the actions , and observance of action is for , in the trainin throughout phases 1 to 5… you’ll make many such experiences 🙂 and we are pretty sure there will be many positive ones!)

and of course, how can we help you? (youll come up with more such ideas later hahah, but we’re interested to hear from you now in this theory phase before we go into practice … also you may later think back at the needs you felt you had before and then later during and after taking actions. You may notice that some needs disappeared … and others nappeared! Know, that we tray to repsond to all needs, including unexpected, appearing ones, since those can be frstaratig and decrease joy and momentum, and we dont waht that. thats we we offer so much info, reflection, in our 1 page user guides on 35 core elements of our work) We try to give you many answers without you needing to talk to us … so you need not wait for a respnse, are independent, and … we dont havt to respond all the time 🙂