Practice Essential Activities

  • ich formuliere hier ZU ZÖGERLICH als müsste ich schluffige nicht ineterssierte leute ÜBERZEUGEN
  • das muss ich KORRIGIEREN
  • ich wende mich an HGIH FIRE INSPIRIERTE MOTIVIERTE die wirkicih wesentliches bewegen wollen und NICHT AN SINA


You’ve seen what the kids do. Now you do the same.

it’s exciting because already you can do it and can achieve so much. It depends on your environment but just focus on yourself, on your love, your new vision. Others are yet to dioscver it. But thats the same for all the kids that took action, right? emma, neha, ethan, many acted alone and unocked enormous response. For many it took time, but that#s because they didnt have a big inspiring success story., they didnt have the images, the videos, the poisters, the credibility, the partners and recipients. You have all that! You also have options to follow up, to meet live, even to go visit! Yu cannot fail #trythisathome #alwayswinning


Okay, so let’s just get rolling! Yay! You cannot predict and guarantee what will happen or not, they will always be surprises. So just focus on yourself, send dream calls to the universe and fire aheead, doing things with care and meticulously and love.

Not insecure. not doubtful. pout your wish energy into it. and go. let response happen and observe,. yoz are in TRAINING after all. take it easy. 

Observe your scope of relevant activities at hand, and the follow-up … compared to what options you had in the past month, year, or ten years. And you’ve only completed Phase 1.

Keep in mind that also group crash course participants can immediately step into action. Your experience of these actions trains you to shake em out for groups with an air of ease and common sense that your group members, especially children and youth, will adopt your confident, casual attitude and just playfully go ahead and do it. And make impact that changes lives.

Groups usually take immediate action for their favorite hero*ines. Consider that they have the strength of a school class, or even an entire school, so their immediate actions like book drives, FUNdraisers score big in hours or days! Fired up groups can also immediately take High Impact Starter Actions of Phase 5. They are simple. We just add Phases 2, 3 and 4 because they will much amplify group vision, verve, reach, confidence and impact of Phase 5.

As an individual Crash Courser, you will not evoke the same impact rightaway, and that’s okay. You get the feeling for what it possible. And – if you want, you can rightaway do like the kids – and activate groups at school and work by taking the story and standing up and calling folks for action … precisely like Emma, Neha and many others do that OPERATE ALONE as ONE. 

The outreach actions on this page can quickly grow your reach and supportive community, so you can definitely score big if you live in a favorable setting. So, do as you love and do as you can, and consider : this is your moment in life to upgrade to #bemoreawesome, so you might as well put on that jaguar smile and plan some steps and jumps to spark fireworks over the next days and week. Surprise us! And make our hero*ines’ day! Can you imagine how proud you’ll be?

The more awesome you are, the more probable it is that you will unlock real life interactions with YL staff and hero*ines and whoups you become part of their stories and adventures. WELCOME TO THE ADVENTURE!  


What do you think young people say?







What do teachers say?

What do experts say?

LINK to YL what People Say page

take some time to read.



Read this or ERIC VIDEO to make it more lively and personal and real and solid VOIIIIICE ROCKSTAR. 

Are you insecure about yourself and introducing this at school?

Are you insecure about handing a flyer or giving a presentation in school?

Well, to succeed you MUST feel secure, or you will not even hand our flyers. 

The #bemoreawesome Crash Course serves to make you awesome, able and confident.  

MUST READ *ALL* testimonials and watch out for Matthias.

We always get such positive feedback. As you share these stories with others and observe feedback and ask the right questions – like the 5 feedback questions at page top : 

repeat them here






and observe responses you will develop solid worldview that everybody loves it, and agrees that this is important for youth and high pedagogigal value.

That’s why YL gets inter/national top notch awards and status with UNESCO for outstanding value for Education for Sustainable Development ESD and the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. 

You are now at the end of Phase 1. After Phase 5 you will be a new species! If you want to defend Life on Earth against merciless extinction, even create a world of awesome, live your dreams and be able to respect yourself on your deathbed – then walk the path through Phase 5 and top it off with our affirmation that you have what it takes to boost high impact youth leadership like a boss as certified YL Coach.

But before that, let’s have a quick look at what’s at your disposal.

round it off with general approach and keys to success. 



now YOUR role. in boosting it

general tactics. simple.