What people say about YL

Thank you for helping me realize my dream.

Babar Ali, youngest headmaster in the world, Rotary World Teacher Award

I hope for YL to be in all schools of Bhutan.

Tashi Dorji, Earth Guardians Bhutan Co-founder

The epitome of Youth Leadership.

Ken Jones, legendary environmental educator

Your kind of thinking is very rare.

Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer,  Top 10 Unreasonable People on the Planet

A must for every kid on the planet.

Kjell Kuehne, Leave-It-In-The-Ground Campaign

“I never knew young people could do this. This gives me so much hope.” France

“I knew young people are doing stuff, but this is spectacular. I am positively shocked. I am floored by the potentials.” Canada

“I have cried many times already. I am going to share this with my daughter when she comes home.” USA

“It makes me feel adrenalin rush through my entire body. I want this for all the people in my country.” Egypt

“Your approach to making the world a better place for everyone is so positive and excellent. You deserve much appreciation and all kinds of support from all good people – especially financial support!” India

“The stuff that makes you say sign me up.” USA

“This should be at all schools.” Russia

A constant inspiration.

Andrea Mendez-Brandam, N+ Noticias Positivas Radio Magazine Argentina

Thank you for helping us protect girls from violence.

Usha Vishwakarma, Red Brigade Lucknow co-founder, Top 100 India’s Women Entrepreneurs

We need YL in all of Canada's schools.

Emma Mogus, Books With No Bounds Co-founder, 3x World’s Children’s Prize MC

YL is a blessing for parents and children.

Robin Grille, Author,  Parenting for a Peaceful World

"Youth Leader opens up fantastic opportunities for young people."

Holger Reuter, Marriot Foundation, Germany

The most dynamic lesson in my career

Grzegoz, English-for-Adults Teacher, Poland

I used your poster set on UN Peace Day

Ameena and Adam have been a smash hit with the students. Everybody was there, the teachers, the principal, the students were so excited. You should have been there! They want to know more about using YL media at school. Our principal has already put up an exhibit on the school ground.

Everybody, teachers and students agree

the interactive Poster Exhibit designed by Crash Coursers was the best thing at our school’s project day. Germany

Without any teaching experience and 20 years out of school

I have given 3 presentations, at 3 schools, to 3 classes age 11-14. Each was different, knew more or less on global issues. I easily freestyled for each group. All students loved it, teachers said this is what school should always be like, and all 3 enthusiastically asked me to come back to learn how they can take action. Precisely as you predicted. I fully trust your guidance.

Matthias, YL Volunteer, caring daddy and wilderness educator, Germany

Images and Voices of Hope IVOV Award 2012

also known as the Nobel Prize for Media of World Benefit for YL’s Director Eric Nicolas Schneider. Laureates include luminaries like the founders of Kosmos Journal, Frontline and the Director of TED.

Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014, UNESCO

#Pacesetter and #Semifinalist in Ashoka Changemakers' re:imagine learning Challenge sponsored by the LEGO Foundation

for YL’s Change Generation Rising

UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteering Award 2010 + 2012

for YL Team India and Team Youth Rising For Peace

Best Practice for Online Volunteering in UNV Annual Report 2010

Special mention for outstanding tangible impact on the ground


Okay, now it’s time to look at how YOU CAN TAKE PART in moving mountains and making youth leadership part of life in your region and beyond.

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