These are OPPORTUNITIES to help changemakers reach next inter/national milestones.

You can contribute short-, mid- and long-term.

How do you feel about shaping the future of entire regions?

Can students and citizens contribute more than a few dollars?

Oh Yes. It’s about wit and getting friends and folks involved. 


Namaste Nepal

student club / student company raise funds for development of Gati, a village in the Himalayan Mountains. Their Nepali partner Raj is a conscious eco-social tour operator, owner of Social Tours Nepal.

What they do at school

They study the situation, discuss with inhabitants what is needed, do research on good practices, calculate costs + track progress (to be accountable to donors and partners) FUNdraise and participate in the realization.

The learning dimensions are many and enormous, which is why students + teachers + parents + town love it … so do other schools that have joined!

What they realize in Gati

All that’s needed for Basic Needs

  • kindergarten
  • school (now 7 for the valley’s 7 villages)
  • teacher salaries
  • library
  • reforestation
  • greenhouses
  • new crops
  • eye health camps
  • youth exchange

Also local youth have begun taking initiative. 

Their Big Fat Magic Trick

A 48 hour sponsor run, day and night. Gasp! It’s so epic that everybody joins, also parents, kindergartens, other schools, the mayor … which brings media on board … athletes … which brings companies on board as sponsors + as runners.

Simple. We can do this 🙂 You can do this 😀

In another small town of 20,000 inhabitants, a math teacher used the story in class, teasing his students “you wouldn’t even make 1,000”. Students fumed, decided to show him, and scored $10,000€ in year 1, and $20,000€ in year 2.

After reaching out to other schools, Namaste Nepal scored $700,000€ over 3 years.

Students have the magic and numbers. What teens in one place can do, teens everywhere can do. Adults can spark it by spreading the story + a nudge of encouragement 




Plan Projects

Work Visits

Regional Tourism

It’s common sense, done by schools, great for LIVING THE SDGs – IN ACTION, for meaningful study trips … and more. 

Many teachers, students, schools, cities – also companies or celebrities – would LOVE to contribute to doing good for many lives and land with vibrant interaction. It adds purpose to our daily lives and profession.

But it’s not easy to start from scratch. Without a story to inspire others. Without proof of concept. Without a reliable partner abroad. And as one to carry all responsibility. Ouch.

We make it easy, fun, exciting and versatile. You contribute to people-powered high impact initiatives that do not depend on you. But you can add bonus support that boosts their reach and speed.

So – you do strongly matter – but you are entirely free from pressure. Nice, huh? 

View examples of genius, lovely folks who vividly document, meet you on video, welcome your visit and are open to hear your ideas to make it even more awesome.

Babar Ali's School

The famous youngest school principal’s story is in many textbooks.

We work with him to offer his students additional learning dimensions.

Meet via video, discuss life, decide on projects on both sides, also beyond school hours, FUNd, go visit, do youth exchanges

Bal Manch

POOJA has got 24,000 poor children into private schools, for free, via the RTE Act. She also runs a “poor kids micro school” for arts, cultural activities and eco-social campaigns.

Meet via video, decide on projects on both sides, also beyond school hours, FUNd, go visit

100 million students read of Babar’s story in textbooks. But you … you can write his adventure’s next chapters together! How about that?


Red Brigade Trust

The Red Brigade formed as teen rape survivors, trained themselves in martial arts and self-defense, and set out to make things better.

What they've done since 2012

They patrol streets, change laws, make police capture rapists and murderers, got public toilets and CCTV surveillance installled, saved and detraumatized survivors, got on India’s most popular game show, trained military officers’ wives, then got invited to dozens of schools, train self-defense, educate on good touch bad touch. They have solidly changed worldview on women using violence.

They have now trained 30,000 girls, aim for 1 million, global experts come over to train the core crew, who have trained 100s of youth trainers. Chapters have formed in 10 cities.

During the pandemic, they protected their community from panic and hunger, handed out food for the poorest. They all volunteer and put 100% of global donations into action. 

Their scope of actions keeps growing. They have acquired land to build an Academy, as safe home, training ground and more.

Why do youth love it?

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, is a hard turf, where girls get assaulted, raped, murdered in daylight.

When RBT ask their 1st question at school:

“Where do you feel safe?”

  • In public? Hell, no.
  • At school? No. Teachers touch and rape.
  • At the temple? No. It’s crowded, people touch badly.
  • At home? No. Uncles, cousins, grand/fathers assault.

100% of girls say NOWHERE. Now you have an idea of the value of their work, why we adamantly support them, and why – when we say “they patrol streets, put harassers in their place, turn up at rapists’ house scream what he did to shame them in front of their families, and when needed, they beat them up” ALL EUROPEAN GIRLS AND BOYS SMILE “Yeah, right on.”

When we ask how it is with harassment and feeling safe in the dark in Berlin … you know the answer … and we get to work.

TAKE PART! Heal your city from savage beasts preying on girls and women.


WE HELP REALIZE THEIR DREAM to build an Academy to train, educate, detraumatize, for workshops, job training and nurturing youth leadership in town and region. It costs $70,000€ – piece of pie!


to meet + stop street harassment on their side + go visit + learn + discover India (with teams in 10 cities, also 5 other YL Hero*ines on this page) + train + volunteer + coach them skills + to do project-oriented youth exchanges with action on SDGs on both sides!


We co-organize it, with YL Schools as strong partners and friends to boost peace, safety, girl and women power in HOST CITIES, as SDG Challenge highlight

  • presentations + workshops
  • public action + media presence
  • exhibit and more – as you like
  • follow-up opportunities

Apply as HOST CITY.
YL Schools + Teams have priority

Orange Café

founded by RBT for Acid Attack Survivors to run as their own enterprise on a tourist road in the ancient culture city Varanasi, with YL exhibit, flyers for tourists to visit YL Hero*-ines and get engaged when back home.

We video-meet, learn on acid attack causes and effects, open more cafés for 300 women on the waiting list + add programs + more

Kalima + Ayurvastra

… produce organic Fair Fashion from field via 100% plant dyes (6 weeks), street made stamps, tiny tailors, Indo-Bavarian design to German markets, shops, global customers.

We team up with Fair Fashion student clubs to trade, design, learn, visit + collaborate with Red Brigade Trust crews to produce clothing lines + create them incomes

NEW : Community Organizers

Spark Youth Leadership + set up LearnSpaces in rural + urban Africa

We have meet fired up community organizers that wish to see their troubled regions empowered, especially via youth.

They are greatly inspired ...

… by young hero*ines.

Their hearts dream to see the same happen in Africa, they believe in YL’s spirit and community, and are highly motivated to follow the new approaches to make it happen.

Also, because

  • they are fed up with corruption in the non-profit sector
  • would greatly appreciate that poor rural and city youth / schools form bonds with affluent city schools and their (in South Africa) predominantly non-black community
  • find common purpose and develop meaningful projects
  • so that youth develop friendships and pipelines for professional future

which YL Coach status, partner projects and resulting media presence will help achieve.

YOU have bigger potentials than you imagine … and we are determined to unfold them fully.

Together ...

… we seed fund YL media to activate local youth, set up exhibits – see how far local youth wish to go + what causes they most care for with

  • Theatre leader in rural South Africa, near National Park
  • Women’s Circle in Cape Town drug gang slum
  • Youth Centre, calm coastal town
  • Bee-keeper in rural village, Tanzania

each with entirely different problems and potentials! 

We seek to evolve LearnSpaces with activated youth teams

  • that video meet with youth + schools globally
  • develop and realize projects together
  • with tourist visits, youth-led tours, youth exchange 

with your youth crew and school as lead partners!

This is a strong experience of

  • real Africa + real spirit
  • real problems + real solutions
  • real action + real success
  • real collaboration + real friendship

The ultimate way of youth-led action on SDGs in South-North cooperation + backed by our global Tribe!


Video Meets

Project Cooperation


Visits + Exchanges

NEW : Budding Development Projects

Kinigi Eco-Centre, near the ‘Gorilla Mountains’ of Rwanda

The Dream

This is Terri’s land and with merry backing of locals, she is building a unique spot in the yet luxury lodge and hotel focussed region – a casual, African style recycling flair eco-lodge to mix with locals around BBQ & banana beer, local artisans and more.

Plus, also off-season, it is to be a gathering space for local culture, permaculture learninga and development.

Further, Terri loves yL and the idea that the Centre become a LearnSpace and HQ for local youth with reach through the entire region and to neighboring countries.

This is a very rare and exciting combination!

Together ...

… we do video-meets

  • to learn about Africa
  • the best music and dancers (of course from Rwanda!)
  • how the country recovered from genocide
  • about Terri’s fun life with the people
  • to meet Terri’s friends
  • to meet African youth
  • to hear of their plans and how to take part

and to FUNd Kinigi Eco Lodge

+ go visit

  • to get our hands dirty
  • stay in local homes
  • go on bike tours
  • do day-trips to see grand wildlife
  • even view gorillas in the wild

It’s an option for long-term stays for permaculture enthusiasts! Luwayo is ready to help!

Video Meets


Visit + Travel

Volunteer + Build

+ once local youth leadership is sparked …


Dialogue with Youth


UPCOMING: Amazonia

You can tell that the kids and adults in the stories are wildly happy and live magical moments. This is true for everyone that gets involved!

Think for a moment why kids, teens and adults don’t join common civil society activities. Because too much of it is boring.

We design YL programs with a good dose of fun, magic and adventure to make sure that newbies get a taste of “the real Hogwarts School of Magic” from day#1!