You’ve seen that adding a dose of fun, magic and adventure makes us better FUNdraisers and changemakers.

Further, we think KIDS should have an awesome time! Also at school.

We also think ADULTS should have a awesome time! Also at work. 

It’s good for them, good for people, good for the planet. Here’s how living activities in YL enrich young people’s life.


Active Days

Make School Awesome

Experience your Land

Adventures for All

Help those born into unfortunate situations

Shape your City and Environment

Collaborate across Generations

Truly uplifting Youth Culture

Meet real Hero*ines

Awesome Coaches

Live Your Values

Enjoy epic Diversity

True Friends galore

More FUN Events

Shape Life in Town

Make the City FUN

Ace skills and CV

Trust in You + Others


Positive Vision of the Future

Power to Heal the Land, climate change resilient

Power to establish GOOD Laws

Power to have GOOD people in local + state + then also national Government

Awesome Family Vacation

Meaningful School Trips

Project-oriented Youth Exchanges

Volunteer Stays to develop amazing Projects

Introduction to Sacred Traditions

Experience Lothlorien

Rich Family Life – in a like-hearted global Tribe

Let’s help our mental bodies better understand what a RICH LIFE means.

1. Ikigai

Even people that make a good living on their passion, such as successful artists, entrepreneurs, architects and ball dribblers question whether what they do is what the world needs right now.

There is no doubt that YOU can relate to that :-). With YL, you can add MISSION and VOCATION to your life in swift, simple ways

  • in the family
  • at work
  • at school
  • in the community
  • online

constantly staying uplifted via our social / media, with plenty of options to go bigger and bolder. Groovy!


Poverty and wealth are not only defined by money in our pocket. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, Bhutan’s concept of Gross National Happiness enlightens us on these 4 factors of wealth.





When the latter 3 are high, material wealth can be small and life is still rich. This is a very precious realization

  • for young people to liberate themselves from diffuse fears of their later adult life
  • that strengthens our performance as changemakers
  • that helps us help ourselves and others
  • that encourages parents and educators to use pertaining YL activities

and it explains why Living Dreams is integral part of YL Programs.

You have seen ...

Xiuhtezcatl, AURORA, the twens Rachel and Chloe, badass knight Rachel Parent are very close to nature and butterflies.

Problems solved

When one leads a sensually rich life, ONE FEELS GOOD, heavenly, filled … in this state of being one feels no inner void, no need to feed on others through bullying, harassment, rape, child sex abuse, porn, prostitution, torture trafficking, nor to feed on the Living Planet. No need for this orkish gutter shijt and vampiristic behavior.

3. Constant Upliftment

You’ll by now have internalized why we incessantly repeat “to make changemaking omni-present at home + at school + at the workplace + in professions + in media + in public space, because those spaces are for most people *poor* and draining. We return exhausted.

It is not the activity that’s exhausting, since after sports matches, strenous hikes, youth leader projects we return home WITH A SMILE. We may be physically tired but not spiritually exhaused. And after a quick shower we merrily jump to making dinner, playing with the kids, going out, wrapping up the day with posting photos non YL social media …

That’s why we provide ways that help easily BOOST SPIRIT in those spaces where we spend so much time in by making hero*ines, youth leadership, inspired conversations, vision, meaning, purpose present in those spaces

  • with alternating content (e.g. hero*ines of the month exhibit aligned with current UN Theme Days for the bigger picture)
  • with options for swift interactions, doing something relevant – donate, share, contribute etc. – for uplifting conversations and dreaming with workmates for example over lunch in the canteen (exhibit, placemats, flyers on tables, anouncements by Philanthro-Party organizers…)
  • with options for everybody to bring in impulses, not just the boss (who is busy); also students and customers!!
  • with things, ideas, dreams, opportunities, plans, tasks, adventures “to take home” and into the community


One cause, poster or activity is not enough. But with *many* served to you on a silver plate by YL Resources, newsletters and social media, it is easy to sustain surprise, inspiration, pace … like a beautiful table fireworks or miracle fountain at lunch, at the counter, in the hallway, on campus … all year-round. 

Revel in this for a minute.

Imagine living your next decades in life with this.

While youth do projects, adults inspire and support. We offer programs and community for each.